"Home, sweet home!" Rory Gilmore-Huntzberger cried as she entered the familiar apartment. She dropped her bags and flopped on the couch. She smiled as she sniffed the air of the apartment. "Just like always." She said dreamily.

"Ace we were only gone two weeks. Did the Bahamas really make you miss home that much?" Logan said entering the apartment.

Rory got up and walked around. "I'm just glad to be back, that's all."

Logan chuckled. "Well I'm glad you're happy." He pulled her into his arms. "Welcome home Mrs. Huntzberger."

Rory smiled and kissed him. "Glad to be home Mr. Huntzberger."

"Mr. and Mrs. Huntzberger, I like it." Logan said grinning. "I'm so glad we got married." He told her.

"Me too." She looked at the clock. "You know, I'm surprised. We've been home five minutes and-"

She was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"-mom's not here." She finished. She ran to the door and opened it.


"Mom!" They embraced.

Lorelai stepped back and examined her daughter. "You look amazing!" she gushed. "You're so tan! I hate you!"

Rory grinned. "Where's Luke?" she asked.

Lorelai sighed. "He said he didn't want to bother you when you first got home because you were probably tired and that I should wait a few days before coming over too."

"And..." Rory pressed.

"And I told him that I didn't care and that he could just stay home if he wanted but under no circumstances was I waiting to come over."

"Well, you wouldn't be my mother if you did."

Lorelai smiled and turned to Logan. "How was the trip?" she asked.

"Great. Did you get our post cards?"

"Yes. They were very post-cardie. Um, yep. I got em. The postcards. That's what I got."


"Yeah…… So… What'd ya bring me?" she asked excitedly.

Rory laughed. "I told you she wouldn't last five minutes!" She told Logan. "I told you!"

"You bet on me?" Lorelai asked shocked.

"Yeah and I just lost." Logan said sadly. "I really though you'd help me, Lorelai."

"What'd ya win?" she asked Rory.

"He has to bring me coffee in bed every morning for the next week."

"Oooh! Very good. I've taught you well. Now what'd ya bring me?"

Rory laughed and went into the bedroom. She returned with three very large bags. "Yours" she said simply. She went back and brought out three other bags.

"Mine?" Lorelai guessed.

"Everyone else's." Rory said.

"Mine?" Lorelai guessed again pointing to the first three bags. "All mine?"

"All yours." Logan confirmed.

Lorelai squealed. "Weeee!" she exclaimed as she dug through the bags. "Presents!" For the next hour and a half Logan and Rory told Lorelai all about their wonderful trip while Lorelai pawed through her new treasures. Logan and Rory had bought her various tee-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, pens, bobble headed things, and other junk that she'd never use. Lorelai loved it.

"Oooh! Lookie!" she said happily as she pulled out a bobble headed hula girl. "I'll name her Marsha! Luke will love her!"

Logan and Rory chuckled as they thought about the look on Luke's face that night when Lorelai introduced him to Marsha. After another hour of visiting Lorelai finally said she needed to get going. The couple helped her carry all of her stuff down to her car. Lorelai thanked them but almost threw a fit when Logan stuck Marsha in the trunk. "She rides up front with me." She told him. Logan had apologized to Lorelai and Marsha and they finally left.

"I gotta tell ya, Ace, your mom's a piece of work." Logan said as they sat on the couch.

"But she's a good piece, right?" Rory said cuddling up to him.

Logan laughed. "Yes, Ace. Your mom is a good piece of art."

"Worth a lot of money?"

"Worth a lot of money."

The phone rang.

"Hello?" Rory answered.

"Rory! Hello! Welcome back! Did you have a good flight?" Emily asked happily.

"Um, yes grandma. Thank-you for asking."

"Rory, dear? Hello? Rory, dear, it's Shira."

"Shira? Um, hello. What's going on?" Rory asked nervously.

"Well we've decided that we want to buy you a house." Emily said.

"What? No, grandma. No."

"Rory, listen. I know you and Logan want to be independent but we want to do this. We could help you all find a house and we would pay for it. It could be anything you like. A nice little cottage or a big house. Whatever you and Logan would like."

"Your grandmother speaks the truth, Rory. Mitchum and I and Richard and Emily have discussed this. We'd like it to be a wedding gift." Shira spoke up.

"Um, let me talk to Logan about this and call you back tomorrow." Rory said.

"All right. You think it over and let us know. Good-bye." said Emily.

"Good-bye Rory" said Shira.

Rory hung up and turned to Logan. "They want to buy us a house." She told him.

"They what?"

"They want to buy us a house. Your parents and my grandparents want to buy us a house as a wedding gift."


"That's what I said. But they said that we could pick anything we wanted. They wanted to go with us to pick it out but it was up to us."


"Logan, I know you don't like this. But, think about it. I mean, a house would be nice. And if it was up to us…"

"It's a trap. They'll some how turn it into what they want."

"We won't let them." She gave him a kiss. "I think we should do this Logan." She said softly. "Think about it. A nice house, a library, no more elevators, a yard, a place to call our own. Haven't you ever wanted that?"

Logan sighed. "You promise you won't turn it into some chick place?" he asked finally.

"Thank-you!" she cried throwing her arms around him.


"So those are the conditions." Rory told Shira and Emily on the phone the next day. "We want to pick it out and have the final say."

"Alright." Emily agreed. "But we don't want you picking out some dusty old dump to live in-"

"Grandma" Rory warned.

Emily sighed. "What I meant to say was that we're sure you'll pick out a lovely place."

"And Mom?" Logan asked into the extension.

"Mitchum and I agree with Emily and Richard." Shira said.

"Alright. We'll see you ladies tomorrow at eleven." Logan said happily.

"Good-bye Rory. Good-bye Logan." Emily said politely.

"See you tomorrow." Shira put in.

"Oh and Grandma" Rory said quickly. "Mom's coming too. She wants to help."

"Now really, Rory-"

"Grandma" Rory warned again.

"Fine" Emily said grudgingly. "We'll see the three of you tomorrow."

They hung up.

"That wasn't so bad." Rory said lying on the bed.

Logan joined her. "I agree. I'm actually looking forward to looking at houses."

"Me too. What should we do now?"

Logan grinned. "I have a few ideas."