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Hermione was relieved to know that she didn't have anymore classes today except for Astronomy, which wouldn't be till later that night anyway. She had a bit of time to relax, maybe transfigure something into a butterbear. That would be lovely.

Or maybe she would go visit this times Hagrid, see what he was like. See if he was any different from her times Hagrid. Then she remembered that he was probably teaching a class, hopefully it wasn't another class about the invisible horses. She laughed at that, invisible horses, she knew the real name for them but that's what everyone always referred to them as. You were blessed if they stayed that way, invisible.

Maybe she should go to the library and try to research more about the spell she had used. Maybe she should work on her potions essay, or her Transfiguration make-up work seeing as she had already finished the rest of her classes make-up work. But Hermione really didn't feel like working, or studying. She felt like, swimming.

She rushed to her room back in the Ravenclaw dormitories, and still she was greeted with grunts and moans about her being allowed in their house. She didn't mind right now though, she had an old friend to talk to.

Hermione shivered as she walked outside in nothing but a thick long coat and her bathing suit underneath. The ground was still snow covered, and some the students were having snow fights with each other. One group being the Marauder's minus a Peter plus a Lily. She walked over to the great lake and sat on the edge.

She dipped her feet into the bluish black liquid; the water was freezing, not cold enough to be ice, but cold enough to where you had to be crazy to get in. Hermione felt like being crazy. She removed her jacked and slid into the water, not wanting to make a loud splash and drawing the attention of the students out in the yard.

God it was cold, so cold. She hissed a bit and then drew in a heavy breath and dunked herself underneath. She pushed herself down deeper into the lake with her hands without letting any of her air out. Then she felt the familiar sensation of a tentacle slipping its way around her foot and up her leg until eventually it wrapped around her as if she were in a chair. A chair that happened to be keeping her underwater.

Hermione was starting to loose her oxygen, but she knew she had to wait till just the right moment to think the spell she was thinking of or it wouldn't work. Just as she felt her body start to struggle with her mind over air she thought the spell she needed in her mind.

Let me speak with what is not spoken to.

Let me speak to those in the land of blue.

Let me speak to those as if they were in me.

Let me last in the world of deep.

She felt herself nearly pass out until suddenly didn't need to breath anymore, suddenly she wasn't cold anymore. The tentacle was still holding her under the water but she didn't feel a pressing need to reach the surface and relaxed into it.

"Hi." Hermione said with her mind "You probably don't remember me." A few seconds past before she heard a voice in her head respond.

"Hermione Granger, Class of 1974, class of 1999. Of course I remember you; I remember all who visit me. It's a gift I have." The voice was deep and a little gurgley sounding. It was the voice of the Giant Squid.

"How have you been?" Hermione attempted small talk; it was nice to know that someone or something remembered her from her own time. Even if it was only the Giant Squid, who also happened to be the founder of Gryffindor.

"Well." The voice paused "You plan on changing history then?" The voice sounded curious.

"I, I want to. The era I originally come from is bleak and sad." Hermione's voice sounded as if she was about to cry.

"I remember the talks you used to have with me in your old time." Hermione smiled at that. "I know why you would want to change history; I don't condemn you, Hermione I think it would be for the better."

"Really?" Hermione asked astonished that he would agree with her.

"Of course. Everyone deserves a happy ending, even you." A tentacle reached up and brushed Hermione's cheek in an almost fatherly caring way. The giant squid had been her confidant since during the major battles of the war. As long as she was under the water talking with him no one could touch her. The war couldn't touch her. She would talk to him for about an hour or so each day.

"I don't think I'll ever see Harry or Ron again." She admitted "You know Ron had died, but I didn't tell you that Harry died, he died right in front of my eyes, there was nothing I could do to stop it." Hermione's voice was sobbing now as she told her story. Of course it was all in her mind but it felt like she was on land crying the tears she felt.

"Don't be foolish Hermione." The voice chastised after a few moments of letting the poor girl cry her heart out, it was the first time she had talked or cried about Harry since the night it had happened. He understood that she needed it.

