A Series Of Highly Fortunate Events


A Very Fortunate Event

If you were looking for a story about three sweet, honest and unlucky children, who get into unfortunate mishaps a story that had a sad ending, you picked the wrong story.

Rose, Klaun and Moony were three children who acted sweet in public, but were actually selfish and money grubbing. They lived in a mansion owned by their parents. Their parents were awfully pushy and protective of their children, they didn't let them go into some rooms, and the children hated that.

Rose, the eldest, was fourteen. She was of normal length for a girl her age and had long black hair. Sometimes she wore a small blue ribbon to keep her hair out of her eyes, so she could concentrate while she is inventing things. Rose loved to invent, though they were all for sinister purposes. For example, she would use her pully to grab the cookie jar, which her parents had put on a high shelf.

Klaun, the middle child, was twelve and he was going to be 13 soon. He had a passion for reading, he loved the works of Arthur Conan Doyle and J.R.R. Tolkien, but he also read horror novels. He often used his cleverness to help Rose make here sinister inventions.

Moony, the youngest, was but one year old and already as sinister an evil as her siblings. She loved to bite things usually the family dog on the tail, but also she loved to bite her parents's shoes so they couldn't be used anymore.

One day, the children were out playing on the beach, Rose welding a bunch of rocks together to make a slingshot to fire rocks, not just into the sea, but also at cars that passed her bedroom window. Klaun was reading up on the slingshot theory and Moony was biting rocks into pieces.

A small vehicle pulled up beside the beach and the children cocked their heads up to see. It must have been a taxi, because when a person walked out and closed the door, the ca sped off. The figure was slightly fat and had a top hat on. The children recognised him immediately.

"Hello, Mr. Doe." They said as he walked up to them.

"Hello, children," said Mr. Doe. "I'm afraid I have some bad news for you."

"What is it?" asked Klaun, curious.

"Children, your parents were murdered by people who broke into your house a few hours ago. I'm horribly sorry."

The children just stood there, dumbstruck. Their parents, the people who reared them throughout their entire lives, were dead.

They were never happier in their entire lives.

"Also," Mr. Doe continued, "They left a will."

"What did it say?" Rose asked, shedding a tear of happiness.

"Well, children," Mr. Doe swallowed. "They left everything they owned to the three of you."

At that split second, the three children stood still. "Mr. Doe," said Klaun. "Could we be left alone for a while?"

"Of course. I'll be at your house. Come when you feel ready."

The children waited till Mr. Doe was gone, made sure no-one was around, the shouted a great big –