I stand on the edge of falling

Headfirst into the dark below

Too long have shadows been my home

The darkness beckons

I must not


Love of you

Love of you's what keeps me hanging on

Keeps me balanced on this precipice

But lack of love still keeps dragging me down


I must not


My lady

If you loved me, then I would be saved

Content just to stand there by your side

I wouldn't fear the sunlight, not with you

Please love me

I will not


I am spurned and ignored

Do they think I am stone?

I have flesh, see me bleed

Like a river

All I asked was for love

To be loved in return

Yet they beat me

For daring to say

"I adore you"

You can't love me

My lady, she would never love a traitor

Though everything I did was out of love

Wanting, wishing, just to call you mine

Like I am yours

Too late; I have