"What do you mean?" She asked, her voice clearing up. It was funny because in her head she gave a hiccupping sob.

"I mean that you will see Harry and Ron again one day Hermione, think about it, you're going to grow up in this era. Just know you will see them again. I think it's time you go."

"Can I see you again?" She asked.

"Anytime." The voice sounded glad to have the company, it wasn't often he had someone to talk to, she knew this. Hermione suddenly needed to breathe again. She needed to breathe very badly. Suddenly she was at the surface of the lake gasping for air that was the worst part about talking with the giant squid. The pain of gasping in air after nearly half and hour of not having it in your lungs. Not very pleasant.

Unfortunately a few students noticed her in the lake and came running over. That of course got the attention of the Marauders who came running over just to become involved in all the commotion.

"Are you Ok." "Did you fall in." "Do you need me to get Pomfrey" "Do you need me to get Dumbledore." "Here let me pull you out." She was bombarded with questions and comments coming from everyone, she was tempted to just dive back under the water and never come up. She was actually embarrassed and her face was turning redder then it already was.

She didn't want anyone to know that she was in her bathing suit so she uttered a spell that transformed it into some clothes. She held out her hand and Sirius pushed all the first years out of the way to grab it. When he pulled her out she was shivering.

"Mya, what happened?" Sirius asked concerned, he shed his coat and threw it over her shaking form.

"I, uh, I was sitting by the lake on my coat, and I somehow slipped in," The boy's bought it fortunately. Hermione was relieved; she really didn't feel like sharing her secret with anyone.

"You should learn to be more careful." Remus admonished her. She smiled an embarrassed smile.

"I'll remember that, we don't get snow up at Buckingham, I didn't think it would be so slippery." She gave her best shy smile hoping to play this for all it was worth, see if they would eat up all she was telling them. To her luck, finally, they did. Her arse was out of the fire she just hoped it wouldn't go to the frying pan.

"Let's get you inside and warm." Sirius and Remus helped hold her up on either side, and she really didn't feel like arguing with them because she knew how stubborn they could be. Unbeknownst to her Zack was leaning up against the castle wall watching the entire scene.

As she was sitting in the Gryffindor common room with sixty billion blankets surrounding her by the boy's protests, Dumbledore walked in with Minerva.

"Hermione, I heard you had a rather unfortunate fall into the lake today, are you ok." He had that look in his eye again, and Hermione just knew that he knew exactly what she was really doing.

"I'm fine Professor's, I promise."

"Well, we decided upon the protests of some Ravenclaw students that it was time to move you into Gryffindor." Hermione rolled her eyes; she knew exactly what students had requested she leave their house.

"Since Gryffindor does not have a male prefect we have decided upon much collaboration to let you have the boy's prefect room." Dumbledore supplied.

"On the grounds that you follow strict rules, I assume you know the rule about no boys in the girls room rule, we are simply going to have to trust your honor on this." Minerva gave her a warning look. Hermione nodded, she new that the girl dormitory stairs were charmed so that when a boy walked up them they would turn into a slide of sorts. The same charm however was not placed on the boy's stairs. Talk about a double standard Hermione thought.

"Now now Minerva, I doubt that Mya will be violating any of the rules." Dumbledore smiled and winked at her. He had a very infectious smile. Minerva still didn't look to sure about allowing a girl to take a boy's dormitory room, but she knew that it was the only available one.

Dumbledore whispered the password into her ear to her new room, and pushed a handful of lemon drops into her left hand. "Feel better now dear." He gave another wink then he and Minerva were gone as quickly as they had come.

The Marauder's cheered. She was going to have a room inside the Gryffindor house finally.

When everyone finally let her out of their sight she set herself on a mission. She was going to help Remus in the most intimate way possible. She was going to give him the gift of a painless transformation. She just had to figure out a way to keep him from knowing it was her.

