This story is a crossover set in season 1 of Eureka and season 3ish of SG:A. This means that my ideas about the Artifact in no way match the cannon. Hope you enjoy!

"I need a 334 BR9 form. No, a 343 BR9 form. No, wait. A 334 DR6 form." General O'Neill rubbed his forehead and sighed, ear to the receiver of his desk phone. He scowled at the voice on the other end.

"No, I don't want to claim a tax exemption for hosting an federal agricultural event on my ranch! I want to release certain classified materials to a small group of people." Another pause, then, "Stop. I don't care. Just find me the forms and get them in here." O'Neill slammed the receiver down.

Working in the Homeworld Security headquarters had considerable advantages but he had come to realize that with each one there was a corresponding exponential increase in paperwork. Apparently the Universe had to balance out a great parking spot somehow. It was times like these that he wished he could simply 'zat his problems away. Those had been the days.

O'Neill picked up the top photograph off the stack and examined it again. The object looked Ancient. O'Neill picked up his receiver and typed a number from memory.

"Yeah, this is O'Neill. I'm looking at a very interesting file here having to do with a little place called Eureka and I'm wondering why Stargate Command has never been informed of the existence of an Ancient artifact, type unknown, being in the control of the US government in something called 'Section 5'?" He scowled at the answer he received.

"Wait. You're telling me that you kept this under wraps for years because you wanted to see what someone with an outside perspective could do with it? Of all the..." He paused, then continued, "Well, I'm clearing a group in Eureka for access to STC files and sending a team up there to check this out." Another pause, then, "Good thing I don't need your permission then, isn't it?" Dropping the receiver back into the cradle he picked up a stack of papers out of the file and continued to read.

Elizabeth Weir, head of the Atlantis expedition, entered the briefing room and took a seat at the head of the table.

"Looks like everyone is here, so let's get started." She turned to Carson Beckett, Atlantis's Chief Medical Officer, and said, "First things first. What is the prognosis for Teyla's knee?"

Beckett's forehead wrinkled as he replied, "Not as good as I'd originally hoped. She's going to be grounded for at least 6 weeks, maybe longer. She has a small rip in her ACL and there's a lot of swelling."

Colonel John Sheppard winced, "Ouch."

Beckett nodded, "Aye. She'll not be putting much weight on it for a bit."

Weir straightened the papers on her desk and said, "As much as I hate the fact she is injured, it does make this easier." She looked at Shepard, "Colonel, your team is on a 6 week stand down."

Shepard's eyes widened and he said, "Well, it'll be tough not having her along but there's no need for us to stand down. I can always rotate through some of the Marines, give them some off-world training."

Weir shook her head, "No, in my last communication with StarGate command I received orders to send some personal through to earth and I hadn't decided who yet. I wanted to send you and Rodney, you two are the most qualified, but I thought the work you've been doing off-world was more important. This handles my dilemma."

Rodney McKay stopped typing and looked up from his laptop, "What? Why does the SGC want us?"

Weir shook her head, "This really isn't the place to get into it. But they sent me very specific directions on what they wanted. So, I'll be sending you and the Colonel, probably in a day or two. Make sure you don't have any projects started that you can't leave."

McKay started to protest, but Shepard cut him off, "No problem. Right Rodney?" Rodney's brow lowered and he opened his mouth just as John said, "Good. No problems then." He turned to Beckett and said, "How long will Teyla be in the infirmary?"

"Just another day or two, then I'll release her with some crutches. I already talked to the lass about it and I think she's going to ask Elizabeth about going to the mainland for a few weeks while her leg heals."

Weir answered, "That will be fine, if you're sure she'll be OK?"

Beckett answered, "Aye, Teyla knows how to follow instructions to take it easy." He looked straight at McKay and continued, "Unlike other personal on her team."

McKay got a hurt look on his face and said, "Please. Can you lay off on the guilt-trip yet? I really felt..."

Weir cut in, "Regardless," paused a beat, then counted, "as long as Carson clears her I have no problem with her going over to the mainland."

Weir looked to Ronon Dex but before she could say anything he spoke. "Take it I'm not going?"

She paused, then shook her head. "I don't think I'll be able to get a security clearance through."

Dex shrugged, "Fine. Sheppard had asked me to put the new military personnel through some extended training." He smiled, a look that would have sent the average man running for his life.

Sheppard only said, "Just make sure they're not too bad off to defend Atlantis if something happens." Dex grunted and nodded.

Weir looked between the two of them, then turned towards John, "I'll meet with you and Rodney in my office after we get through here to discuss the details."

"Yes ma'am."

"Now," Elizabeth continued, "There's the matter of energy consumption spiking rather badly several nights last week..."

When Sheppard and McKay walked into Weir's office and took the seats in front of her desk she closed the doors with a push on a button on her desk. Smiling at McKay se said, "Don't look so depressed Rodney. You're not being punished."

