Title: The Adventures of Dean and… Samantha?

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Warnings: Nope.

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"Well, well, if it isn't the baby of the family," head cheerleader, Chelsea, said, strolling over to Samantha.

Sam just wanted to be left alone. She wasn't like the rest of the school. She hunted and pulled in straight A's and stayed out of trouble.

So on her first day of high school, her only wish was that Dean leaves her alone. He was the popular one out of them both and to be truthful, he owned the school.

"What," Samantha asked, turning around. She looked odd, wearing jeans that were just a little too small for her since she had a growth spurt and a bulky jacket since John hadn't bought her bras yet and she was a little embarrassed.

"No need to be snappy," Chelsea said with a cruel smile. "Just wanted to visit you. Baby."

"Baby, baby, baby," Chelsea's two clones of friends mimicked.

Sam rolled her eyes. "Leave me alone." She brushed past them to get to her next class, but Chelsea grabbed her arm.

"Hey everybody," she yelled with a smile. Samantha watched, horrified, as everyone's heads turned in their direction, "Meet Baby Winchester; she's Dean's little sister!"

A few of the girls giggled and made remarks to one another while some of the football players nodded in her direction.

Dean was over in the corner and he had seen what Chelsea was doing to his baby sister. He brushed off the girl that was hanging on him and grabbed Chelsea's wrist, pulling it off Sam's.

"That's right," Dean announced. "This is my sister. And if any of you jocks fuck with her, you'll be dealing with me. We cool?"

The crowd was silent for a second and Sam thought that maybe her brother had done something really good for her.


Until the captain of the lacrosse team – one of the most popular guys in school – spoke up, "Who'd want to fuck her? She's ugly!"

Laughter broke out and Samantha knew high school would suck.

"So that's why you never dated," Dean asked his little sister. "Because of that one time?"

"Dude," Samantha shot back, "I was embarrassed."

Dean raised his eyebrows before looking away. "Hm."


"I guess it worked."

"What worked?"

Dean smirked at his sister, "None of the jocks fucked with you."

Okay guys. I'm going to end the story here. I'm not thrilled at rewriting the episodes and all. I was going to end it before, but I thought you'd like to hear why Dean keeps calling Samantha 'baby'.

Anyway, thanks for reading!