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Hermione was always the sensible one, always the girl you could count on to know all the facts, to know exactly what was going on in any given situation. Hermione was always the intelligent one, the reliable one, the girl that none of the popular ones wanted to be, but the girl that every boy secretly wanted to have on their arm. Not that she ever knew of that fact.

But with all her good rational, sensible, law abiding qualities, she couldn't understand why she was about to do what she had decided to do. It was so against her nature to do exactly what she was told not to do.

"I can do this." She breathed to herself as she headed up the steps leading to the astronomy tower. Her hands were tightly gripping the railings on either side of her so hard she could no longer feel the wood she was holding on to.

She had long ago placed a silencing charm on the hall around herself so that she couldn't hear the paintings voices that were wondering why she looked so, well so sad. She walked so deliberately up the stairwell with a look of pure determination in her eyes, that some of the paintings simply looked away.

She knew a few of the paintings, like the duchess of lurk, had decided to tell the headmaster of her haunted state, but she would have completed her mission before Headmaster Periwinkle would even get close enough to her to stop her.

At the thought of Dumbledore no longer Headmaster, Hermione shivered. So many people had lost their lives in the war, and many more were no longer alive by the time the war ended. Reaching the observation room of the astronomy tower she placed her feet on the edge of the ledge and felt the cold breeze whisk her brown curls around her face.

Hermione breathed in the icy wind with an open mouth; it was as if she could taste the winter on her lips. Opening her eyes, she let her gaze fall out upon the mountains past the forbidden forest.

It was such a beautiful sight. A betrayal of all the ugly that had occurred in the past few weeks. Almost as if nothing had happened at all. Oh what a wonderful thought.

"A shame the world isn't as beautiful as the mountains." Hermione let her arms drop down to either side of her, her fingertips gracing the white cotton gown she adorned. Hundreds of feet below were the snow covered grounds of Hogwarts. An astounding sight for someone who had never been up here before, much less never looked down.

Her nostalgia was interrupted when she heard the patter of rushing up the stairs. It was obviously Headmaster Periwinkle, Peeves was always going on about how nosey Duchess of lurk was. She could hear a few others, possibly Medic-Witch Poppy, heading up to retrieve her before she did something stupid. Something really really stupid. Something very Un-Hermione. She laughed out loud at that thought; they wouldn't be able to save her in time. She had planned this decision out to a T. Dotted all her I's.

She took one last deep breath, closed her eyes and let herself fall forward with open arms.

"No!" Hermione screamed as the blast hit Harry directly on the chest. "Arvada Morphem!" Her aim held true as she obliterated the death eater she had been dealing with. She rushed to help Harry, brushing past other numerous Order members, dodging curses left and right.

But it was too late; Harry lay on the ground, his body growing cold. And just a few feet away from him was the body of Voldermort. For plenty a reason, seeing the evil that had caused this entire massacre around her lying just feet away from her would never be a cause for joy. Ever.

She cradled Harry's dead body and cried until Tonks pulled her hands away and picked her up into a hug.

"Hermione," Tonks said through her own tears her normally pink hair turning black as tears slid down her face "Hermione, it's all over, we won, and every thing will be ok." But Tonks knew it was a lie. So did Hermione.

"No," Hermione Sobbed "It will never be ok." And she clutched tighter to Tonk's blood stained robes as the rest of the surviving Order members proceeded to clean up the grounds around them.

Weeks had gone by, and every night Hermione tossed and turned, cried her eyes out, clutched her blankets, sweated and had nightmares until she decided she would no longer sleep. Sleep simply wasn't worth it anymore.

Poppy had tried to give her sleeping potions but she refused to down the sparkly blue liquid. Poppy had a right to be worried, all the young woman did anymore was sit with a cup of coco letting it become cold in her hands and place anti-sleep charms on herself.

It was taking its toll. She hadn't showered in days, her body was turning into skin and bones, and her hair was knotted beyond repair, her eyes sunken into her face. She was slowly committing suicide.

Until one day it hit her.


The medic-witch rushed out of her office at the first words Hermione has spoken in weeks.

