They say my love is selfish

How can I be selfish when all I want

Is to give myself to you

Over and over again

If necessary, I'll write out a deed

And mark it into my skin indelibly

That you own my heart

And all the love it does contain

I'll write you a thousand love songs

Give you the moon, the stars

If I but had the reach

But my ambition far outshines my ambit

All that I have to give

Is myself, and I know that's nothing much

I'm just a person, no divinity from on high

I've got brains, and wit, but naught else

Possession goes both ways, I suppose

If I was yours in word and deed

Then you would be mine, though

Speak that aloud? I never would

My reach exceeds my grasp

But you can't extinguish hope

My heart beats because I love you

Without you, my life is worthless

All I want, all I need

Is to give myself to you

Again and again, till you accept it

If that's selfish, I'm guilty