FIRST of all this story is under Sky because he plays a bigger role than Sydney, Z, Jack, Bridge, Kat or Cruger, but he is not the main focus of the story so if you are looking for a story focused mainly on Sky, please turn back now… After process of emilination that leaves one ranger for the story to sort of focus on.

Omega Ω Ranger

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This story came from the fact I didn't feel Omega Ranger was focused on enough during the show, I didn't like the fact he was a ball of light and wanted to know what happened to him when he got back but mainly I wanted to attempt to explain a few things, such as:

Why when Sam came through he was such a snob and why he appeared to have no sense of teamwork even though he was a fully trained ranger (and if he was chosen for such an important mission he must have had his ranger status for awhile)

Why Sam did not initially introduce himself as being Sam instead calling himself the Omega Ranger

Why he had a gold badge/plate on his uniform when the others did not

Why Nova was so abrupt and barely said anything in Endings Part 2

Why Sam and Nova did not call each other by there names (Sam refers to her only as Nova in the show and she does not refer to him as Sam)

Why they were suddenly giving rangers "special" designations such as Nova and Omega in the future

Why their uniforms seemed to match yet both seemed to be rangers who were "odd" ex. Quantum Ranger, Lunar Wolf, etc.

And mainly to give a glimpse into what Sam left and came back to…

Yup…though I will admit to not have watched S.P.D. while it was on the air and only have seen episodes from the internet. Though I believe I have a good grasp on the basics and details that count.

I do however watch Dekaranger…A LOT! So I've taken some elements of that show, but not too much for the few I know who hate Super Sentai. There's only a few in there and you can only see it if you squint…

I do not work for Disney, I do not own Power Rangers, I am making no money from this. I do however have some creative rights to the character development of Nova and to the original characters that make up the B-Squad Rangers of 2045 (remembering the rank of A-Squad was retired at the end of the series).

Reviews are the only way I will be motivated enough to keep this story going, if it does not do well I will simply take it down.

I have also put this up just as a tester to see if people like it now…after all that intro… on with the story!

And that was it.

Sam looked around the Command Center and sighed as he and Nova stepped down from the step they'd materialized on. It looked exactly the same, except for a few changes and the colours of buttons. Minor detail, it was still arranged the same way as it had been fifteen years earlier.

"Ugh! About time we got back," Nova grunted cracking her neck, "you were a bitch to find Omega."

Sam rolled his eyes, "How does that work? Weren't you told were I was in the timeline?"

Nova raised an eyebrow at Sam, "You just spent a few months working with Tate, does he seem like the type to be overly specific when it comes to" she used her fingers to put quotations around what she was saying, "matters of timeline security. Hell, I ended up running into Lightspeed Rescue, twice before I finally got out of the year 2000. Trust me, erasing their memories wasn't easy, oh and then I almost got eaten by a stupid T-Rex when my morpher malfunctioned and I ended up way, way back when. Oh but other than that it was very easy Omega, and when I get there I have to save your ass. Do I even get a thank you?"

"Well…thanks Lisa," Sam replied scratching the back of his head nervously, she'd seemed so cheery back in 2025…

She frowned, "Don't call me that."

"Alright, thanks Nova Ranger."

She smiled, "Much better, now come on, let's go see why the welcoming party isn't here."

In fact, no one was in the Command Center presently, it kind of unnerved him, normally Kat was there if no one else. But the sounds coming from the hallway made him feel more comfortable since it meant there were indeed people in the vicinity

He followed his commanding officer out into the hallway where it was buzzing with activity, but it didn't look like the good kind. Cadets were scrambling all over the place, and Nova almost got run over by Kat as she scurried into the Command Center looking down at the pad in her hand, and not up.

"Sorry," she muttered as she brushed passed them into the Command Center only looking up briefly as she apologized, "Sam, can you pass me the pad on the consol over there?"

Sam and Nova exchanged a puzzled glance before Sam picked up the bright red electronic pad from the monitoring consol and handed it to the feline doctor who proceeded to plug it into a wire attached to the largest viewing screen in the Command Center. An image of the old SWAT flyers flickered on the screen before being replaced by that of the current Zords.

"Kat, what's going on?" Sam asked as he took in the image of the Command Center a little closer but his voice overlapped with another, more commanding one.

"Cadet Bright, Cadet Breaker, what are you doing here? Why aren't you out helping the B-Squad?"

"Commander Tate, uh…we just got back from…" Sam replied looking around in confusion, "we're slightly confused."

"Yeah, everything was okay when I left," Nova shot back much harsher than she had intended.

