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Chapter 1- Break up
One day in Alfea, Bloom was studying in her room. After a while, her cell phone ring, she picked up the phone and answers it.

Bloom: "Hello? Who is this?"

Sky: "Hey Bloom, this is Sky"

Bloom: "Oh hi Sky, what's up?"

Sky: "I just wanted to ask if you are free right now."

Bloom: "Well Sky ya, why you ask?"

Sky: "If you can meet me at the Magix Park now, can?"

Bloom: "Ok. See you later, bye!"

Sky: "Bye!"

Then Bloom hangs up the phone. Just then, Flora came in

Flora: "Hey Bloom"

Bloom: "Ya?"

Flora: "Are you free now? The rest and I are going to Magix mall for shopping"

Bloom: "Well I'm sorry I have to meet Sky."

Flora: "Oh, you and Sky have a date?"

Bloom: "ya"

Flora: "ok then, see you later, bye!"

Bloom: "Bye!"

Flora then goes out. Bloom then get up from her chair and get ready to meet Sky. After awhile, she is ready to meet Sky!

In Magix Park

Bloom reaches there. She saw Sky sitting on a bench, waiting for her and Bloom goes to Sky.

Bloom: "Hey Sky!"

Sky: "Hi Bloom!"

Sky talked to her coldly. Bloom didn't notice that

Bloom: "What's up?"

Sky: "Bloom, I got something to tell you"

Bloom looked at Sky's eyes. She knew that he got something hiding from her.

Bloom: "Sky, what are you trying to tell?"

Sky: "Let's break up"

Bloom: "What? Why?"

Sky: "We are not meant to be together. If I choose Diaspro, I can become a king. But if I choose you, I have to give up everything"

Bloom: "Why Sky? Why you choose to become a king instead of our love?"

Sky: "I am sorry Bloom, I-"

Bloom cut his words

Bloom: "Sorry, SORRY! Sorry no cure! If you want to be the king, why you want to be with me? Why?"

Sky: "I-"

Bloom: "I don't want to see you again! EVER!"

Bloom then open a portal and it leads her to a forest.

I know it is a short chapter! I will update another chapter as soon as possible