shinigaminotenshi2 Shinigami's Angel
Chapter 2

By Trinity Angel

"Whoa must be something in the coffee...." Dru commented as he turned around and began to tinker with the coffee maker.

"DRU YOU ASS!!!" Angel's calm face faded as she turned to Dru. Her brown eyes were narrowed with rage and she curled the fingers on her left hand up tightly. Pulling her fist back she pushed it forwards with extreme force toward her target. Not missing her mark by an inch her fist slammed full force into Dru's shoulder and he winced as he stumbled to the side not expecting Angel to be this angry.

"OW shit...Angel what was that for?"

"WHAT DO YOU THINK!?!" Angel screamed at Dru, her normally pale face flushed angrily. It was quite a site to see this normally relaxed and calm girl in a full blown tantrum, screaming and throwing punches angrily towards her brother. "My BOYFRIEND?? Honestly Dru you are such an ass!! That is the one we're supposed to be watching you BAKA!!"

"Well then Angel...why don't you go after him?"

"DRUUUUU" Angel whined her hands falling abruptly to her sides. "You know I can't go out alone since incident..." Angel blushed and narrowed her eyes at Dru "Which for the record was FAR from my fault."

"So, none of that is my problem.."

"So this is a mission! Come with me NOW!" She glared at the still casual Dru. Dru looked back at his twin sister and just laughed. She had her eyes closed and was tapping her foot on the ground impatiently like a child demanding to get their way.

"And you wonder why I was the older one..."


"What are you two bickering about now?" Another voice sounded from the back stairway, giving the impression that it was obviously annoyed. "Good lord are you two at it again?? You know you argue more then a married couple." Another girl about Angel and Dru's age peeked her head around the wall of a back hallway and finally emerged fully into the bar area. The girl was what most guys called a bombshell, and with good reason too. She was slender with a fully rounded breasts, a small waist and hips that finished off her coke bottle figure. Her hair was a beautiful shade of blonde that most people only achieved with years of bleaching, and had a natural curl to the ends which she usually kept straightened. She gave a yawn and raised a slender hand to cover her slim pink lips. Fluttering her bright purple eyes she walked slowly towards the bar and leaned against it clad in a pair of white jeans and a white baby tee that said "Pyro" across the front in bright shimmering red letters.

"Aiiieeee FAITH!" Angel charged the bar, but just as she looked like she was going to run into the side of it she pushed her hands up and pressed them on the counter. Using her hands as leverage she pushed her self up on top of the bar, a bright smile spread across her pale face, her anger fading as quickly as it appeared.

"Heeey there's the pretty lady of the house" Dru smiled his most charming smiles and winked one of his dark brown eyes in Faith's direction. Walking over towards her using what he liked to call his 'Pimp walk' he pressed one elbow against the bar and leaned forward so he was directly in front of Faith. "Sooo how about a d..." Faith didn't even give him a chance to finish.

"A Date?"

"Well I was going to say a Drink but now that you mention it a Date would be nice." He leaned closer to Faith, his dark hair falling over his eyes giving him a mysterious and dashing look, as he flashed her a glimpse of his pearly white smile. This look, given to any other girl, would probably leave them in need of medical attention but Faith just sighed and rolled her purple eyes. Giving an exasperated sigh she reached up a hand to rub her left temple as she closed her eyes.

" many times have we been over this...N as in No way and O as in out of my face."

"Okay then how about that Date?"

"No to both, Dru..."

"But..what if I buy the dri.."

"No Dru."

"Awww c'mon Fait..."



"No..." Faith turned away from Dru not feeling the need to make her point any clearer. "..Now Yes Angel?"

"Oh I see how it is.. She gets the yes..." Dru turned around and sulked away almost as if he was pouting. Angel gave a short laugh then hopped off the bar landing squarely on her feet.

"And who's the baby Dru?" She was rewarded with a few mumbled words and a dark glare from her brother. She grinned at her best friend and walked towards her, her steps feeling as if she was light as a feather. "Quick! You know the guy that we were supposed to find?? He was like here!!" All traces of sleep flew from Faith's face as she turned inquisitively towards Angel one of her blonde eyebrows raised. Angel seemed to be bursting with energy and suddenly it all seemed to click to Faith, because her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open for a moment

"W-where is he now?!" Faith stammered her eyes frantically scanning over the bar.

"Pretty boy over there scared him off..." Angel rolled her eyes, closed her fist leaving her thumb rigid and pointed over her shoulder towards Dru who was looking at his reflection in the metal coffee pot. Both Faith and Angel gave a sweatdrop before turning and looking back at each other. Their eyes met and they gave a determined nod showing that they had reached a decision on their plan of action.

"I'll get my shoes." Faith turned towards the door with a grinning Angel on her heels and a dazed Dru standing behind the bar staring at the girls with obvious puzzlement. Angel stood leaning the glass door while Faith bent down and slid on her white leather boots. As Faith stood up she looked to Dru and then to Angel, the two girls nodded and then uttered at the exact same time in the exact same tone, the four words that seemed to end any questions any male might have.

"It's a girl thang."

Laughing the two girls left the bar and stood in the first light of day that was just beginning to warm the cold, sleeping world. Angel closed her eyes and reached a hand up to her left temple an aura of calmness surrounding her for a moment as she turned her body slightly. Angel's eyes snapped open abruptly a moment later revealing them to be a bright and vivid purple. She turned back and flashed Faith a traffic stopping grin before tearing off in the direction of the rising sun and her destiny.

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