Chapter 21: Egypt

Author's note: Since I happen to like the manga better than the show with this season, I will add some things from that to make it less kiddie-like.

When they got back to bed, Clare had a dream about what happened in Dartz's lair.

She woke up next to Fabian. His left arm was extended over her, while he lay face down next to her in the bed. She looked up, and saw the millenium rod laying above them. She suddenly moved his arm very carefully away from her arm, and went up to reach for it… suddenly Fabian's arm grabbed hers.

"And what do you think you're doing?" he said suddenly wide awake. "You know you can't escape me…" he said kissing her neck and laying back down…

Clare started to cry as she looked to the door. She saw Mai looking in, and wanting to stop it all but couldn't…

Suddenly the scene changed to Ancient Egypt. Miercoln was laying on the floor of a shack of a house, and beaten and battered.

"There's no escaping me my love…" Bakura said to her.

"When Seth finds out he'll kill you…"

"I'd kill him first…" he siad as he forced a kiss…

Clare woke up suddenly, and found Seto still sleeping next to her. Compared to how he was in the show, she was surprised how far he had truly come. She got up, and walked over to the bathroom with the arm band, and looked into the mirror so she could talk to Miercoln.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were raped like I was?"

"I didn't want you to get too worked up. You had too much to deal with."

"Was… was the child his?"

"I wasn't sure at the time, but right before I was killed, I realized it must have been Seth's."

"So… what happened exactly?"

"Fabrionak, the man who took over Fabian's essence, was going to try and kill Seth and his own brother at the same time. He couldn't stand it. He wanted to kill them and make me watch, and than make me have the child and than kill me so that he could raise it as his own."

"Well… that's an unexpected turn of events…" Clare said grinning at the Abridged Series quote from the episode that they used Spanish… "What is my role in all of this?"

"That I cannot tell you…" Miercoln said with a sigh. "Once you step into the tomb, I must leave you, and not come back to you until this task is complete."

"But how am I supposed to know if…"

"You'll know. Just find Kisara, and you will know. Believe me. All I can tell you is to protect her and you will find out."

Clare sighed. "Alright. I'll protect her." She said taking off the arm band and going back to bed.

Upon their arrival in Egypt, Tea went to get things at the gift shop. Than they ran into Marrick, Ishisu, and Odion. Clare giggled at the sight of Marrick acting so childish, but than cleared her throat when Seto began to look at her. Suddenly they realized someone else was there… Raen. She has been missing all throughout Grand Prix.

"JOEY!!!!!" she said glomping him. However, Mai was there as well, and she suddenly spoke.

"Alright Hun, get off him." She said shoving her off Joey making Sam and Clare laugh hysterically.

"I… told… you that…. He was taken…" Sam said between laughs.

"Where were you anyway?" Clare asked her.

"I was here… what took you so long?" Raen asked her back.

"Uh… It's been a while hun…" Mai said to her.

"You've been gone sinc e Doom…" Clare said.

"I have?"

"She's been living with us…" Ishizu said.

"No fair!" Sam whined.

"Sorry…" Raen said randomly.

Clare was silent the whole way, and Seto felt upset, so he asked her what was wrong.

"Nothing… Miercoln just won't tell me anything that's gonna happen. I have to figure it out on my own."

"I know, Seth won't either. He says to trust you and go with whatever happens." He said as he kissed her on her forehead. "And I do no matter what."

Clare smiled as she held Seto's hand as they left the air port.

"Uh… I don't get something…" Raen said."If their egyptian, why does Ishizu have blue eyes?"

"Because she can…" Sam said rolling her eyes.

When they got into the tomb, Miercoln and Seth took over, and did not speak a word. Right after Yami put his god cards infront of the tablets, not only him, but they as well were sent back to Ancient Egypt.

"Bakura!" Clare said running to the stares, however, Sam held her back.

"It's alright… he'll be OK!"

"Still…" Clare said running to him.

Meanwhile in Ancient Egypt, Yami found out that he took the place of the pharoah. He went to sit on his thrown, and found Seth. He didn't seem to remember him. When the festivities began, he realized that there was a main bellydancer as well… Miercoln. He looked at Seth, and he seemed to be smiling the whole time she danced she had her eyes on Seth the whole time as well.

Suddenly, Miercoln seemed to sense something, and Isis as well. Miercoln left, but only after talking to Isis, and before Seth could try and follow her, his father, Akhnabin, stopped him.

"It's probably nothing. Why must you always follow her?"

"I'm sorry master… It won't happen again." He said as he went back to his position.

Suddenly the man attempted to kill Yami. Seth than challenged the man to a duel, and won obviously.

Back in modern times, Clare was about to go after good Bakura, but Shaddi showed up.

He told them the same things, however, he also said something to Clare and Seto…

"And Miercoln and Seth have no memory of you."

"What! Come on! She didn't tell me THAT! How the hell am I supposed to…"

"Just look into your heart…"

"What are you Darth Vader?" Clare scoffed, than turned serious. "Shaddi, I'm sorry, I'm just a little freaked out at the moment…"

They all than went into the puzzle, and walked through the passageways.

"I just hope I get there before it's too late…" Clare said. "Miercoln doesn't know what's going to happen, and I don't know how to save her…"

"What now?" Sam asked.

"My task is to stop her from being killed somehow."

"Ok… pretty hard task…"

"Your telling me…"

Miercoln was now back, and the intruder was banished, while the festivities were beginning again.

She called Seth to her. They talked in the corner, and than suddenly, Thief Bakura and Fabrikan came in carrying the mummified body of Atem's father.