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He knew it couldn't last. He knew it and yet he continued doing it. When he first set foot into Hogwarts, he knew that only bad things could come from being there. When he met Lily, however, all thoughts of such things disappeared. When he became friends with Sirius and Remus, they almost vanished completely. That was...until the wedding day. Then they slowly flooded back. Harry was born and he was laden with the guilt that since one as…inhuman as he, would be involved in reproducing with a human...this child's life would never be normal...

After they had put Harry down for a nap, James took Lily by the hand and led her into the living room. He had to tell her now before it was too late. They were already in hiding from the Dark Lord, how long would it be before he came for them? Lily was the only woman he ever truly loved; she deserved to know what she had been married to for the past three years.

"Lily? We…we need to have a talk."

Lily tucked her legs underneath her as she settled into an armchair by the fire. "What about, Jamesey?"

"Um…" How was he supposed to tell her? He took a deep breath and let the glamour he had been holding for the past ten years drop. Lily gasped at the drastic change in his appearance and James opened his eyes to reveal them as not just tawny, but the richest and purest brown a person would ever see in their life. Not much about him changed, really, except that he became fuller, more real. Timeless, one might say.


"You're familiar with angels, right Lily? And God?"


"What is higher than an angel? In general?"

"I…I don't know. God?"

"Stars, Lily. And what if…there was more than one God, ruled by supposedly the most wonderful Goddess you will ever know in your life?"


"Would you trust me to be the Guardian of the Heavens, Lily?"

And with that, Lily fell back into the chair in a dead faint.