A green and black supersonic jet hurtled through the sky as it entered Middleton airspace. In the cockpit, Shego smiled to herself and disconnected her oxygen mask. She reached up and removed her helmet. double checked the straps on the harness, set the automatic pilot to return to Drakken's lair, and slapped the "Eject" button.

The cockpit shield blew off with a small explsoion, the pilot's seat following suit. As the seat began it's descent towards earth, Shego unbuckled the seat belt and pushed off the chair. She did an impressive backflip in midair and pulled her arms and legs in, hurtling face down towards the ground.

This was the part of her job she always loved. The anticipation and the rush just before it was time to commit some mayhem. In those blissful few minutes, it didn't matter if she was going to win or lose, all that mattered was that there was going to be damage and destruction.

Shego grinned as she realized that if all went well, not only would there be damage and destruction, but some serious humiliation of Kimmie as well. She reached down for the ripcord on her parachute.

Ohhh, Princess, you are SO screwed...


"You are SO screwed, Kim." Justine Flanner said as she stood up from where she had been kneeling while examining the Mark II.

"Great," Kim groaned. "On a scale of one to ten?"

"Nine and half." Justine replied. "It would be eleven, but considering you can walk, that's a point and a half in your favor."

Justine picked up the Kimmunicator and scrolled through the schematics Wade had sent to Kim. "This is seriously next level stuff. I've read about some of the theories behind how this thing is supposed to work, but I never thought anyone would actually BUILD one."

"Two," Kim said. "This is the new and improved portable version."

Justine looked at Kim, wide eyed. "Somebody built TWO of these things?"

"Welcome to my world." Kim replied.

"In any event," Justine continued. "I can only confirm what Wade said. You can walk around, but jumping, gymnastics, and so on are out, not to mention any sort of martial arts."

"Fantastic," Kim said, slumping down on the stool. "So if Drakken or the Seniors decide to come after it, I'm doomed."

"Yeah," Justine said, "but if they have any sense, they won't. Otherwise, they're going to get sucked into the vortex as well."

"You've seen Drakken. Sense is one of the things he lacks."

Justine frowned. "Good point. Well, that means that the good news is actually going to be helpful then."

"Good news?" Kim brightened. "Good news is...good. Let me have it."

"Well, don't get too excited. From the looks of things, if you hold onto it with one hand, you should be able to stabilize it enough to run at the very least."

"Well, that's something. Maybe I can think of something else." Kim said.

"I'm sorry, Kim," Justine said. "This is just something that I wouldn't even try to mess with. I don't know who these scientists are, but they seriously screwed up by building this thing."

"No big, Justine, at least you found out I can run with this thing on. Maybe with a little luck--"

SUddenly, thewre was a massive booming sound and the building rumbled. Kim instinctively grabbed the Mark II as she and Justine fell to the floor.

"What was that?" Justine said, looking up from the floor. At that point, Ron burst into the science lab.

"KIIIIM! There's an army of blaster carrying giant robots out front!" he screamed.

"Of course there is." Kim sighed. "Looks like we get to put your theory to the test, Justine."

She got to her feet and, still holding the Mark II, dashed out of the lab, Ron following behind her. As they left, Justine noticed the Kimmunicator lying on the floor.

"Kim! Wait! You forgot--" her voice trailed off as something on the schematics caught her eye.

Hmm...if this were connected with something over HERE...and some wire capable of carrying 30 amps were put won't stop it completely, but it could give her some extra mobility...

Another tremor rocked the lab, and Justine grabbed the bench to hold herself upright.

"Okay, definitely gonna have to get started now, because she is going to need it."

She picked up the Kimmunicator and left the lab, making her way towards the Shop classroom.