Sam stared at the screen in awe, "This is live?" he asked for the hundredth time since Kat had decided to show it to him.

He'd teleported back to the Command Base in order to pick up the morphers for Jack, Z, and Sydney and to get Sydney checked out by Kat for injuries. It appeared he and Sydney had barely missed the arrival of the B-Squad rangers, Bridge, and Nova.

The monitors showed the rangers slowly containing monsters in groups of two and three and Nova, was with Beth and the C-Squad rangers he'd abandoned without thinking. They weren't just putting up with each other, they were actually working together.

He smiled and Kat patted him on the shoulder, "It appears Bridge is a miracle worker."

"You're not kidding… crap… I guess I owe him dinner."

"You'll find the promise of S.W.A.T. does that to people," Sydney joked, but her smile was as big as the others, "Sky will not believe this. He's been griping about your team for months. At least they're better than you were; it took all five of us to convince you." Sam winced at the remark as Sydney pecked him on the cheek and ruffled his hair, "It's been too long since the six of us were together. Now we just need Cruger and we're complete."

Sam nodded slowly and flushed as Kat's communicator beeped.

"Manx here."

"Kat, it's Mimi… Delgado and Jack Landors, they're all... I guess they got over powered or something. Delgado appears to have a wrist injury or something and a few bruises and things, but they're fine other than that. I don't know where Commander Tate is."

There was a deadly silence "Report back to base, all of the rangers. The monitors show little activity now anyways but…" Kat ordered then trailed off.

"There is no way B-Squad coming back contained all those monsters in such a short period of time." Sam added furrowing his brow, "So where did they go?"

At that moment the base rocked.

"The max security zone!" Kat gasped.

"Wait, what?" Came Mimi's confused response not realizing Kat was not addressing her.

"What about it?" Sydney demanded quickly.

"Mora came to Earth, why?" Kat asked in an attempted to explain her thoughts as quickly as she could.

"Grumm is still here!" Sydney exclaimed smacking her forehead and bolting out of the room, "Why didn't we think of that?"

"He's still in this base?" Sam groaned as he sprinted to follow and hand over one of the morphers in his hands, "That does not seem like the best thinking on S.P.D.'s part."

"Mora was moved to prevent the two from breaking out together," Sydney explained as the two rangers dodged the cadets rushing passed them; "Mora needs Grumm to be powerful and the other way around. She's obviously used the containment break as a distraction."

The base rocked again.

"If she lets all of those guys out…" Sam thought as he sped up so he was a step in front of Sydney and handed over one of the morphers.

"Mind the frankness, but we're screwed."

Kat began bringing up information on the screens in front of her, "Okay, B-Squad and Nova, report back to base immediately. Tell Jack and Z that Sam has morphers programmed for them. When you get here, head to the max security area. We think Mora's here to free Grumm from containment."

Her communicator beeped again.

"Kat, it's Sky, Mora's heading for the-"

"Max security area, got it." Kat responded as she tapped a few more keys.

"I'm here already; on the bright side she only has three monsters and some foot soldiers with her. The rest of her "army" has been contained already."

"Sam and Sydney should be there in a minute. The B-Squad, Jack, Z, and Nova are on their way. Judging from news reports Bridge is doing damage control with the media."

"Tate out."

Sky holstered his badge and aimed a shot at Mora. It was stopped by what appeared to be a giant version of "Cindy Sunshine". He groaned, why giant dolls? Why not a simple, normal alien for once?

It was a question he'd been asking since he'd gotten his promotion to Commander. All the other planets and moons had SPD branches, yet Earth always seemed to be the planet that got beat up the most. The history they had with ranger teams didn't help his thinking either.

He heard footsteps behind him as he fired his second shot which the small girl took in the shoulder. She cried out in pain and Sky would've felt sorry for her if she hadn't been trying to kill him for years. He glanced to the side to see Sam and Sydney a few meters behind him.

Sam was whiter than his jacket.

"Sam. What's wrong?" Sydney demanded quickly as she moved to morph. She paused. Oh duh, the doll and Mora hadn't done anything to help his mental health when they encountered each other the first time. "Sam, we'll talk about it later but for now I need you to cope."

Nodding weakly Sam morphed in time with Sydney, "SPD Emergency."

Her suit was nearly identical to the one she'd worn in 2025 as the pink ranger, except the number was now a roman numeral for fifty (L). She smiled behind her helmet and looked over at Sam who had his hands brought up near his shoulder. His morpher was charging up.

"Omega morpher, electro mode!"

With that a bolt of electricity shot out towards Cindy Sunshine and Mora's eyes narrowed as one other monster and foot soldiers stepped in front of her. The little girl slipped away into the complex, the third monster following her and scaring off two of the guards. Rolling his eyes Sky placed a hand on his visor is disbelief; he needed to hired better guards…

"How much did we miss?" Sydney asked pulling out her Deltamax striker.

"Not much. Nice to see you're okay by the way." Sky replied and Sydney smiled behind her helmet.


"All right, Sam, go inside and catch up with Mora. I'll send the others as backup when they arrive."


The white clad ranger sprinted off into the building as the other two rangers charged at the monsters. Multicoloured sparks flew as the attacks got more violent and the strength of both sides dwindled.