Tate opened his mouth to respond, but instead a small, barely noticeable smirk appeared on his face, before being replaced with a frown…that's what Cruger had wanted to see the two gold badges about the week before…He puffed out his chest a bit more as he studied to two of them, "Alright, just get to your Zords, Kat will brief you when you get there.

"Zord? Wasn't mine-" Sam began then shook his head.

"We've had a long time to fix it properly," Kat chimed in as she brushed passed.

Sam and Nova awkwardly saluted to Tate as they realized they must look like complete idiots just wandering around the Command Center when the Earth was under attack…

Gold Badges were rangers who were picked from the first few years of their training and placed into a special elite program. The officers were given special morphers, weapons, Zords, colours, names, and much more through training in certain areas, such as fighting styles and technology. They also (of course) literally had gold badges that were visible on their uniforms and rangers suits. Gold Badges were only dispatched to planets if they were in great danger and S.P.D. did not believe the A (or in this case B) Squad could handle the imminent threats.

Nova and Omega Rangers had been transferred to Earth only a year earlier as backup for the B-Squad rangers of 2045. Though the alien had been defeated, Supreme Commander Cruger had insisted Nova and Omega stay stationed on Earth until their assistance was required urgently elsewhere.

The problem was that with a gold badge not only came all the interesting perks, but a heightened arrogance, leaving them cut off from the other rangers as neither party was willing to commit to trying work as a team. So as it stood there was Nova and Omega as the one team and the B-Squad as the other. When Commander Tate had first run into a gold badge he understood why when Omega and he first met, Sam had changed from a sweet little boy to an arrogant fighter in a period of fifteen years. Nova was especially bad.

Since holding a slight rank and age advantage over Sam and the B-Squad rangers, she often took advantage of it, dragging Sam along with her and ordering the other rangers around in battle. She and Commander Tate had butted heads more than once on who was actually "in charge" of the base. While she was a pain to deal with most of the time, Sam had a way of softening her up, since they'd been trained together for most of their lives. Tate believed this was the reason for her cheeriness of finding him in the timeline and appearing so sweet and excited in 2025 (the brief moments he'd seen her).

But hopefully her stranglehold over Sam and the other rangers…and most of the base (asides from Tate, Kat, and the odd Cadet who was brave enough to stand up to her,) would change and the rangers would start working together. He could tell, right now even as he walked away from the young man, that he'd learned a lot from the "top secret" mission he'd been sent on.

The young man and Nova however, didn't move as he'd told them to. Sam appeared to be slightly dazed having arrived back only a few minutes after he'd left, when to him it had been months. Nova meanwhile rolled her eyes at her partner.

"What were you hoping for? A large reception?"

Sam let out a sad sigh, "I don't know, I thought maybe Z would be here or something…but you're right, it's stupid…"

Nova's eyes narrowed, "Honestly Omega, I thought you'd be a bit more grateful to be back."

"I am it's just-"

"Will you two stop flirting and get out there and help?"

Sam and Nova's heads snapped to the side to see a rather annoyed Commander Tate standing behind them. Nova bit her bottom lip and muttered a "yes sir" in a venomous tone, doing her version of a salute before turning and dragging Sam along with her. She knew he was in charge whether she liked it or not, but her First Officer didn't need to respond to him if she had anything to say about it.

Sam suddenly felt very sorry for Commander Tate, since Nova hated being made fun of and currently wore the look of "you're going to get yours one day". Probably compliments of her…

"Nova, what are you doing?" Sam demanded as she tugged him by the arm and walked briskly towards the Zord Bay, "We can't just-"

She stopped abruptly and turned so she was standing in front of him. The sudden change caused Sam to bump into her, but she didn't move. The top of her head only came up to his neck but she still managed to scare the crap out of him with little to no effort on her part. Nova's index finger pushed against Sam's chest as she spoke, "You listen to me, we are gold badges, no matter what he says, we are not under the same jurisdiction as the B-Squad. We listen to him only for courtesy."

"And because we'd get reassigned to a not so nice planet if we didn't?"

Nova paused in an almost comic manner then added, "Okay fine, that too, the point is I'm supposed to be in charge of the gold badges and it annoys the crap out of me that he never seems to remember that." She turned and continued towards the Zord Bay.

Resisting the urge to point out that he and Nova were the only gold badges in the Earth Branch of S.P.D. Sam jogged after her. She talked down and vented a lot, but he knew she didn't mind Commander Tate as much as she said she did.

When they arrived at the Zord Bay, Nova turned to him and brought her wrist up, "Let's go, you ready?"

