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This story will be set at the end of season four. So from here on out, it's going to be an alternate universe.

The Voyager was flying at warp, passing through the stars that were alien to the crew. It had been four years since the Voyager and its crew along with the Maquis ship commanded by Chakotay got stuck out in the Delta Quadrant by the entity known as the Caretaker.

After Captain Janeway destroyed the Caretaker's array, she decided to have the Maquis join the crew as one crew, a Starfleet crew. All the idea sounded fine, Janeway herself didn't know how it would turn out. Some of the Maquis were ex Starfleet officers who left.. Others were ex Starfleet cadets that either decided to get out or got kicked out. And others were ex Federation citizens. The Federation citizens and the Starfleet officers that left Starfleet were dissatisfied with how the Federation dealt the assigning a border between the Cardassian union and the Federation. Some of the Federation planets were not on the Cardassian side of the border and some of the Cardassian planets were on the Federation side of the border.

But the Federation citizens living on those planets that were now part of Cardassian space were outraged. For years they had lived on those planets, making lives for themselves, starting families, etc. But one day the Federation took all of that away from them. Those men and women weren't going to go out without a fight. They surely didn't want to be under Cardassian law and decided to form an elite group of freedom fighters against the Cardassians and the Federation. Also the Cardassians themselves often caused heartache for the colonists of the planets that were on the border of Cardassian space. Cardassians would constantly come by somebody's property and harass someone and even their family to the point of the Cardassian soldiers killing or even raping the Federation colonists.

But as much the Federation wanted to help those poor colonists, they simply couldn't due to that fact those Federation colonists were at the edge of Federation space, and the Federation had other matters to attend to.

But with all of the turmoil the Maquis had to face, Janeway was surprised that the Maquis crew intertwined more easily with the rest of the Starfleet crew than she thought before. But Janeway was grateful for the integration between the two crews. Yes there were some rough edges along the beginning, but things cooled between the former Maquis and the Starfleet crew. Well, except the ex Maquis crewmember Seska who was actually a Cardassian disguised as a Bajoran and established an alliance with the Kazon. Also the ex Maquis member Michael Jonas was betrayed the Voyager crew, but Jonas and Seska were killed, and somehow that was only a fitting end for the both of them for betraying Janeway, since she was trying to bring the crew home with all her effort.

The last four years had been difficult for the Voyager crew as a whole, Maquis included. They were about sixty thousand light years from home. Their energy reserves were almost gone, since the Voyager had not come in contact with a friendly alien species or a planet that carried energy to what the Voyager used. But Janeway had her crew trying to do the best they could by conserving what power they had left. That meant not using any more replicators, no holodecks, nothing. The Voyager crew were trying to do the best and go with the flow of things.

In his quarters, Ensign Harry Kim, the Voyagers chief operations officer, was busy playing in clarinet. For Harry, he was one of the youngest crewmembers on the ship. He was fresh out of the Academy and desired to go home more than the rest of the crew. He always looked at a picture of his parents each night before he went to bed, always thinking about them, always wondering what he would say if he would ever see them again.

But what was also special about Harry Kim was he was fresh out of the Academy and in charge of a department of a state of the art starship, and part of the senior staff. Most Starfleet captains, or any captain in general, would appoint someone who had more experience or was older. But Captain Janeway knew something was special about Harry Kim when she was reading his Starfleet profile. So she picked him to head up the operations department on her ship.

Harry was playing a new concert piece he had been writing for a few months, after Janeway told everyone no more holodeck time. So Harry decided to concentrate more on his clarinet playing.

But with Harry in the room were Lieutenant junior grade Tom Parris, the Voyagers chief helm officer, and Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres, the ships chief engineer. Both were misfits of sorts before they became officers on the Voyager after the ship was stuck in the Delta Quadrant.

Tom Paris was a washed up ex Starfleet officer who was in a bit of a crises involving some Starfleet officers while he was serving on the USS Exeter. He was thrown out of Starfleet and was looking for a fight, and that's where he found the Maquis. But as luck would have it, with his first mission, he was caught and put in a penal camp on Earth. It wasn't until Captain Janeway made a deal with Paris where he would be an observer, helping to track down another ex Starfleet officer named Chakotay. To make matters worse, he was the son of an admiral whom captain Janeway had served under when she was a science officer. Paris's father was strict and always expected nothing but the best in his officers and especially his son. Paris always seemed like the ugly duckling of sorts because he never felt like he could measure up to his father's standards.

For B'Elanna Torres, she had been kicked out of Starfleet Academy after a short stay, due to her Klingon nature of having a bad temper. All of her professors, except one, thought she was wasting her time trying to become an officer. The daughter of a human male and a Klingon female, she was always looking for a fight. Torres then joined the Maquis under Chakotay and was his chief engineer aboard their ship. After she and the rest of the Maquis became part of the Voyager crew, Chakotay convinced Janeway to promote Torres to chief engineer, because of her abilities to get things done while coming up with different options to suit different circumstances.

At the beginning of the long journey home, Torres regarded Paris as a pig and couldn't see past that macho male exterior. But as time went on, Torres and Paris's relationship softened to the point to where both wanted to go out together. And they've been a couple ever since that incident where Paris and Torres were stuck in the middle of space in environmental suits.

Harry Kim finished his piece and looked at his friend to see if they liked it, and of course, they did and responded by clapping.

Harry looked at the two. "Thanks guys, I appreciate the gratitude."

Paris nodded. "So Harry, what was that piece called again?"

"Um, well I haven't given a title yet," Kim said, giving a halfway frown. "I'll think of one one of these days.

"Well all you need now is a bad to play with," Torres replied,

Kim smiled at his Klingon friend. "Now that I've already been thinking of. I'm thinking about making a band called the Kimtones," Harry was finishing. "What do you think?"

Paris thought it was great but something didn't sound right. "The Kimtones?"

Harry nodded, his expression all lit up. "Yeah. Doesn't it sound great?"

B'Elanna was kind of on the other side of the fence. "The Kimtones sounds kind of cheesy for the name of a band."

Harry was a little disappointed with B'Elanna's response. "Well you form a band and call them what you want. The Kimtones name are staying."

Both Parris and Torres didn't want to push anymore, because after all, it wasn't their band. Harry was right, of course.

Suddenly the com channel came on. "All senior officers report to the bridge," Janeway's voice said through the channel.

And with that, all three left Kim's quarters heading to the bridge.

They all wondered what was going on. Did they encounter some sort of ship. And if that's the case, why aren't they at red alert, or even yellow alert. Did the ship find a planet or a species that had similar power the Voyager needed so it could get refueled with energy? Paris, Kim, and Torres were about to find out.

As Kim, Torres, and Paris exited the turbolift, the one right next to Lieutenant commander Tuvok, the Voyager's chief of security who was a Vulcan, they headed for their respectable stations.

Neelix, the Voayger's chef, ambassador, and unofficial counselor, along with the Doctor, the ship's holographic chief medical officer, and Seven of Nine, a human who was once a Borg but rescued by the Voyager crew, also came on the bridge. Neelix moved to the seat right next to Commander Chakotay's seat, who was the ships executive officer. Seven went to her console right behind the captain's and first officers seats. The doctor sat right next to Captain Janeway's seat.

Paris was the first out of the group to ask the question. "So what's going on?"

Janeway was mixed with emotions. "We've encountered something, something we've seen before."

Everyone was blank.

"But what is it?" Neelix asked.

"A wormhole," Janeway responded.