Chapter Seven (The End)

The attic was the place their parents warned them about the most. They said that if they were ever caught in the attic, they would be grounded for months. Now that they were gone, they can go into the attic without fear. The entrance to the attic was in the ceiling on the top floor, they got a pole and poked the door until it fell open, revealing a set of steps, so they could climb into the attic.

They climbed the ladder and entered the attic; it was dark and covered in cobwebs. Rose lit a candle. It was still dark and covered in cobwebs. There were many shelves filled with jars and glasses. Klaun looked up at one of the jars and saw squirming worms wiggling to and fro inside. It was labelled "woodworms".

"There are woodworms in here!" said Klaun. He picked up the jar. "We better be careful with this jar."

"Why?" said Rose.

"Woodworms eat wood. The house is made of wood, if the worms get out of the jar, they'll destroy the house." He began walking over to a desk, with a chair and started examining the jar. "Interesting. There seems to be small crack on the glass." He looked closer; some of the woodworms were pushing up against the crack, making it bigger. Finally, with one great push, the jar broke, and the woodworms fell out onto the floor. Other jars on the shelves cracked and opened, revealing waves of woodworms jumping to the floor, and then eating it.

The woodworms were everywhere, some moved on downstairs. The floor started to creak. "Get out!" shouted Klaun. "Quick!" The children ran out the door and ran down the stairs. When they reached the hall, they looked up. The woodworms were chewing the stairs to the attic apart. They heard loud creaking from the attic floor. The attic was falling down. They ran outside and reached looked up at the house. The top of the house was moving over to the left. It finally fell off the house and crashed into the field beside it. The top storey of the house fell down into the bottom storey and the house fell apart, leaving only a great big wreck of wood, with woodworms revealing themselves from under it.

Klaun looked up at the wreck that used to be their home. "Oh my God, it's gone."

Rose stared at the pile of wood that she used to live in. "Forever."

Moony glanced at the building she spent almost all her life in. "Buh-bye"

To make things even worse, a taxi pulled up behind them. The children looked behind them. Mr. Doe walked out of the taxi, a startled look in his eyes. "My god, my god, oh my god, children, what happened?"

"The house fell down" Said Moony.

"Yes, I can see that, but HOW?!" Mr. Doe took another look at the children. "Where's Count Alof?" A look of shock went over his face. "Was he in the house when it fell down?"

The children looked at each other. What Mr. Dow didn't know won't hurt him. "Yes. We tried looking for him but we couldn't find anything."

Mr. Doe started looking very angry. "Well, this is just great! Right when I came to tell you about the third page of the will!"

"You said there was 2!" Klaun shouted.

"I was given the third page by the newspaper company your father worked for. They said they found it in his office."

"What does it say?" Rose was becoming angry too.

Mr. Doe started reading from a piece from paper he took from his pocket:

If at some point somehow the house is destroyed and the guardian is killed in it but the children are fine, they must be put into car. If that happens it must be obvious they tried to kill their guardian. They must either be put into a mental asylum or a prison.

"What? A mental asylum?" said Klaun.

"Prison?" asked Moony.

"Children, get into the car. I'll decide which place you'll go on the way."


"GET IN!!" The children reluctantly walked into the car and hoped for the best as Mr. Doe drove them away to their fate. On they way they looked out the back, at the smouldering wreck that was their home. They all hugged and started crying.


A bus pulled up at the bus station. Count Alof ran out of it and sprinted as fast as he could. He stopped off at the place where the Mauldiere mansion used to be. He stopped when he saw people clearing away a pile of wooden rubble. "What's going on?" he said.

One of the cleaners spotted him. "Oh, hello, did you know anyone who lived here?"

"I lived here!" said Alof. "What happened?"

"The place fell down, it did. Woodworms, it was."

"What happened to the children there?"

"Went to a mental asylum they did, gone mad, Mister Doe said."

"Where is Mr. Doe?" Alof was panicking.

"Moved away a couple of weeks ago, he did, couldn't keep up with all that was happening, he couldn't."

Alof stood there, shocked at all that had happened in the past weeks, he looked at the rubble. He had no place to go, he had sold his house before he moved in to the mansion. There was only one thing to do. He went back to the bus station and bought a ticket to a bus that was going to another city, far, far, away.

He sat on the bus, happy. He brought out some water and said, "Here's to my new life!" He drank happily and smiled the rest of the journey.