Sam nodded, "Ready" he replied nodding as he flicked a button on the side of his morpher.

"S.P.D. Emergency,"

It was a strange sensation, morphing properly for the first time to what had been for him months, but everyone else a few minutes. Feeling the suit form over him and his helmet snap into place instead of it just all appearing at once like when he was just a ball of light. Taking a deep breath he hopped into the cockpit of his Zord, "Omega Ranger, logged in."

He heard a voice over his communicator, "Nova Ranger, logged in, where are we going, Kat?"

"Downtown, I'm sending the location to your Zord's GPS system, and linking you into the video feed to give you an idea as to what's going on."

The screen in front of him flickered briefly before it displayed the fight in progress with the B-Squad…it didn't look too good.

The Delta Squad Megazord appeared to have fallen onto a building and was now struggling to get up and continue its' fight against its' opponent. Its' opponent appeared to be a giant warped version of one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with a black shell and a giant sword that it was using to deflect the few blasts the Megazord was getting out at it. It didn't look good. The voices of the B Squad could be heard over communicators.

"Guys! We have to get back on our feet," came the green ranger's voice

"No shit Sherlock!" the yellow ranger snapped back angrily.

The red ranger's voice cut through the argument, "Stop arguing guys, we've got work to do"

Sam smiled behind his helmet, he'd never realized it before, but Drew was actually pretty good at his job as the red ranger, "Hey guys, hang on, we're on our way."

"Hey! Back off! We can handle this on our own!" came the green ranger's harsh protest that stung Sam. He'd never been affected too much by the protests of having gold badges to help out, but after going back to where his real friends were in the past and realizing how little he was really appreciated there until he was needed made him really realize how he was viewed in the present.

"Obviously if you could we wouldn't be here," Nova snapped back, "come on Omega, let's go."

He hesitated momentarily before following Nova's Zord out of the bay. After coming from a time where teamwork was preached, but being trained his whole life that gold badges were above the level of ordinary officers, he wasn't sure if it was his place to say anything. He decided against it for the time being, they needed to focus on their jobs, but he might need to have a word with Commander Tate about what he'd learned…and try to make amends.

"Alright, let's bring them together Omega, Megazord formation,"

"Right…" was Sam's response as he began pushing buttons, it was surreal to be back, he hadn't done a formation with Nova's Zord in what felt like forever…he hoped he didn't screw it up or he'd never hear the end of it.

The formation of Nova and Omega's Zords were similar to what Jack, Sky, Z, Bridge, and Sydney had come up with in 2025. Nova's Zord was a large robot, similar to what the Omegamax cycle could turn into in its' own. The two would combine together to become a "police officer" riding a cycle, then flip up into a robot of its' own. It wasn't as big as the Delta Squad Megazord, but it did have certain advantages, like speed and manoeuvrability. Sam had affectionately named it "Alpha" obviously to do with the connotations the Greek letters had to the ranger designations of the gold badges and after the little robot(s) that ran a large part of the operation of the Power Ranger'soperation with Zordon, Dimetria, and the Galaxy Rangers.

It only took a few minutes before the "Alpha" Megazord was standing in front of the Delta Squad Megazord.

"We told you we're fine!" came the harsh voice of the green ranger that was quickly cut off by that of the red's.

"Chris, shut up, they're here to help and right now we need it!"

"And that's why he's the red ranger," Sam mumbled to himself as he pushed a giant green button that was on the consol in front of him, "Alright Nova, I'm ready here."

"Good, the Zord's Delta Sword is now online, now let's take care of this thing and then relax for a bit…it's been a long… long…really long few minutes."

"Oh yeah," Sam responded wearily, he hadn't expected to be coming home to a giant turtle attacking the city…he really hadn't.

In the Delta Squad Megazord, the B-Squad listened to the exchange sceptically.

"Oh yeah, like Tate's going to agree with that," the green ranger muttered.

The pink ranger rolled her eyes behind her visor, "Hey, look, I don't like Nova anymore than you do, but stop hassling them right now, the last thing we need is the two S.P.D. fighting and the bad guy gets away because of it."

The green ranger went quiet after that.

The red ranger nodded, "Thank you Beth, now if we're a little more focused, I think we should try and take care of the business at hand. Ready?"

A chorus of "Ready" was the reply he received.

The red ranger hit a few buttons on his consol, causing the robot to lift up the giant blaster that it carried and aimed it at the robot. The shot wasn't that clear since the "Alpha" Megazord was attempting to battle the monster with a sword, similar to the one the monster carried. It was a strange battle, like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean, without the Pirates…or the Caribbean as a matter of fact…

The blue ranger tapped a few things on his consol as well before holding down a white button, "Nova, Omega, we're going to blast him, get away from there."

