"You saw her too?" The other girls nodded. It seems that the mystery girl had visited each of the Inners, Outers, and even Mamoru but had run off before revealing her name. Even Michiru didn't get a chance to pull out her mirror talisman before the girl ran off. "But could she be an enemy?"

Rei shook her head. "I read her aura. She has some sort of white light in her, plus she seems familiar. I just can't put my figure on it. What about you, Pluto?"

Pluto looked at the others. "I know who she is. She is..." The other girls leaned in. "She is?" "Someone who will reveal herself." Facefault. "I apologize, but she wanted to tell her ourself. That's what she requested of me."

The girls sighed. The cat-haired girl had told Mamoru, the last person she met, that she would go back to Tokyo Bay and watch after Usagi.

"But it stinks that Usagi's the only one on duty." Makoto said. "Even though there's that new Powerpuff Girls Z group, the monsters just have to make the decision to attack a different city on the same day she moved."

"Actually, the monsters didn't choose their location since the iceberg was located at Tokyo Bay." Ami replied. "And so far, it's only one monster for all of those encounters."

"How long does it take to stop that monkey anyway? Sailor Moon's been able to stop youma on a daily basis!" Rei fumed.

"But isn't Mojo technically a PPGZ villian? So maybe she's leaving the healing to them." Minako pondered. "Besides, if all the monster's going to be like Mojo, then everything will be smothered sinking."

"Smooth sailing."

Nevertheless, she investigated the next day. Sure, Luna wasn't home, but she was bored and she knew Luna would have asked about the new heroine group anyway. Besides, she was curious about the Powerpuff Girls Z herself. As Sailor Moon, she flew towards the familiar yellow lab.

Looking from a window, she saw the three girls either on the computer, watching TV, or reading mangas. She also noticed the boy, maybe the professor's son, somewhat angry as he tried to get the girl's attention by going as far as taking their enjoyment away. When the professor finally came in, the boy was about to speak, but the girl already beat him with a sob story. And they're superheroes? Pulling the window a bit open, she was able to hear part of the conversation.

"I'm sorry. Ken has no mother, so I spoil him." The professor sighed. Was his mother... "I'm so sorry for this."

Sailor Moon and the girls were deep in thought. Did the boy really suffer from loneliness? And deep down, they did want to experience motherhood. No one paid attention to the fact that the boy believed himself fine.

"Stupid girls, thinking they could replace my mother..." The boy, who goes by the name Ken, made his way through the park. The past few days were hell to him. Momoko played hero so much that she hadn't paid attention to the overflowing washer, which Ken thought she couldn't do anyway. Miyako embarressed him with the heart-patterned pajamas and had taken too long making breakfast. And Kaoru...she's more of a father figure than a mother one. Ken was glad he got out before they tortured him some more. He looked over to a family that was enjoy quality time together, but turned away. "It's not I wanted a Mama. I don't want one!"

Ken kicked a rock straight into an ice cream truck but didn't expect Mojo to step out rubbing his head. Before he could get away, Mojo pounced on him.

The Powerpuff Girls Z meanwhile looked for Ken. They wanted to apologize for what they did, but he had already run off. They did see Usagi in their civilian ego as they ran by, but they didn't ask her since she wouldn't have known what the boy looked like. A while later, the girls received a distress signal entailing Mojo's rampage. The girls arrived at a carnival to witness Mojo and another monkey placing helmets on people, turning them into monkeys. "There's a smaller monkey?"

Said smaller monkey seemed to be trying to say something, but it ended up with Mojo speaking. "He is my super servant. Now, Mini-Mojo, turn them into monkeys, mojo!"

The small monkey tried to run away, but after a small shock, it reluctantly tried to helmet the girls. That didn't last long as Mini-Mojo landed on its head. Pissed, Mojo called forth a robot that resembled an octopus. The girls were caught off guard and Mojo caught Bubbles in one of his tentacles. The other two girls tried to help her, but Mojo sprayed ink that stuck them to the wall. "Stay right there, mojo. I'll turn you into monkeys!"

"How dare you turn happy families into ruined ones!" Mojo and the girls whipped their heads around, but Blossom recognized her. "The time they spend together is definitely no monkey business. I am Sailor Moon, champion of love and justice. And in the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!"

"Sailor Moon? Who's that, mojo? No matter, you'll be a monkey!" And Mojo swung down one of his tentacles, trying to catch Sailor Moon. She jumped out of the way, but Mojo persisted in trying to smash her. Soon, there was a lot of dust forming, giving Sailor Moon the cover she needed. Sailor Moon tooked out her tier...

"STARLIGHT HONEYMOON THERAPY KISS!" A bright light forced the girls to close their eyes, but when they opened them, they were amazed to see that mojo of the Mojo Robo was gone, save for the tentacle that trapped Bubbles. Blossom and Buttercup, who got themselves freed, were speechless, one not aware the Sailor Senshi had that much power and the other jealous she didn't have that much power. Sailor Moon looked over to the girls. "Ah, I forgot I wasn't fighting a phage or youma, heh heh..."

No one saw Mojo getting out of the rubble, clutching onto a helmet. No one even saw sneak up behind Sailor Moon. By the time he attacked, it was too late. At least for the girls. Mini-Mojo knocked the helmet out of Mojo's hands, but was shocked for his betrayal. Bubbles quickly went to Mini-Mojo to check up on it just as Peach arrived at the scene.

"Ken! Ken is the monkey!" The Powerpuff Girls Z then realized what happened to Ken, silently cursing themselves for having attacked him earlier. Bubbles was about to pull of the helmet, but Ken shook his head. "Why? I don't understand what you're saying..."

"Fool! I told you you can't remove the helmet unless you destroyed the remote, mojo!" But that was a mistake on his end. The Powerpuff Girls Z were enraged at Mojo's actions and horrendlessly beat him up. Sailor Moon spotted the remote laying a few feet away and picked it up, handing it to Ken.

"Ken, can you tell the professor and girls I'm sorry for leaving before?" And then she left before Ken could call her back. If he could, anyway. In the end, the Powerpuff Girls Z sent Mojo packing and destroyed the remoted, turning Ken and the rest of the town back to normal. They agreed to be more like sisters to Ken, though they started to argue about who the leader of the still young Powerpuff Girls Z should be. And as for Sailor Moon...

"I'll be your aunt Usagi!"

Momoko: Things are about to get hairy as a new villian shows up.

Fuzzy: How rude!

Usagi: Well, you did ruin a good day.

Momoko: Can the Powerpuff Girls Z and Sailor Moon handle the walking tank or will he claim Tokyo City as his own!

Fuzzy: Fuzzy Lumpkins!

Himeko: And it's my turn to finally shine!

Momoko: But who is the mysterious girl?

Usagi: And how does she know the Sailor Senshi?

Himeko: Hey! Don't steal my spotlight!

Momoko and Usagi: Protector of the Small!

Himeko: What about me!?