"Now to get what I need" she ran through the list of ingreadiants she needed in her head, she dearly hoped she wasn't forgetting something or an instruction. "Remus really need this, so don't screw it up Mya." She was speaking to herself, as she found herself doing often as of late. She looked around to make sure no one was looking and tapped a blank wall with her wand a few times, uttering something under her breath.

As the glamor faded away, she stepped through the wall, or at least that's what onlookers would have seen if they had been watching. Hermione found herself surrounded by dusty, cobweb covered bottles, bowls, cauldrons, and jars. All containing unmarked potions or the ingreadiants for a potion. This was going to be very difficult...

Hermione rummaged through the closet full of potion ingredients covered with dust, she knew that Slughorn had to have the ingredients. The ingredients for wolfs bane weren't exactly hard to find or rare, just in this time with all the anti-wolf movements nobody had bothered to put them together and create the potion yet.

"Finally." Hermione smiled to herself and stashed the ingredients away in her book bag. She already had the cauldron set up in her new room; she just needed to get the supplies back without getting caught. The closet she was in was the spare closet for when supplies ran out in the spare potions class closet, which meant that the potions had to run out both in the potions classroom and in the back closet to the potions classroom. Worked to her advantage because almost all the ingredients were well stocked.

"To bad it won't be ready until the next new moon." Hermione sighed to herself, that was the only problem with wolfs bane, it had to be started the night before the full moon, then she had to add the main ingredient in the light of the full moon, and wait a month till it finished brewing the day before the next full moon. 'It will be worth it though' she thought. She remembered how much pain Remus used to be in when she knew him in her time, she could only imagine that these had to be worse; he hadn't had years of experience with the transformation yet.

When she finally got back to her room and started the potion, she forgot how fast time could fly by, when she finally looked back up at the clock she noticed that she had the primary portion of the potion done, she checked that it would be safe for the rest of the night and settled her self in for a good nights sleep.

It was comforting to know that she would be the first to help a friend that had in so many ways helped her. Now she just had to think on a way not to get caught.

Emma was frustrated, she hadn't been able to get any information about that new Mya Granger and it was infuriating her, as well as the older girls she quote on quote worked for. It was her ticket to popularity; she had an extraordinary skill at retrieving gossip worthy information.

Of course Emma understood that it wasn't the best reputation, but it was much better then no reputation. There were times that she wished she would have been sorted into Slytherin instead of Ravenclaw. As she was making her way to the library for a charms essay she had due that week, she noticed a tall, pale and lanky looking seventh year with greasy black hair. All thought about the annoying tramp left her mind as an idea came to her mind, and this would be just the person to help her accomplish her goal.

"Hi Severus," Emma gave the sweetest smile she could as she walked up to him, she tried very hard not to come off cool and collected like most of Lucious's gang were. "Are you heading to the library to?" Severus eyed her up and down with disdain.

"Not that it's any of your concern." He pushed the doors to the library open and left Emma without another word. Emma wasn't having it, she pushed the doors to the library open after him, her stride quick and determined.

"Hey, Severus, wait…." Her voice was loud enough to get his attention, but also loud enough to get a very angry silence command from the Librarian Miss Snaklebott. "I think we can help each other out." She took a seat at one of the many empty tables and motioned for him to take a seat across from her. He obliged curious as to what she had to say.

"And how is that?" he made it quite clear that he wasn't in the mood for playing games.

"I know that Lucious wants you to find out who Mya Granger is, well, I need to find out something good about her as well. I have a very good idea as to how to do it as well." She gave him a very evil looking look that had an undertone of a laugh. "I figured we could create an alliance of sorts, let's just call it a mutually beneficial relationship." Emma shot him a suggestive look, something Severus was defiantly not used to, and it striked his interest.

"What is your brilliant idea then?" Severus searched her face for some clue to anything about her possible intentions.

"I think Mya might have a crush on this schools Sirius Black, it also involves Lucious and I'm sure that he will be very very pleased with his part…." The two conspirators continued to whisper about their plan late into the night.