"Yes dear, are you feeling ok? Do you need anything to eat? You must be starving!" Poppy rushed about the infirmary pulling together a small meal and some medication. Hoping beyond hope that she could coax the young women into taking them.

"Can I go to the library?" Poppy stopped in her tracks. "Please." Poppy looked oddly at the women sitting cross legged on the bed with the cup of coco sitting on one knee.

"Only if you promise to eat something and take this." Poppy gave her a commanding look and Hermione obliged.

Hermione rushed to the library as fast as her legs could carry her, pushing the doors to the library open all the way with a slam, getting a nasty look from the new librarian.

"If I only could make a deal with God." Hermione chanted over and over, rushing past all the normal books straight to the restricted section, jumping over the boundary marker setting off all the alarms.

"If I only could make a deal with God!" Hermione said a little louder. Seeing the book she needed she grabbed it off the shelf as it started to screech loudly. She knew the librarian would be there soon to rip her a new one.

Summoning all the natural power from the earth, she performed her first wand less magic in months. With a few whispered words she teleported herself to the end of the astronomy tower steps. She had learned long ago that wizards hardly used teleportation anymore because apparition saved so much magical energy. It was an old magic, therefore not banned within Hogwarts walls.

Skimming the book quickly she found what she was looking for.

"If I only could make a deal with God, and get him to swap our places.."

Slamming the book closed and throwing it to the ground, she closed her eyes and gathered her courage before heading up the steps. She had made up her mind. This world wasn't worth living in anymore.

Ron was gone, Dumbledore, Harry, James, Lily, Sirius, so many order members that she lost count of all the lives, her own parents. She was living in a virtual darkness. She wasn't going to stand for it anymore.

Old magic's were lost on the world, at least to most witches and wizards. But old magic was not lost on Hermione, and this spell, this incantation that she had remembered from her time turner days. The days when she was fascinated with time travel and history, would fix everything.

Or so she hoped.

The air brushed past her in waves, billowing her hair and robes out. She could feel the chill run up her spine and the rush of adrenaline as she fell through the air. Without opening her eyes she knew that she needed to act soon. She whispered in Latin, drawing the power from all around her until she felt the electricity shoot through her very veins.

She felt her body slow, felt the currents surround her and knew she was falling through more then just air. She was falling through substance, falling literally through time. She could feel the years pass as they rushed around her.

Hermione screamed a blood curdling scream as tears of pain were forced to her eyes. She couldn't move her body, it felt as if her muscles were frozen in place and like her body was swelling with powerful magicks. It felt as if she were either going to burst or be torn apart. At some points it felt like it would be both.

"Hermione!" Poppy screamed as she looked down to see the girl falling to the ground below. Before either she or Headmaster Periwinkle could cast a charm, a spell or anything the girl was surrounded in a sphere of purples, blues, pinks and white almost as if it looked like electric currents.

In a matter of seconds everything vanished in a blinding bright light and nothing was left. Not even a Hermione.

"Verona?" Poppy asked in awe and sadness.

"I have no idea." Verona admitted as she stared at the spot where Hermione had been. "I honestly have no idea."

Hermione woke up on her back on the snow covered grounds of Hogwarts. When she finally opened her eyes she was staring up at falling snow, and some bright stars embedded into the blackness illuminated by the light of the moon.

It was breath taking. That or the fall was breath taking.

Hermione liked to think it was the scenery.

A black dog came rushing up to her, pushing its nose into her face whimpering. She turned to look at the obtrusive wetness and realized exactly who that dog was. She gripped the dogs paw with one weak hand and nearly cried.

She wasn't sure how far back she had gone in time. But she was sure of two very important things, she was still at Hogwarts, and Sirius was still alive.

Sirius sat there next to the strange woman, looking down on her starved features, soaking wet with her hand gripping his paw as if her life would shatter if she let. The dog barked loudly a few times until the Headmaster peered out his window to see the poor girl.

Sirius took his chance when Hermione loosened her grip and bolted before Dumbledore caught him. That would not be a lovely outcome for either him, Dumbledore or the ministry.

"My dear, you must be freezing. We have to get you inside to Poppy quickly before you catch an awful cold." Dumbledore held out his hand and Hermione took it gratefully. "I don't believe I know you?" Dumbledore pulled her to her feet and let her small frame lean into his for support.

