Title: And So He Beats On

Summary: He had set it up, and now it had fallen…and yet, here he was, doggedly participating in his own folly.

Rated: PG for some violence.

Disclaimers: I do not own Once Upon a Time in Mexico, directed by Robert Rodriguez in association with Columbia Pictures and Dimension Films, nor any of the characters affiliated with it. Credit to F. Scott Fitzgerald for the title, which is a play on something he wrote in The Great Gatsby.

Author's Notes: I actually submitted this for a grade in my Intro to Poetry class this year—got full marks for it, too. The assignment was to take a myth, fairytale, or just some story you thought was neat and turn it into a poem, making it reflect your own personal beliefs and views. I'd just watched Mexico. So here it is.

He strode into battle,
The darkness of his vision spilling into his clothes.
He wore a warrior's paint,
Tears of blood that steadily slipped towards his throat.

He had set it up.
He had set it up, and now it had fallen.
Hand held by a child,
He was led into battle—the blind gunman.

It had all gone wrong,
And yet, here he was, doggedly participating in his own folly.
Courage, or perhaps insanity?
Perhaps it is both, for only they can get him through alive.

Bullets fly—he hears them.
One is gone, but the other is standing and fires.
Down to his knees he goes,
But he still aims forward, listening, his face exposed.

There, he thinks, and shoots.
The enemy is vanquished, and he is left for dead.
But he does not die,
For to die after victory would be foolish, and he knows it.

So he beats on, blind and bleeding.
He cannot see the road ahead, but he can hear it, hear it all.
Even if he has to crawl,
He will survive, he will make it, he will prevail.

Thank you for reading, please tell me what was good and what was bad.