Yuki went to here room. "What is going to happen," she thought. " It had to happen at some point. If there comes a time I may have to kill I won't know matter who it is. I promise I won't be a killer for what is going to start." She turned the light out and fell into a slumber of nightmares to begin.

The next morning Yuki go dressed. She tossed on a shirt and shorts and made her way to headmasters office.

In the headmasters office Zero and Kaname were already in there. Yuki opened the door and walked in. everyone starred at her.

"Yuki your up." The headmaster said."I;m sorry , but you'll have to leave."

Yuki found herself pushed out of Headmaster Cross's office. Something was wrong they have never done a thing like that before to her. She has always been included in the group meetings, but something seemed wrong.

Yuki didn't wait for them to finish. Instead she went into town to look around. Once she arrived in town things were not normal. Yuki looked walked around and noticed some people have disappeared. The had left there homes and shops abandoned.She asked an elderly man who owned a clock shop about the people. The man replied that they left during the night acting stangeā€¦. Almost as I f they were zombies. The had a glazed look upon there eyes. They just kept walking.

Now she knew something was really wrong and everyone else was keeping it from her. What could they not want her to know that must stay hidden.