Sam ran as fast as his legs could muster and found himself trailing the little girl and the monster. He could see the larger monster, but had lost sight of Mora. Angrily he sent a blast at the monster's back, causing it to stumble forwards and fall to the ground.

He moved to jump over him but found the monster wrapped its' hands onto his leg and refused to budge. Breaking with regulations, he used his free leg to smack the monster in the face.

"Ow!" it roared as its' grip lessened. Stepping backwards Sam flipped his morpher to judgement mode as it struggled to get up from the earlier blast.

He waited for its' verdict.

"Hurry up" he muttered impatiently as it eventually landed on the X. Containing the monster he bolted after Mora and prayed he wasn't going to be too late.

Mora smirked as she disposed of the two guards with ease. No one ever suspected a little girl to ever to any harm and they wouldn't shoot her, even if they knew she was evil.

That was the problem with S.P.D., so much of their security was automated that it didn't take much force to get into the so called "maximum" security if the Power Rangers were already dispatched elsewhere. Horrible planning, really, even a little girl could do it.

She flicked through the draw of containment cards, laughing as she saw a few old "friends" in the mix.

Pulling Grumm's card out of the draw she moved to snap the seal.

"Power down!" a voice from behind her called.

Then it was gone.

She stared down at her hands for a second, not quite understanding what had just happened. She turned around, fuming as she saw a rather frazzled looking Sam, holding the card in his hand.

"Nice trick." She said coolly as her eyes focused on the card that the young man rotated with his index and middle finger.

"It's over Mora. You've put up a good fight, but your army is gone now." He said stuffing the card into his back pocket. He was tired, it took energy to morph and with the amount of morphing, fighting and powering down he'd had to do in the passed day or so, he wanted this over with.

"Stupid rangers." She growled, throwing a small blue object to the ground.

It released a batch of smoke and by the time it cleared the little girl was gone.

He dropped to the floor, leaning his back against the wall and tilting his head back. He closed his eyes.

"Damn it." He groaned as he looked around the room of drawers and thanked some higher power she hadn't tried to free anyone else. He looked down at the card in his hand, the infamous Grumm stared back and him, beady eyes narrowed, hurtling some R rated insults at the exhausted ranger.

At that moment Jack phased through the wall beside him. "Sam! Man, you okay? Where's Mora?"

Sam shook his head slowly, head lolling backwards, "I don't know. She somehow teleported out of here, but I've got this guy." He held the card up to Jack who let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank god, next time we see Mora, she won't be so lucky. The others just got here, those monsters outside are toast though. They're out numbered nine to two, come on."

Sam shook his head, "No. No thank you, I'm just going to sit here and if I have my way I'm not getting up for a really long time."

Jack smirked as he grabbed onto Sam's wrist, "Tired?"

"You have no idea."

Back outside, Jack's assumption was correct. Sky and Sydney simply let the current B-Squad finish the monsters off as they de-morphed and collapsed as well. The two containment cards that Drew picked up were the last of the warriors from the day from hell.

The B-Squad rangers de-morphed and looked at the exhausted rangers and Z who watched curiously with Mimi's coat tied around her wrist.

"So did we pass?" Mimi asked expectantly.

Z smiled and Sky nodded tiredly.

"Yes, yes." He conceded as Jack appeared phasing out of the wall, literally dragging Sam with him.

Unceremoniously Jack let go of Sam and the younger man simply glared, "I hate you." He muttered.

Jack smiled, "Aw, a team reunion. It's almost enough to make me want to come back."

Sky looked over at him wearily, "You want a job?"

Jack looked startled, but then considered it, "Hmmm, sure, why not? It's been a long time since I've worked at SPD."

"Congrats, you are now Head of Security for SPD Earth because I am firing MacDonald's ass next time I see him! Today was one big security breach!" Sky grumbled angrily then let out a sigh, "I need a vacation."

Sam hadn't bothered to move from his lying position. "You're telling me."

Later that evening, Bridge had caught up with the rangers and congratulated all of them for a job well done and gave them a promise to upgrade them to SWAT next time they visited him, acting as if he lived next door. None of the rangers were particularly enthusiastic about going back to Zentor, and decided SWAT could wait.

Sky gave Sam three weeks off from active duty and Nova two, leaving the other rangers stunned and confused. It was explained as being given time to get them used to being on Earth more permanently. The other rangers weren't happy, but didn't question it.

Sydney contacted those from the IO base that she could and discovered most of them had fled to the Jupiter base and were fine. Plans were underway to rebuild the IO base and to construct a memorial for those who had lost their lives.

To celebrate, the B-Squad had decided to go catch a movie. Through prodding from Beth and Mimi, Chris finally agreed to let them invite Nova and Sam along.

Beth was chosen for the task and found Nova with ease. After inviting Nova and having her eventually agree to come along, she asked about where to find Sam. She simply explained he was out with some old friends and went to change.

Really he was sitting with Jack, Z, Sydney, Bridge, and Sky in that little Steakhouse that Bridge had been thinking about.

After all, no matter how reluctantly, the new team was working together and for that, he owed them dinner.

The End

Well, there you go. I'm sorry for the delays and lack of fight description, it wasn't flowing properly. Thanks for coming on this adventure with me. I might write an alternate ending later, I'm not sure this one is fulfilling enough...