"Mya," Hermione said quickly "My name is Mya Granger."

"Well Mya, lets get you inside so you'll be nice and warm and you can tell me all about how you ended up in the snow outside of Hogwarts." The twinkle in his eye replaced the worry that was their earlier.

"Of course." Hermione agreed, upon seeing the twinkle in Dumbledore's eye she smiled. Her first smile in months.

Hermione sat quietly in Dumbledore's office. She wasn't going to say anything until he decided it was time to speak. He always had that way about him when it came to something serious.

"Miss Granger, would you like a lemon drop?" The Headmaster offered, with a kind smile.

"No thank you." She declined "Some things never change" she thought to herself.

"A shame, well then," He paused to pop a few of the lemony treats into his own mouth "mind telling me how you came to be at Hogwarts?"

"First I have to ask what year it is Headmaster." Dumbledore looked oddly at her at first, not seeing the relevance in this particular question, but wise enough to realize that everything has a relevance at some point or another.

"The year is 1974 Miss Granger."

"Well, you see, where I'm from the year is 1998 sir," Before Hermione could continue Dumbledore cut her off.

"I see." He pondered this bit of information for a bit before continuing "A Time Traveler, you do understand this can have dire consequences on the future?"

"That's kind of' why I'm here Headmaster." Hermione stated honestly.

"And how did you happen upon our time dear?"

"I used old Magicks sir, wand less Magicks." She emphasized by causing a small flame to appear in her hand without the use of words or a wand. "I'm not as powerful in wand less Magicks as I make myself out to be, I was surprised I accomplished something as phenomenal as time travel."

"Astonishing." Was all Dumbledore could come up with as he fell into deep thought. Hermione decided to continue, knowing he would be listening.

"I found The Book of Trade sir in the Hogwarts restricted section, my time of course." The Headmasters eyes shot up from his desk to peer into hers. Scrutinizing her every word and action from that moment on.

"You made a deal with The Magicks," He said gravely. "You understand your consequences for such a deal I hope, Mya."

"I do." She acknowledged.

"Well then, that's enough for tonight. We can discuss the details of your particular situation later. I assume you can keep Mya Granger as your name?" He looked her over and seeing the nod of her head continued with his speech. "Well then, I will put you up in the Ravenclaw Prefects rooms, seeing as Ravenclaw doesn't have a Prefect this year. I shall see you at breakfast in the great hall tomorrow to sort you and get you settled then." With a wave of his hand he dismissed her.

"But sir, I was already sorted…"

"I shall see you tomorrow for your sorting Miss Granger, if you have been sorted before you should have no need to worry then. Sleep well Mya." With that a house elf with the name of Daisy was instructed to show Hermione her room for the night. Dumbledore had much to take care of.

The next morning was mind rattling for Hermione, she woke up three hours earlier then was necessary to make it to the great hall in time. She didn't get much sleep, but it was more sleep then she had managed for quite some time.

She threw the covers off her body and decided that a warm shower would do some good. While under the streams of hot water, she decided that she wasn't going to be Hermione Granger, she was going to be someone new, she was going to be Mya Granger instead. She was in a different time, with different people. She saw no need to be exactly who she was before the tragedy and time travel.

Hermione Granger was going to transform herself into Mya Granger. Permanently.

Stepping out of the shower she dried herself and placed her naked body in front of a full length mirror. She examined herself carefully and realized she wasn't exactly that bad to look at.

She settled for changing her hair color to a deep chestnut brown, ridding herself of the curls and instead settling for strait hair that had a bit of natural curl at the ends. She changed her eye color from its honey color to a hunter green color. Just those simple changes, changed how she looked drastically, and changed how she viewed herself, she felt almost empowered.

She never was one for major extremes. She loved her skin color, her lips and facial structure. She didn't see a need to change much besides her hair and eyes. Regardless of the minimal changes, she looked like a force to be reckoned with. Not a big force, but a force none the less.

