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Next Up... NCIS, (again)... Sex Type Thing.

Need Somebody

Most things break, including hearts. The lessons of life amount not to wisdom, but to scar tissue and callus.

Wallace Stegner

"So you've never had sex…" The tone is warm and the other's too drunk to actually be judgmental. George Huang still sober enough to wonder how he wound up with a waste Elliot Stabler on his couch. It was entirely his own fault. Elliot had spilled the cup of luke warm coffee down his front, but he was the one stupid enough to try'en change in the precinct bathrooms. Elliot seeing the obvious when he'd come to deliver a dry shirt.

George looked down at his arms, more scarring than actually skin…

"Not consensual no…" Even having gone through half of his alcohol cabinet, George is still surprised that they're talking about his sexual habits… or lack-there-of. That he's talking about himself with Elliot.

"Sorry doc… you're gonna have to go through that one again with me… cos I'm just not getting it… You don't have sex… not ever…" Elliot frowns, trying to think around the alcohol.

"No." George doesn't elaborate, because he's already gone through the long story once, so Elliot had better just figure it out or remain in the dark.

"Not even with… yourself…"

"No… not even with myself."

"Is it because of the scars… because of the questions or…" The look on Elliot's face isn't one he's seen before.

"No, I just don't have the… drive or want to have sex…"

"Okay… so wait… I'll get this… You don't have sex?..."