In Honour of Ourselves

A Prince of Tennis and Death Note Crossover.

"To us," Fuji said quietly, smiling as usual and casually nursing a mug of beer. He took a gulp, lips wet and nodded his head at Light. "Sip," he said, not an order but Light complied anyway.

Fuji is an enigma. Someone who, like Light, is effortlessly skilled. He's beautiful, if such a title can be bestowed on a man and much admired by his peers. On the surface at least, there are few people who do dig deeper and don't find something that is disturbing to them.

Early in the first semester Fuji had been assigned his study partner. Light is brilliant and his professor had made them partners because Fuji was difficult. Polite, his former study partners had told the increasingly anxious professor, but -

They couldn't work with him. Light was saddled with the erratic genius. Fuji was smart, but he was the type that Light generally concentrated on in class. His attention was usually directed towards women and how to utilise them.

Now it is tremendously hard not to pay attention to the maddening way that Fuji provoked him. The smile, that never seemed to go away. How he never seemed to be paying attention until you least suspected it. And the dexterity of his fingers. Light wasn't sure why that made the list but it just did.

"It is a good day," Fuji said, nodding again and looking pleased with himself. His eyes were open, sharp blue taking careful care of how Light was reacting and behaving.

"Yesh," Light slurred. Then reconsidered. "Yes."

Leaning forward, Fuji placed a hand on Light's shoulder. "Did I ever tell you about how I also played tennis? We should play some time, I have a few techniques that you may be interested in."

At the time Light didn't know how Fuji knew about his time as a tennis champion. Perhaps he had heard of his name before? Light shook his head woefully, wondering why it was so hard to think, why it was so cloudy when it was usually so clear.

"Hmm," Fuji hummed, tapping Light's chin with his finger. "You're quite drunk."

Light slumped forward into Fuji's arms. Fuji sprawled backward, mouth opening in some surprise. "Well!" Fuji exclaimed. "I guess I'll have to take care of you..." He laughed, patting Light's head like one would do to a child. Fuji ran his fingers through Light's hair, toying with the brown strands. "Take care of you, yes." He pressed his lips against Light's cheek, not alarmed when Light sighed and passed out. "Ah," Fuji murmured, then continued in a regretful time. "Perhaps another time."