Donning on some muggle clothes and a school robe that Daisy left for her, she decided she would be a bit more daring. She transformed the school robe into something more form fitting, something that used to suit Lavander Brown much more then it would have suited her. Only this time she didn't have prissy blonds to tell her how silly she looked, how stupid she was for trying to look even cute. She didn't know anyone here, and nobody knew her.

Her black boot heals resounded through the empty hall. She was only a few moments late, but she got caught up in refining her cover story and looks. That and she had to admit that she was just a bit nervous about being sorted again, she was so used to Gryffindor that she couldn't fathom being in any other house.

As she pushed open the heavy doors to the great hall, all eyes turned to her. Some boys were cat-calling as she stood in the doorway and took in all the new faces, some were whispering about her, a few were openly staring at her with questions on their lips, and others took a quick glance then ignored her. It didn't seem like anything had changed since the first time she had entered the great hall, well the cat-calling was new.

She took a steady step into the hall and continued on her path up to the teachers table. The students would have most of their questions answered soon enough. As she walked between the two House tables Gryffindor and Slytherin she noticed a few people she recognized and it made her heart melt and a smile appear on her face.

Sirius Black was sitting with some boys that she knew could only be Remus Lupin, James Potter, and sitting next to him was a beautiful red head that she could only assume was Harry's mother Lily. Then she noticed the last person among their group, causing her to pause mid step. Her inner anger and hatred flared to her very core at the sight of the pudgy blond haired boy.

"Peter Pettigrew" She whispered in a deadly tone, though no one saw or heard her say it, but when she started walking again some of the student's glass cups would rattle when she passed them. Causing more murmurs in the great hall about the mysterious new girl.

Dumbledore stood, tapping his glass with his fork when Mya Granger finally made her way up the steps next to him. Her green eyes ablaze with an inner fire that he noted to question her about later.

"Everyone, I would like to introduce a new student." He motioned to Mya with his hand "Please welcome Mya Granger." The great hall erupted into claps and more whispers at the mention of her name. Hermione simply gave a small smile as she scanned the hall, falling upon the faces of Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy.

"Mya is a transfer student from the Buckingham School of Wizardry and I would appreciate it if you all made her first, and last year at Hogwarts a wonderful and memorable one. Now for the sorting," All the students went quiet, none expected her to be sorted, just simply placed into a house by Dumbledore. "Please take a seat on the stool Miss Granger."

She did as instructed and Dumbledore placed the raggedy sorting hat atop her head.

"Hmmmm, interesting young women.

Not of our time, but much older then you appear in yours.

Never fancied meeting one of your kind.

A traveler through time.

A heart of gold, a mind of pure.

Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw would suit you dear."

Hermione mentally told the hat no, that she would not settle for Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

"Hmmmm, interesting.

You have a soul tainted in black.

So much damage that can't be taken back.

Yet you fight for what is right.

But you fight maliciously, look your changing history.

Manipulating to get what you feel is right.

Instead of working with the light.

A selfish motive, yes indeed.

I think you deserve to be…."

"SLYTHERIN!" The hat yelled out, and the Slytherin table gave silent nods, the way Lucius was eyeing her up and down appreciatively was making her sick. She felt like she was going into shock. Like this hat calling out a simple house was going to cause a muggle heart attack. She couldn't breath. Dumbledore made a move to remove the hat from her head but she jumped up from the stool gripping the hat with vengeance.

"NO!" She protested loudly, and the entire great hall had their interest turned back to her. Never had anyone ever denied the sorting hat. "I am NOT a Slytherin!" She protested in a deadly whisper, more for the hat to hear then for anyone else.

The teachers at the table looked worried. McGonagall looked the most worried, ready to stand at a moments notice. Hagrid looked confused, and the Slytherin table instantly despised her for so openly protesting her shortage into their house.

"Hmmmm, leaves only one house left.

Though you don't exactly fit.

In your time yes, in this time no.

Too much has changed for you to know.

Yet you insist and I mush relinquish.

You have the courage to stand up against me.

Making forever mortal enemies.

That is courage, more then I have seen.

You've fought in war, it makes since to me.

Congratulations Hermione. I'll put you were you feel you need to be."


This time Hermione sunk to her knees in front of everyone, the Gryffindor table didn't welcome her as they would have someone sorted into their house. Instead they studied her, some plastered on smiles others clapped lightly. But it defiantly wasn't an uproar that she was used to giving and receiving.