He scowled and said, "If we're going to be down for 6 weeks that gives me time to catch up on some research that keeps getting pushed aside, what with me having to save everyone's lives every other day."

John raised an eyebrow, "But just think, if you didn't then you would miss me something terrible."

"Yeah, right. No one dragging me into dangerous, germ-infested cesspools of worlds where the locals would love nothing more than to eat me for dinner. Yes, I'm sure I would miss that terribly." McKay rolled his eyes.

Weir cleared her throat and both men sat back and looked at her. She said, "General O'Neill needs me to send two personal through for an assignment. It has recently come to his attention that there is a potential Ancient artifact in the possession of the United States government and wants someone to check it out. He wants someone with the technical knowledge to get a positive identification, and someone with a strong, natural, Ancient gene to try and control it."

Sheppard's brow wrinkled a bit and he said, "Why doesn't someone from the SGC go? I know they have personnel that are as qualified as we are."

"True." Weir nodded. "However, everyone who's security clearance is high enough to enter the facility where it is being held is busy with the Ori. Plus, we've had a lot more direct experience with Ancient devices."

McKay nodded, "Where is it? What does it look like? Why..."

Weir cut him off, "You'll have a full briefing once you get to Earth. But it's being held in a facility called Eureka-"

"Eureka?" McKay leaned forward. "Little town in the middle of nowhere Eureka?"

Weir glanced at her computer screen. "Yes, something like that. Have you heard of it before?"

"I've been there. It was years ago, before I started working with the Stargate program." He paused and stared off at the far wall. After a moment Sheppard cleared his throat. McKay started, and said, "Odd place."

Shepard laughed, "You live in a mythical city whose designers have turned into energy beings and you are calling a town on Earth odd?"

McKay nodded. "Yes," he said, "I am. But how did they get an Ancient device? They're more into the inventing devices department."

Weir shook her head, "I wouldn't know. My briefing was rather slim, but I'm sure you'll get all the details once you get to Earth."

Sheppard was still mulling over McKay's last response. He looked at McKay and said, "Odd? How odd?"

"Most of the personal would fit in around here."

"Well, this should be interesting."

Weir raised her eyebrow and cocked her head, "I believe that's all..." Sheppard shrugged and looked at McKay, who was staring off into space again. Weir shook her head and smiled, "I'll put in the call to see when they want you. Until then, enjoy your time off. You're dismissed." Her door slid open at the touch of a button and both men left.

Nathan Stark, head of Global Dynamic, swore under his breath as he put his phone down. Steepling his fingers and frowning he starred off across his office in thought. His brief conversation with a Major Davis in Washington had been cryptic, at best. But the entire Department of Homeworld Security was secretive, a shadow hidden under Homeland Security. Stark wasn't entirely sure what they did over there, and really didn't care. Eureka was enough to keep him busy. However, he was confident that a good bit of the military applications leaving Eureka that seemed to vanish immediately thereafter ended up in that department. Still, not his problem. Well, not until now.

Now someone in that department had decided that Section 5 wasn't moving fast enough and was sending in a few of their own "experts" from the military to examine the project. Stark swore again. By the time they got through poking into things they would either set back research at least a year or kill themselves. Possibly both. Not that the second option was entirely unpleasant, but the mess of someone dying was always a nuisance and the paperwork and safety oversight boards would make life a living hell for months. Plus it would give Carter a chance to poke his nose in where it didn't belong. Again. No, he had to keep them alive and intact and away from anything valuable. Hopefully they would come and stare at it for a few minutes, look at the basic database of useless information, kept especially for these situations, and leave. All in a very short time. He could only hope.

Well, at least he wouldn't have to deal with them. Leaning over he pushed his intercom button, "Fargo, get in here now." Less than a minute later his door slid open behind him. "I have a job for you"

Fargo looked up and shifted his weight to his left foot, "What?"

"We're going to be having some... guests. From the military. I want you to keep them out of my way. Pick them up at the airstrip, get them lost, take them on a tour, whatever you have to do."

Fargo shifted to his right and bit down on his lip, then said, "Why are th..."

Stark cut him off, "It really doesn't matter, does it?" Fargo shifted back and shook his head. "If they make a big fuss bring them up here, but warn me first. And don't tell them anything." Stark spun his chair around and gave Fargo a cool stare. Then said, "do you understand me?"

Fargo nodded and shifted back to the right as he said, "Yes. Completely. I'll handle everything."

Stark continued to stare at him for a minute, then turned back to look out his window. Fargo looked around and chewed on his lip, then jumped when Stark said, "Leave. Now." Fargo nodded even more vigorously and turned toward the door, Just as it slid open Stark said, "And Fargo..."


"Quit fidgeting."