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"Normal speech"

"Toughs and flashbacks"


"Inner Sakura"

"Kyuubi's thoughts"

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"How did this happen" thought the blonde while withdrawing his hand from Sasuke's brother abdomen.

He was in konoha, or at least what used to be konoha, now the great city that saw him born, grow up and fulfill his dreams was nothing but a mockery of its former glory, nothing but ruins all around him, and he couldn't stop thinking that maybe this could have been prevented.

He glanced at his surroundings and saw what he feared the most come true, the last three of his precious people dead, Konohamaru, Hinata and Sakura were either lying in a pool of their own blood or scorched beyond recognition.

"When did this happen"

"When you decided to ignore me when I told you to kill the Uchiha in that battle all those years ago"

Whether he wanted to admit it or not the fox might be right, during the fight in the valley of the end Kyuubi kept telling him to kill Sasuke, that he was lost and he won't come back from a choice he willingly took, but Naruto didn't listened to his rants and suggestions, he just couldn't bring himself to kill the boy that he considered his brother.

That single action resulted in Sasuke defecting the leaf to go to Orochimaru in search for power, not that it did much good to him anyway; when Sasuke was 18 he challenged Itachi

And lost, paying the ultimate price for his foolishness, he was killed with the jutsu he was so proud of: the chidori.

Naruto's p.o.v:

And after that the snake bastard started raiding the village wearing us out, preparing us for what he believed will be the final strike that will send us to oblivion, usually this wouldn't be a problem because sound was alone in this war when the nations heard what he did to the kaze kage during the chunnin exams, but many of our strongest shinobis were killed fighting the akatsuki.

The Ino-Shika-Cho team died trying to avenge their sensei, I ended up killing Hidan, and I still have Asuma sensei's trench knives with me.

Neji, Ten ten and Lee manage to kill Kakuzu before dying from the battle.

Soon after that the last battle started and even if we manage to defeat sound and kill Orochimaru it came with a high price, Tsunade- obbachan was dead as a result with the battle with the bastard in such weakened stage the other villages started to attack along with the rest of the akatsuki.

Soon under such pressure both konoha and suna fell and in the end there were only 6 left standing, me and my precious people and Itachi and the leader, in the confusion I ended up fighting Itachi and the others fought the leader, I killed the bastard with my father's completed and upgraded jutsu, the Arashi rasengan (storm spiral sphere) a combination of the rasengan and the two type of chakra natures I posses: the one I discovered with Kakashi sensei, wind, and the one for my Kazama blood, lighting, I baptized the jutsu with that name because I thought it would be the right thing to do, after all it was my old man's jutsu.

I was able to finish what Sasuke wanted, his goal and ambition, as much twisted at it was my surrogate brother wanted revenge on Itachi, I silently hoped that Sasuke was able to rest now.

I turned to see that the last of what kept me going dead and the leader agonizing, and then after I crushed him I just cried and buried my dead comrades.

End of Naruto's p.o.v.

"Well fuzz ball it has been a pleasure"

"What do you mean brat"

"There is nothing left for me, no one to protect or care for, not a dream to follow, there is nothing"

"So are you just gonna give up, that's not who you are, kit"

"That man died along with my last three friends"

"What if I told you there is another way"

"What do you mean Kyuubi?"

"It means I know a way to go back and fix this problem from the root of it"

"So what are we waiting for, lets do it!" said the blonde excited.

"Is not that easy kit, in order for this to work it requires not only demon chakra but also that only one entity is allowed per jutsu, meaning that you and I will have to fuse, don't worry you won't have a tail or anything like that, but you will loose your whisker marks that identify you as my vessel" said the fox, adding the last part when he saw the look on his container.

The last shinobi of konoha thought about the proposition for a second, on one side there was nothing for him now in this desolated place, on the other he will become what the villagers called him for years. Then he took the decision and entered his mind were the kyuubi waited for him.

"I'll do it" he said standing in from of the grinning face made of demonic chakra.

"Good, now rip the seal and brace yourself because it's going to hurt like hell"

Naruto did as instructed and instantly he yelled in pain and passed out.

He woke up completely disoriented; unable to figure out how much time he was out cold in the rain.

"What happened" then he remembered the fusion

"Oi, fuzz ball you in there"

"Yes I'm here"

"So what now"

"Start making seals, remember we have only one shot at this so don't screw it" and the fox started sending seals to his mind

After roughly 90 seals and a lot of swearing from the blonde he shouted "kinjitsu: akusesutaimu no jutsu (access time technique) and that's all he knew before he blacked out.

When he woke up he was in the middle of the forest and after noticing this he realized that the jutsu worked and that he was back in konoha.

"The damn fox was right it hurts like hell" he said rubbing his head in a vain attempt to stop the throbbing sensation it was producing.

"So you're finally awake kit it sure took you long enough, and if you're wondering I'm part of your mind now"

"So it was a success, aright now the only thing I have to do is fix everything starting with the days in the academy"


"Then maybe prevent Zabuza and Haku from dying" Naruto kept rambling mentally about his plans.

"Brat" Kyuubi was getting impatient.

"Then I'll just prevent the bastard snake to give Sasuke the cursed seal"


"You can't relive your genin days because if you didn't notice it you are an adult and since there can be only one me I had to send us like this if I was stuck in your body while you were simply a child with two bijuus you will be dead so there"

"And how the hell do you suggest I set things straight"

"How about training and raising the younger you? after all you look like that bastard father of yours"

"Then I have to go and see the old man"

He then skillfully sneaked in the hokage tower, surprised by the fact that this was so easy mostly because it was guarded by ANBU, the supposed elites, really sucked at detecting.

Soon he found himself in front of the hokage who was busy reading his perverted book, so busy that he didn't notice the yondaime clone until Naruto cleared his throat, the reaction was rather predictable, Sarutobi got pale as paper sheet and started mumbling incoherent words, but then again he reacted as a person who had seen a ghost.

"But.. But.. But you're dead I saw you die, there is no way"

"Relax old man I'm not Arashi" the comment startled the hokage

"Then who"

"Old man right now I look like this" and transformed in the seven-year-old version of himself, he gave the old man his trademark grin and returned to his original state.

"Naruto but how"

"Let me show you" he made a couple of seals, touched the hokage's forehead and said "kinen kabu no jutsu" (memory share) and all of the blonde's memories including the plan that he and Kyuubi made were watched by the old man, at the end of the display the elder hokage was amazed.

"This is incredible, all that happened, I wish there was a way to prevent it"

"Oh don't worry I already got it covered"

"And what about your name? you can't just go around saying that you're Naruto"

The blonde meditated about this for a moment and then grinning said "then from now on call me Kazama Kai, Kazama Arashi's little brother and former kumo shinobi "

And with that the plan was set in motion, Naruto was hoping than this time he will be able to set things straight.

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