Hermione was taking a stroll around the halls of this older Hogwarts, trying to explore the differences and revisit the similarities that surrounded her in this time. As she walked and observed she thought about anything her mind wanted to think of. She mostly found herself thinking of Harry and Ron, and how stupid she had been to think she could just come back and try to fix things with a band aid of sorts and try to go back like nothing had changed.

"You really got yourself in a good one, and no golden trio to help you out of it this time." Hermione sighed to herself. She wasn't sure what to do now that she was here; she was so sure at the time she made her deal with the magic's that she was going to change history, literally. Now she wasn't so sure anymore of what her purpose in anything was anymore. "What to do?" she whispered to herself as she trailed a finger along the stone cold walls of Hogwarts.

Then she thought of Serious, it was true that she had had a small crush on him in her time. But she was also very realistic and realized he was twice her senior. The problem was that in this time he was not twice her senior but very much the same age as her, and devastatingly more handsome. All of it made her feel very guilty, she shouldn't be having feelings for her best friends godfather, considering, well, everything.

As she turned the corner she saw them and her heart stopped, her mind crashed instantly. There was the infamous Sirius Black with the one and only third year Emma. Emma had him against the wall and she was kissing him, and he didn't seem to be minding. Before either one could turn and spot her she was already running down the dark halls, she had totally forgot where she was but knew she was somewhere near the dungeons.

Emma smiled inside her head as she noticed Mya take off down the hall; she distracted her victim by running her lick up his neck suggestively. She felt his rough hands move up her sides until they were resting on her biceps.

"Bitch!" in one solid motion Sirius had thrown her from his body and sent her to the floor. She just laughed at him, a vicious smile on her face. "You slipped me something in Potions today I know it!" This made her laugh harder as she started to remove herself from the floor, blood running down her forearms from her scraped elbows.

"We all know you wouldn't go for a third year Sirius, at least not without some help, so don't sweat your reputation." Emma gave him a small wave and headed down the hall "Thanks for your help though." She shot over her shoulder as Sirius was wiping his mouth with the back of his hand repeatedly.

Hermione was running from the world at that moment. Tears were streaking down her face, she didn't even know why she was crying, or for what she was crying for. As she rounded a corner she saw them, as she turned back the hallway she had just came from was gone. The tears running down her face faded as she tried to sink into the shadows of the hallway. Peter Pettigrew was walking with Lucious Malfloy and Severus Snape. 'Just my luck' she thought to herself. What was worse was the fact that she didn't have any where to hide, no statues, no hallways within sneaking reach.

She knew in a few moments they would stop whispering to each other and notice she was pressed up against the wall attempting to hide. It was pathetic but she was in to much of an emotional state to really do anything. When she patted where her want should have been she noticed it wasn't there.

She didn't have her wand.

When Lucious looked up to see Hermione pressed against the wall hyperventilating it scared her because he didn't look surprised to see her there. She looked at Snape and saw no emotion on his face, and when she looked at Peter she saw the marauders map sticking out of one of his pockets.

"ASSHOLE!" she screamed, her body closed off and she felt herself emotionally harden into a brick wall. Lucious and Peter laughed, Snape still didn't seem to have a feeling either particular way.

"For someone supposedly so smart, you really did make a rather un-rational move." Lucious observed. She mentally acknowledged that he was right, but she wasn't about to tell him that, instead she settled for a 'fuck off'.

"Oh don't you worry about that." Was Lucious's crude reply to her comment. When she turned to run she felt a flash of heat spread through her body, it felt as if her blood was boiling and she realized that she couldn't move.

Lucious circled her in a menacing fashion, wearing his platinum blond hair in that ribbon pony that disgusted her so much. When he raised his wand to her again she felt fear embark her, she was in for a world of trouble and wasn't about to deny it.


At that moment Hermione felt herself mentally start to feel heavy, and as much as she tried to deny it she couldn't. Her mind fell into darkness.

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