"Logan! Have you seen my shoes?" Rory cried.

It was the beginning of August and to celebrate the magazine's success they had decided to throw a huge celebration party. Us Women Magazine had been up and running for almost eight months now and was still going strong. Rory and Chloe were very busy but couldn't be more thrilled. They had rented out a big hall and hired caterers and a DJ. It was now 7:02 and Rory had to meet Chloe at the hall by 7:30 to go over everything one last time before the party started at 8:00. This was a big deal; People from all over were coming to celebrate this big accomplishment.

"Ace, can you be a little more specific? You have a million shoes."

Rory chuckled as she slipped into her dress. It was a slim-fitting cocktail dress in crocheted lace, empire waist silhouette with V-neckline, and skinny satin spaghetti straps that sat wide across her shoulders. She quickly walked into the bedroom and grabbed a pair of black sandals. They had four delicate silk and satin straps crisscrossing at the vamp and a skinny velvet ankle strap with a crystal-encrusted figure-eight buckle. She only had about ten minutes left, so she put her hair in a ponytail and curled the ends, then swept on some makeup. Logan finished it off with some crystal drop earrings as a gift, and helped her pick out a wide enamel bracelet and diamond accent necklace from her jewelry box. Finally, they were ready.

They arrived at the hall with two minutes to spare. They found Chloe talking to the caterers. She smiled and walked over, giving them both hugs.

"Hi guys! I'm so excited!"

"Me too!" Rory gushed. "I love your outfit!" Chloe was wearing a retro rose-print short sleeve dress and faux leather jacket with black boots and chunky red jewelry.

"Yours too!"

"I need to make a phone call. I'll leave you ladies to chat." Logan said excusing himself.

Rory quickly leaned over to Chloe. "Did you bring it?"

Chloe nodded. "It's in my purse. Want to do it now?" Rory thought for a minute and nodded. The two quickly ran off towards the bathroom.

A few minutes later Rory screamed.

Logan immediately ran to the girl's room and knocked on the door. "You okay, Ace?"

"Uh, yeah! I just, um, saw a spider! But it's okay. Chloe stepped on it." She called back.

"Uh, yeah! That's me. Chloe the spider killer Daniels." She added.

"Okay…" he shook his head and went off in search of the bar.


An hour later the party was in full swing. The music was playing and people were eating and mingling. Logan finally stepped up to the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen we are here tonight to celebrate a very big accomplishment. So with out further ado I give you the lovely Rory Huntzberger and Chloe Daniels." The crowd applauded as Rory and Chloe took the stage.

"Um, thank-you. We're very happy you all could come. It means a lot to us." Rory began. "It's hard to believe this all started out almost a year ago when I had a bad day and bumped into my now amazing business partner at Starbucks."

"And now, here we are; the best of friends and owners of the greatest magazine ever!" Chloe added. "But we couldn't have made it anywhere with out our supporter, friend, financial backer-"

"And the best husband ever, Logan Huntzberger. So from the bottom of our hearts-"

"Thank-you!" Everyone cheered.

Lorelai ran up and swallowed Rory in an embrace. "You did good kid! I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks mom!"

"You're welcome! Oh! Shrimp! You-hoo! Mister Fancy Waiter guy with the delicious little sea urchins on his tray!" Lorelai called running after the waiter.

Rory, Chloe, and Logan all laughed. "Uh, Rory, didn't you say you needed to talk to Logan?" Chloe asked suddenly.

Rory glared at her. "Not right now, I didn't." she said through clenched teeth. "I said I would talk to him later."

"What's up?" Logan asked confusedly.


"Rory wanted to tell you some news. And did I just hear someone call my name?" she asked turning around.

"No" Rory said quickly. "No one at all."

"What? Oh, yea! I'm coming!" Chloe quickly ran off in a random direction.

"What did you want to tell me, Ace?"

"Um, well…" She took his hand and led him over to an empty table. They sat down and she took a deep breath.

"Ace, it can't be that bad. Just tell me." He took her hands and looked into her eyes. "What's going on, Rory?"

"Um, well… I uh, I-"


"I'm…" she sighed. "I'm pregnant."

Logan's jaw dropped. "You're what?"

"I know it's not the best time. And we may not be ready, sure. But I figured I had to tell you eventually and Chloe set me up and-"

"How long have you known?"

"About two hours. I've been wondering for a few days and Chloe bought a test today. So I took it when we got here. I was going to tell you, I swear! I just didn't want to ruin the night and we were so excited about it and-"

"Rory, calm down; I'm not mad."

Rory looked up. "You're not?"

"Of course not. We've been married for almost two years and we both have steady jobs." He grinned. "Rory, we're having a baby. There's no greater joy in the world."

"You're right." She laughed slightly.

Logan picked her up and swung her around, kissing her hard on the mouth. "We're going to be parents!"

"We have to tell everyone!"


"When? Now!"

He laughed. "Okay, now; to the stage!"

"To the stage!" they grabbed hands and ran up onstage. "Attention! Attention please!" she said loudly into the mic. "We have an announcement to make."

"Free candy?" Lorelai yelled.

Logan smiled. "No. We're having a baby!"

"I'm pregnant!"

The crowd gasped and a scream arose. They looked down to find that Lorelai had passed out but that luckily, Luke had caught her. "She's okay!" he called quickly. "Just a bit surprised."

Lorelai began to wake up and looked around. "You're PREGNANT?" she shouted to Rory. Rory nodded. "Eeeek!" She squealed and ran onstage, grabbing Rory in another huge hug. "My baby's gonna have a baby!" she cried. "Congratulations!"

"To the new Huntzberger!" Chloe cried raising her glass.

"To the new Huntzberger!" the crowd echoed.

Rory grinned as Logan pulled her into an amazing fireworks kiss.


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