The "Alpha" Megazord took a few good blows before stumbling backwards a few steps, "He'll just keep deflecting your shots." Replied Nova

"Maybe not," Sam interjected, "I think I have an idea, and we're going to have to work together if we want it to work…ALL of us."

Commander Tate and Kat listened to the conversations over the airwaves like they did every battle to judge what the situation was. Sky smiled, the trip had done something good for the Omega ranger, just like he remembered. With some luck, it would rub off on Nova and the current B Squad, maybe bringing the seven of them to actually work like one team, instead of two separate ones. Kat smiled at the revelation as well, that was the Omega she remembered.

"Omega, what are you talking about?" the yellow ranger asked only to be cut of by Commander Tate's voice as he chimed in, "We have never-"

"Omega is right, you guys have been acting separately since Nova and Omega first arrived here, you need to work together if you expect to beat this guy," Tate insisted already impressed by the sudden attitude adjustment Sam had made...even though it wasn't so sudden.

"Kat, all the Zords are compatible right?"

Kat paused for a minute before answering, "Well in theory they should be..."

"I mean my Zord connected with the old…" Sam soon realized he was saying too much, "uh…thing and they were built years apart…"

"Omega, where are you going with this?"

"I know where he's going," Kat replied briefly glancing at Commander Tate who was trying to hide a small smile as she tapped some buttons and adjusted a dial, "But Sam, you need to understand your Zord is built differently than the others. It was designed to be compatible with most other Zords, Nova's isn't as interchangeable. The seven of you will fit together, but it won't be a smooth transformation," she explained, "and your coordination might be a bit off too…"

"But it will give us a substantial power boost," the pink ranger finished.


Though she didn't like the idea of the two team's Zords combining into one, Nova didn't see much of an option as she flicked her wrist, barely deflecting a fireball the giant turtle had suddenly conjured up from thin air. She turned to Sam, "Wouldn't it be a foolish idea to try and combine two Megazords together that have never been combined before in the middle of a fight?"

"I agree with Nova," the blue ranger interjected, "the theory is a good one, but we have completely different controls and manoeuvres for each Zord. Combining them is not worth the risk of them screwing us up."

"EXCUSE ME?" Nova snapped.

"You might not believe it, but we are quite familiar with the manoeuvres that the Delta Squad Megazord pilots are trained to use," Sam shot back then bit his bottom lip to prevent him for relapsing from his new found knowledge to what he had been before the "special" mission.

"Alright Omega, I'm willing to give it a try," came the suddenly shy sounding voice of the pink ranger.

A slash from the monster's sword sent the Delta Squad Megazord sprawling backwards into a skyscraper, crumpling it. Tate winced as he watched it on the screen…repairing that was going to be hard to justify in the budget…

"I'm in for this time," the red ranger concurred as he rubbed the top of his helmet nervously, "if Nova is."

"Sir I don't-" the green ranger began but was abruptly cut off.

Commander Tate rubbed his forehead; this was taking too long, he began in a sickeningly slow pace the ended at a yelling tone "Rangers! I am going to say this once to you! SHUT UP AND DO YOUR JOB!" he hollered at the communicator, then stepped back, "this is getting ridiculous…."

Nova and Sam stared down at their communication panel…well they hadn't expected that rebuttal…

The B-Squad raised their eyebrows behind their helmets…they were really in for it when they got to the base…

"Alright, we'll get out of the way," Nova snapped obviously pissed at the situation and more so at the ranger sitting a few feet away from her for suggesting the stupid idea in the first place, "but I am not combining our Zords when it is potentially dangerous."

Commander Tate let out a sigh of relief, "Well that awkward agreement only took a year to accomplish…" he moaned.

Kat smirked, "I must say, your tactics are much different from Cruger's…" she raised her eyebrows, "Shut up and do your job?"

Tate rolled his eyes and placed his hands on his hips, "Well you know it seemed like a good idea... it's about time at least one of them learned working together might be a good idea, and luckily for Sam he had very good teachers. Now if the others weren't so slow..."

"And how long did it take you guys to get Sam integrated till he felt like part of a team?" Kat pointed out.

Tate sighed, "You know I wonder some days why Cruger placed me here with these rangers and put Sydney on the IO base with a team that's not as dysfunctional."

Kat smiled, "Sky, it's really simple to see…he knows you can handle them."

End of Chapter 1

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