Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender or any of the cracters involved.
Summary: Life doesn't go the way you expect it to.
Pairing: Zutara
Author's Note: This is my first foray into Avatar fanfiction. Don't mind that this is short, I just wanted to see how I was writing this characters. If my writing style is liked, I might actually turn this into a drabble series. Hope you enjoy it!

The Roads We Take

Growing up, Katara had never expected that her life would turn out like this. Never in her life did she imagine things would end up this way. What her life was now had veered onto a completely different path than the one she had imagined as a child.

Katara had always expected she'd stay in South Pole forever. She'd thought she'd marry a respectable water bender and have a family, a small one, though. She had never wanted more that two kids. She loved babies, but the young waterbended never wanted too many. Two was a fine number for her. She had never expected to be rich; although she hoped she'd be rich in love and friendship. Katara had expected that she would stay and train under the tutelage of Gran-Gran and deliver baby seals. A hope in her heart had always been that the Fire Nation would defeated, although she never truly believed it.

Now, years later, nothing had turned out as she had expected. She didn't live in the South Pole, she didn't marry a waterbender, and she definitley didn't deliver baby seals. But now, as she watched her four children, three girls and and a little boy, chase around their father, blue flames and crystal icescles flying, a small smile crept to Fire Lady Katara's face. Maybe it was a good thing her life didn't go as she had expected...