Hey! My name is Yamiko and you're reading my writing! The premise of these drabbles was a simple challenge:

1) Put your media player of choice (mine is iTunes) on shuffle.

2) Write down the first 20 songs that come up.

3) Write a drabble for each of them.

As they say, the last step's a doozy. Each drabble is separate from the others, and a few of them will be quite short.

So, that's all you need to know. Enjoy!

Song Drabble 1

Sekai wa Kawaru

"So," Sora was trying to sum up what he'd learned in the past five minutes, "this is all you do?"

"Well, jeez, it's not all we do." The teen standing next to him was miffed, to say the least.

"But it's mostly what you do."

"Well…" The teen considered this. "Yeah. Yeah, it is."

"Oi! Momo-chan-sempai!" A younger brown-haired teen called from inside the courts. "You promised to help me practice, remember?"

"Right!" Momo called back to him. "Be right there!" He turned back to Sora. "You want to see some good tennis, you should stick around." He grinned and pulled open the fence's door, striding in the court as if he owned it.

"Uh. Right." Sora's monosyllabic commentary trailed off lamely. "Tennis," he whispered to Donald and Goofy, who were hiding in a nearby bush and surprisingly unnoticed by all.

"Yeah, we heard," Donald groused. He was sitting on a twig and he was sore.

"Well, if that's it then…" Sora trailed off once again.

Nobody noticed when they left.