She was too relived to care what her house thought of her at that moment, she had returned to Gryffindor; that was all that mattered. She was where she belonged. Where she needed to be. She took a seat at the very end and held her head high. Making eye contact with Lucius, who eyed her yet again up and down, only this time with rage in his eyes instead of appreciation. She just cocked one eyebrow at him with a smug smile and returned to her breakfast. Her cocky indifference enraged him.

"Who does she think she is!" Malfoy spouted off angrily.

"Mya Granger I believe." Snape replied sarcastically.

"Don't toy with me of Severus!" Lucius threatened silently "Find out who she is." With that the blond slammed his fork down and exited the great hall in a rift. He had business to attend to concerning this new girl. His master was going to be very interested in her indeed.

Students started exiting the great hall in groups and Hermione realized that it was nearly time for the first class of the day to start. She reached for her bag to realize, that she didn't have a bag, much less a schedule to go by.

Taking the steps two at a time she stopped in front of Dumbledore who was about to take a bite out of a blueberry muffin.

"Yes Miss Granger?" He asked with a twinkle in his eye, she knew that he knew exactly what she was going to ask, and it irritated her that he knew.

"I don't have a schedule sir."

"Yes of course, how silly of me to forget." Dumbledore pulled out a blank sheet of parchment and handed it to Hermione "Here you go Mya." She looked at the blank parchment and frowned.

"Sir," she started but was cut off.

"Minerva, seeing as she is your new student please take her to your office and help her develop a schedule, try and accommodate what she would have been in this year at Buckingham Please. Have a good day Miss Granger."

"Of course Albus, Follow me dear." Minerva placed her hand on Hermione's back and led her out of the great hall.

"Well I would have been in Defense against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, N.E.W.T. level Potions, Ancient Ruins, Charms, and Transfiguration." At the mention of Mya being in N.E.W.T. Level transfiguration Professor McGonagall beamed. Then realized that Mya had only listed off six classes instead of the required seven.

"Are their any other classes you can recall being enrolled in Mya?" Minerva asked with a slight frown.

"No Ma'am that was all I was enrolled for." And it wasn't a complete lie, even if she didn't attend the classes in her time she was still enrolled in them.

"Well, I'm not sure how Buckingham arranges classes my dear, but we require seven classes, and you only have six. Can you run me down with a class history so I can get an idea as to what other class to place you in." Hermione frowned but agreed, and started listing off all the other classes she had taken the past six years during her time at Hogwarts.

"I see, how did you accomplish all these classes, there isn't a logical explanation as to how you could fit all these in…." McGonagall was perplexed. Hermione felt like being honest.

"Time Turner." Minerva's eyes widened.

"They hand out time turners to just any student at Buckingham!" Her head of house looked enraged and flabbergasted, Hermione took offence.

"Beg your pardon, but I'm not just any student, I proved my responsibility many a time in order receive one to fit in all the classes I wished to take."

"Yes quite," That was as close to an apology as Hermione realized she was going to receive, McGonagall reviewed her list of classes and realized there was only one that was left to put her in. "Miss Granger, I'm going to have to enlist you into Divination with professor Trelawney." Hermione gasped.

"Entry Level Divination!" She chocked out.

"Well," Minerva reviewed her transcript "given your advanced status, I can pull some strings and enroll you in O.W.L. Level Divination instead."

"O.W.L. Level Divination." She whispered.

"Is there a problem Miss Granger?" Minerva asked worried. Hermione's shocked eyes found her professors and she shook her head no. She gripped the class schedule Minerva handed to her and quietly left the office, she had just missed Potions, her first class of the day. Not that she minded too much, her next class was Ancient Ruins.

On her way to the class she was still transfixed on the fact that the professor she admired most had placed her into Divination. O.W.L. level Divination. O.W.L. level Divination with Professor Trelawney no less.

"I'm going to despise that class." Hermione promised with hatred lacing her voice. She felt like all the effort to get the class waved first year was worthless, and well in this time period it was, now it was going to bite her royally in the arse. "Just Lovely."


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