Yukki sat by the river throwing rose petals into the river. She watched as the petals floated down stream. She sat in the grassy area of the forest forgetting everything for once. She wished time would stop and go back to when she was a child. Before Kaname found her. She wished she would remember where she came from. She did love Headmaster Cross. She layed down in the grass. She just waited until Zero would come and take her back to the academy. Yukki thought of the night she told Kaname she feared him a little. He seemed disappointed when she told him that.That had been four years ago. Soon she would be leaving Cross Academy to leave for college. She still believed there could be peace between vampires and humans.

Yukki looked up she heard someone walking towards her. "Yukki"! She heard Zero's voice calling her. "Yukki, what are you doing here. It's dangerous for you to be alone."

"Don't worry ,Zero, I can take care of myself".

"Come on. Headmaster Cross sent me to find you. It's ergent."

Yukki followed Zero out of the forest back to Cross Academy. Yukki ran to her room to change. She put on a black skirt with a white sweater. On her way out she slipped on a pair of pink slippers. Zero was waiting for Yukki outside her door.

"Zero", Yukki said looking surprised.

"Come on"

"Do you know what 's going on."

" No, the Headmaster woudn't tell me anything."Zero knocked on the door then entered with Yukki following. Both were surprised to see Kaname in the Headmater's office.

"Ah. Yukki ,Zero, you finally made it . Sit."Yukki and Zero took there seats.

"It is good to see you Yukki", Kanmae said.

Yukki Became more nervous than when she sat down.

"Hello, Kaname", She said kindly.

"As the matter of business. I just hope your ears are prepared to hear what I am about to say." Headmaster cross cleared his throut befor going on. "Four days ago I received news that village of humans were slaughtered by vampires. "

Zero stood up pounding his fist on the Headmater's desk. "Someone should just kill them all", Zero yelled angrily.

"Now, Zero, calm down. Just let me finish."Headmater Cross continued. "It seemed that only five vampires killed the entire village. The vampire were pureblooded..