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Author's Note: Written for my friend Lessa for Xmas. X3 Enjoy!

(PS. I should probably explain the five areas these fics dabble in (And, please bare in mind that they are all stand-alone):

Non-AU where Yami leaves after the final arc.

Non-AU(ish) where Yami finds a way to stay after the final arc.

Non-AU when Yami/Atemu is Pharaoh and doesn't know Yugi.

AU that takes place in Ancient Egypt where Yugi is Yami/Atemu's younger brother (named "Heba") and Anzu is his sister.

Just plain AU.

Again, each little section is stand-alone, but just so you don't get too confused… there you go. XD)

WARNINGS: Yaoi, shonen-ai, incest, language, religious themes/ideas, randomness, AU & Non-AUness, etc.


Puzzle Pieces

—A Collection of YuGiOh Sentences & Mini Ficlets—



And in the darkness of the night, in the solitude of his room, he swore he heard someone calling him: the urging whisper of a young man, pleading for his help.

Click. Another piece in place.



He wanted to remember; truly he did… but, at the same time, knew that his lost memories— no matter how precious— could never be as precious as the ones he had gained.



"It is only blasphemous if gods don't marry each other," Atemu whispers to Heba, kissing each cherished finger. "And we, my brother, are both gods."



If fate were a tangible object, no doubt it would be a red ribbon, Yami thinks as Yugi teasingly ties their hands together, promising to never let the bond loosen.



In life, Yugi had often wondered if everyone shared the same Heaven; in life, Yugi had often prayed that they did… in death, Yugi was thrilled to find his answer—and both men cried as they embraced for the first time.



Hush, don't cry, my little light

For I am here for you

Through the darkness of the night

I am here for you

Come to me for comfort

Come here for support

For I am here, my little light,

Throughout the darkest night

Throughout all your wanderings

Though you may travel far

Whenever you have need of me

Wish on the nearest star

I'll be here inside your heart

Forever and a day

Just close your eyes and think of me

And I'll be on my way

Hush, don't cry, my little light

For I am here with you

Though the troubles of the night

I am here with you

No matter what is taking place

No matter what may start

I am here, my little light,

Always inside your heart



If love, as they said, was truly a game, then there was no way that Yami could lose… but still, that didn't keep him from fearing he would.



People often promised infinity without understanding; people often swore eternity without thinking. Yami, however, knew both very well—knew how minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, millennia could drag and change and shift and crack…

And because of that, he knew he'd love Yugi forever.



They walked together through the drifting white puffs, rosy cheeks glowing like Christmas lights.



There was nothing more amusing, Yugi decided, than watching Yami lose to himself in solitaire.



Tilting her head and squinting her eyes, Anzu glanced back at Yugi's shadow— but though it had seemed… different… mere moments before, it looked normal, now.


Three Wishes

"Lastly," the boy whispered, clutching tightly to the spirit's hand, "I wish for you and I to be together forever."

The genie smiled, crimson eyes soft with affection and aged wisdom. "Yes, master."

In an instant, the two became one.



And it hurt the others to realize that Yugi didn't need them anymore… that they were his chains, and Yami, his freedom.


Out of Place

The ball was spectacular: the food, delicious; the music, breathtaking; and—in the eyes of the people—the guests, quiet literally, divine. All the same, the young pharaoh stood in the corner, eyes downcast; his mind a million miles away.

I do not belong here.


"The Highwayman"

I'll come to thee by moonlight, Yugi mentally recited, watching the starless Egyptian sky through his hotel window, though hell should bar the way.



My pharaoh. A funny little phrase it was; a title exclusively his own. But though the people used it as a term of respect… well…

"My pharaoh?" Heba murmured, wrapping his pale arms around Atemu's waist. "Might I enquire as to our plans for this evening?"

With his brother, it seemed more a show of ownership. Atemu grinned, turning in the younger boy's embrace.

Perhaps because it is.



The finished puzzle gleamed: golden, sparkling, as if possessing a mind of its own… and for the first time in his life, Yugi felt utterly complete.



