Chapter 4

That night in the Common Room Lucy was talking, or rather ranting about what she heard Harry and Ginny say in St. Mungo's.

"They were obviously married. They were talking about me and some girl named Olivia" Lucy ranted.

"There is an Olivia Weasley in our year and house, Lucy" Melissa put in.

"Not the point Mel! The point is, is that dad was lying to me! I heard dad say that I have a twin! I have grown to know the only blood family I have as my dad. Now I suddenly have a twin I never knew about. Now this girl Olivia who I haven't even crossed paths with is my twin! I don't even know what to think. There has to be something more to this. This is just confusing me. I'm going to go up to bed. Goodnight" her friends bid her goodnight and watched her walk upstairs.

The next morning Shauna and Melissa walked into the Common Room to wait for Lucy before going to breakfast.

Lucy was very much like Harry in that she was always late getting up.

So imagine their surprise when they saw a redhead with green eyes reading on a couch.

"Lucy! How are you down here before us? We just saw you in the dormitory" Shauna exclaimed.

The redhead looked up from her reading.

"You must have me confused with someone else. I'm Via, not this Lucy person you're speaking of. Sorry" with that said, Via went back to her reading.

Shauna and Melissa just looked at each other with shocked faces.

They knew what the other was thinking: Via looks exactly like Lucy.

"Oh come on Lucy stop playing around. Let's go to breakfast" Melissa said.

Via looked up at them from reading once again.

"Like I said, sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not Lucy. I'm Via. I don't even know who you're talking about" Via told them and was about to go back to reading when someone came downstairs.

"Hey Melissa, Shauna thanks for waiting for me. Let's go to breakfast"

Shauna and Melissa stared at who came down the stairs.

"Lucy! But we thought…you're right…how…you're there…you're here…we're confused" Shauna and Melissa said in unison.

"What are you talking about? I've been upstairs the whole time" Lucy came down to them and when they turned away, she turned to who they were looking at.

Lucy's mouth dropped. The person in front of her did the same. There stood a mirror image of the other.

"Who are you? You look exactly like me!" they both exclaimed.

"I'm Via"

"I'm Lucy"

"How is this possible? We look exactly alike. We're twins" Lucy said.

"How can I have a twin? Why would my mum lie to me? How do we know we are actually twins?" Via said mostly to herself.

Before Lucy could talk, Lara and Lana came down the stairs.

They look as astonished as the rest of them.

"Look, let's just finish this at the breakfast table. I'm hungry and I don't want to be late for breakfast" Via suggested.

"Via, when are you not hungry?" Lara and Lana asked in unison.

Via shrugged her shoulders and started going out of the portrait hole.

When she didn't hear following footsteps, she turned around.

"You all coming or what?"

All of them looked at each other, then nodded and walked out the portrait hole with Via.


During breakfast Via, Lucy, Lara, Lana, Shauna, and Melissa talked about themselves.

They all found out they had a lot in common and things they don't have in common.

Via and Lucy found out that they both can speak Parseltongue and love Quidditch.

They both talked about their families and people they know.

When they finished talking and eating, Via and Lucy concluded that they needed to talk to their dad.

They walked up to the staff table and Harry visibly paled.

He knew they would eventually find each other out but, he didn't think it would've been this soon.

His daughters stood before him.

"Why didn't we know we had a twin?!" they both exclaimed.

"Girls, quiet. I'm sorry. I never thought that you'd ever see each other so I never told either of you. Right now I can't explain things to you. If and when I see your mother again, we'll be able to explain things to you. So go back to the table until class" Harry said.

"Fine, but one thing" Via said.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Can I call you 'dad'? I've always wanted a dad and now I know I have one. So can I? I may not know you well enough to call you dad but, by the way Lucy was talking about you, I could tell that you deserve to be called 'dad'" Via asked, hopefulness in her eyes.

Harry smiled softly.

"Sure you can. Now I'll talk to you girls later, so go sit down" Harry said.

"Ok, see you later dad" both girls said, smiling then heading back towards the Gryffindor table.

Harry sighed, thankful that his daughters found each other and for the opportunity to get to know his other daughter Via.

But he winced and scowled for the fact that he had to deal with Ginny sooner or later.

Harry shook those ideas to the back of his mind and reminded himself that he had a class to teach in 20 minutes.


A few hours later on a break from teaching, Harry walked down the corridor to the Headmistress's tower. He just wanted to have a little chat with McGonagall and Dumbledore's portrait. He hadn't talked to them in a while.

He stepped on a staircase and muttered the password, 'Chocolate Meringue'.

He was lifted up and outside of the Headmistress's office.

Harry knocked twice and heard a faint 'come in' and laughing.

He opened the door and walked inside to find McGonagall talking to someone whose back was turned to him.

So he couldn't make out who it was, but by the color of the hair you could easily tell who it was.

"Oh Harry do come in. I was just finishing up with—" McGonagall was interrupted by Harry.

The person who she was talking to had turned around to face Harry when his name was said.

"Head Healer Weasley" Harry said with a monotone voice.

"Mr. Potter" Ginny said in the same tone.

"Right well, thank you again Ginny. Madame Pomfry really does need to retire. But maybe this break from working will give her some more energy" McGonagall said.

"You're quite welcome Minerva. I'm glad to help out. It also gives me time to be with my daughter" Ginny responded.

"Daughters, time with our daughters" Harry corrected with a hint of malice.

"Excuse me?" Ginny spat.

"You heard me Weasley. I said our daughters. Both of them are here and Lucy really wants to get to know you. She doesn't know it's you specifically yet or told me but, I can tell she wants to get to know her mother. That happens to be you" Harry scoffed.

"What are you saying Potter? You told them?!" Ginny asked vehemently.

"No. They found out themselves. Actually it happened to be this morning in the Common Room I believe. Now if you're quite finished, I came to talk to Minerva" Harry spoke as if he was spitting out venom.

"Harry James Potter how dare you! You know full well that--!"

"I know full well that what? That it was my fault?! I never did anything that would cause you to think that! There was no such reason for you to feel that way! So don't you dare accuse me of it again, Ginerva Molly Weasley!"

"Quiet! Both of you! What in Merlin's name is going on?!" Minerva shouted to get their attention.

Harry and Ginny whipped their heads around toward Minerva.

"Remember that Harry and I had been married" Ginny switched back to her monotone voice.

"We had two daughters, twins; Lucy and Olivia. Then something happened and we split. Well I need to go. I'll have to talk to you later Minerva. I have a class to teach. Head Healer Weasley, I'll be sure to tell Lucy and Olivia that you are here. They'll love to see you. Goodbye" Harry took one last anger filled look at Ginny and left.

Ginny huffed and stormed out as he had done. She followed him in the corridor.

"What the bloody hell was that back there?!" Ginny yelled.

"You know full well what that was! Now if you'll excuse me I have a class to teach. Goodbye" Harry walked down the corridor to his classroom.

Ginny followed him but either he didn't seem to notice or he ignored it.

When he got to the classroom the students were waiting outside for him.

"Alright go inside. Thank you for waiting for me" Harry waited for them to go inside.

Harry heard footsteps behind him and he knew who it was immediately.

"Ginny go do whatever you have to do. I'll need to speak to you later without yelling. My class is waiting I must go. I'm sorry for yelling like that. Now I'll say again, goodbye" he didn't even turn around and just walked in his classroom.

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