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Chapter 1
Walk the Line

December 26th, 1994
Kimberly's House
Angel Grove, California

"Okay, you ready?" the young woman asked her friend. The girl in pink nodded slowly. Trini flipped the thin, plastic applicator over and revealed the tiny window. A pink line, positive.

Kimberly stared at the line in shock, tears forming in her eyes. She covered her mouth with her hand and shook her head violently.

"Kim, it's okay. I'm right here to help you," Trini told her calmly, rubbing her best friend's back. Kim started to hyperventilate through her hands. She leapt from the edge of the bathtub, where she'd been sitting and ran to the bathroom door, slamming it shut and locking it. She spun around to face her Asian friend, who was still standing beside the bath.

"Trini, what am I going to do? I'm supposed to finish my training when I get back. The national games are in two months! I don't even how far along I am, or whose this is, or how this happened . . . and my mom! What am I gonna tell my mom? Do I look . . . ?" Kimberly rambled, stammering at the last part as she attempted to say the dreaded word.

"Pregnant? No, Kim, you're not showing at all," Trini told her gently. Kimberly gave her friend a pathetic smile and whimpered as she sank to the floor, crying.

Trini crossed the tiny bathroom and kneeled in front of Kim, placing a hand on her leg. "Kim, you have got to calm down. There are plenty of options. First though, I want to talk you through some questions, okay?" Trini asked her soothingly. Kimberly nodded feebly, wiping her face with the back of her hand.

"Now, I know you're upset, but let's back up for a second. You're not showing at all, and you just noticed that your period was late so, let's assume you're still in the first trimester," Trini explained rationally. Kimberly grimaced at her friend's clinical approach, but nodded agreeably anyway.

"Okay, who have you slept with, in the last three months?"

Kimberly gave Trini an offended glare. Duh, Trini. Who else would I have slept with? She thought to herself.

"Tommy," she confessed quietly. Trini simply nodded and continued her inquiry. "So it's safe to assume that the baby is his?" Trini asked. Kimberly nodded, burying her face in her hands.

How had this happened? She thought to herself. She knew exactly how it had happened. In fact, if she was honest with herself, she could have told you exactly when it had happened, too.

Kimberly Hart had been offered a place on the Pan Global Gymnastics Team, in Miami, about seven months ago.

It had been her dream as long as she could remember to be an Olympic gymnast. When the world renowned gymnastics' coach, Gunther Schmidt had offered her the chance, she took it, but not without certain sacrifices.

Kimberly Hart had been the Earth's first pink Power Ranger. She had served the super hero team loyally for three years. When the time came to make a choice; hand over her power coin to the team's recently acquired ally, Katherine, or remain a Ranger and give up her dream; Kimberly chose the former.

Along with saying goodbye to the Rangers, Kimberly was also forced to say goodbye to the love of her life, Tommy Oliver. Granted, they knew they'd see each other again, if not as frequently, and they had both decided to remain involved with each other, seeing as neither of them imagined their lives without the other.

Kimberly had surprised everyone by returning home for the holidays, having been allowed a break from her rigorous, training schedule. Trini, Jason and Zack had also returned home for the holidays, having completed their duties as teen peace ambassadors in Switzerland. But Tommy was the most ecstatic to see Kimberly, and she him.

She had arrived back in her hometown of Angel Grove, December 12th. Two weeks ago. After the first week of relaxing and catching up with the whole gang she had missed so dearly, she and Tommy decided to plan a quick getaway to his Uncle's Cabin, just north of the city. They had missed one another's company terribly all summer, letters and emails and brief phone calls couldn't replace the real thing.

In a frenzied, but certain moment of unrelenting passion, Tommy and Kimberly lost their virginity to one another.

That was a week ago, before Kimberly had known she was due to have her period over the holiday. But when her period didn't arrive, she panicked. She immediately knew in her gut what had transpired, but she refused to admit it.

Nevertheless, she had to find out if she was indeed pregnant, so she enlisted the help of her closest friend, Trini Kwan.

Trini had been absent for the past year and a half of Kimberly's life, having had to reacquaint herself with her once tied to the hip, best friend in just these past few weeks. However, there was no one else in the world Kimberly trusted, save for Tommy. Not even her own mother, would she trust with this type of information. Of course, at the moment, she wouldn't trust Tommy with it either.

Trini never placed blame or judgement on the crazy things Kimberly always seemed to do. Trini was patient, resolute and wise beyond her years. Kimberly had always admired those qualities in her graceful, quiet friend. Kimberly herself was feisty, headstrong and boisterous. Qualities that were most certainly attractive in their own right, but that didn't necessarily help every crisis. And this, was a crisis.

"Are you going to tell him?" Trini asked, breaking Kimberly from her thoughts. Kimberly stared at her friend, terrified.

"I don't know if I can, Trini! I mean, I know I should tell him, but what do I do if he like, totally abandons me and doesn't want anything to do with it?" she asked, biting her lip in worry.

Trini gave her a small smile and hugged her petite friend. "Kim, Tommy would never do that! He's a good guy, Besides, how are you going to keep it a secret after the child is born? Even if you did decide to not tell him?" Trini asked, pulling away to face Kimberly once again.

Kimberly sighed loudly and tucked her hair behind her ear. "I don't think I want it," she told the girl in yellow.

Trini gave her a worried look and furrowed her brow. "Kim, are you sure about this?" she asked quietly.

Kimberly swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded. "I'm sure. And, if I'm not going to have it, I don't want to tell Tommy," she added. Trini released a thoughtful breath and stood up, offering her hand to Kimberly. Kim obliged and pulled herself up to face Trini.

"Okay," Trini said finally. "I'll help you make an appointment tomorrow," she added, resting her hand on Kimberly's shoulder before heading for the door. Kimberly grabbed Trini's hand and stopped her as she unlatched the lock.

"Thanks, Trini," Kimberly said softly, on the verge of tears once more. Trini hugged her friend tightly.

"Of course, Kim. I'll take this secret to the grave," she told her, releasing Kimberly before opening the door and leading them out of the bathroom.

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