Yugi smiled into the frigid kiss, pulling away from the icy glass and beaming at his reflection in the mirror. "Good morning, Yami."



"It's okay," Yugi admitted softly, smiling at the anxious Anzu. "I might not be able to speak to him, anymore… but in spirit, I know he's always with me. In spirit, he'll never leave my side. So I'll never be alone again."

He twisted the golden ring on his finger and the conversation ended.



Anzu felt her stomach curl, tightly clutching her Bible. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… she murmured, the revelation sending her reeling. It can't be…!

But it could.



While Yugi was thrilled to be receiving "anonymous" love notes, he wished—for Yami's sake— that someone would tell him that no one wrote in hieroglyphs anymore.



Signaling for his entourage to stop, the young pharaoh paused to examine a vendor's prized ring; twin amethyst sparkled in their bed of hardened gold, winking like eyes. Why do they call out to me?

With a strange feeling welling up deep inside—like a memory he had long since forgotten—Atemu purchased the ring and continued down the street, twisting it around his finger.



Yami was a master of inventing games; to this end, Yugi grew increasingly suspicious whenever his lover said things like "I have a fun idea" while holding a bottle of chocolate sauce.



For his first birthday (well, his first birthday in over 5,000 years), Yugi bought Yami a special new puzzle: a pyramid-shaped maze stuffed with tiny metal balls—the object of which was to guide all of the balls to the hole at the top. It was a time-consuming diversion, and Yugi spent many amusing hours watching an increasingly frustrated Yami try to solve it.



Gaping in exasperation at the enormous pile of winnings Yami was raking in, Yugi mentally resolved to never take his lover to Vegas.



He hadn't realized how dependant he'd become; hadn't realized how he'd grown used to holding the other's hand… until that hand was gone.


Ass Tag

(Yes, this is a real drama game)

Despite himself, Yugi yelped—whipping around and shooting the older boy a startled glare. "What?" his senpai whispered with a growing smirk, amused by Yugi's blush. "You're it! Pass it on!"

Beyond the curtain, the audience laughed. Still rubbing his posterior, Yugi made as if to turn…

Then smacked a startled Yami back.

"Didn't say 'no tag backs,'" Yugi hissed, trying to look and sound superior, despite his (two pairs of) scarlet cheeks.

As his kohai flounced away, Yami grinned widely.

I knew there was a reason I joined drama.



Yugi smiled, watching as Yami bounced happily from booth to booth, drinking in all of the nostalgia the Egyptian-themed store had to offer.


Hide and Go Seek

"Finally found you," Yami grinned, wrapping his arms around Yugi's waist and refusing to let go.



"You've gotten so big," Yami breathed, beaming in the sad, tender way that care-takers sometimes do. "I can't even call you 'little one' anymore." He chuckled, brushing a stray lock of blonde hair from his partner's face. "…I'm afraid that you won't need me, soon."

In the wake of this admission, Yugi smiled: his silhouette glowing in the rays of the setting sun; his eyes gentle with warmth and love as he held Yami's hand to his cheek and kissed it. "I'll always need you, mou hitori no boku," he whispered, lashes fluttering softly. "And I'll always be your little one."


Sibling Rivalry

She watched her brothers silently, concealed by shadows and a statue of Isis. As they laughed and talked and played with dice, she tried not to think about Atemu: how she loved him, how he didn't love her, how he was supposed to be her husband, and how Heba had stolen him away.


Passion Fruit

Lashes fluttered, tongues curled cutely, breathing hitched; in the heat of the moment, he couldn't help but lean over, ever so slowly, and trail his tongue down the sugary path left in the wake of the fruit's juice.



"Please tell us this isn't what it looks like…?"

The pair exchanged glances: tangled and sweaty and nearly bare on top of the colorful plastic Twister mat. Then they grinned, feral and giddy, at the scarred teenagers clogging up the doorway.

"Nope. It's pretty much what you think."