A/N: This is a rewrite, you will see the difference soon enough, also all the Bronze cloths are already in their second form.

Blinded Arrow

Blind Regret

"Seika" A brown haired boy shouted from the car window as an obviously older girl chased the speeding vehicle.

"Seiya" The girl shouted back before tripping over and falling to the ground; the girl looked out just to watch the car getting farther and farther away in the distance.

The boy watched at the fallen figure of his sister as the car kept on going; tears ran down his face as she disappeared from his view "Seika" He shouted one last time in a last of act of hope. Seiya looked at the front of the car in silence; the energy with which he had been struggling mere seconds ago had completely disappeared leaving only numbness behind.

"I'm sorry Seiya, but we just couldn't adopt you sister too." The man driving the car said.

Seiya looked up at the man. To the boy he was just another faceless figure in the five year-old's world, a figure that was slowly becoming the object of the boy's hatred. Seiya look at the bad window once more, he didn't expect to his sister, but the pain that she was still strong, and the sadness and disappointment on the boy's heart was evident.

"Don't worry Seiya; you'll seem everything better once we get to Greece." The man's wife said as she tried to appease the little boy at the back sit of the car. Seiya knew that he shouldn't blame them, they were just a couple that was about to move to a whole different country, and decided to adopt a child since that hadn't been able to have one of their own. Still, it was slightly easier for Seiya to deal with the situation if he had something to focus his hatred on, and unfortunately for his new 'parents' were the best candidates for that role.

"Tell you what" the man began on another attend to reach the brown haired boy. "When we get to Greece you can call the orphanage, and you'll be able to call frequently to check on you sister, how does that sound?" The man said.

Seiya almost snorted at the man's proposition, why would he settle for something like that when it was their fault that they had been separated and without them he will still be with his sister. The boy just sat not responding, not uttering a single word.

The flight to Greece had gone completely uneventful, Seiya had completely loss the will to fight, he just wanted to be able to talk with his sister, and to hear Seika's voice telling him that everything was going to be alright.

Seiya was waiting next to the phone as his 'parents' dialed the number for a long distance call. It had been a couple of days since he had left the orphanage, they had wait in Japan a little longer so that all of Seiya had the ok to leave the country. During this whole time Seiya was unable to do anything else besides thinking of Seika, he had heard he voice once before going on the plane the day before, and there was nothing that the brown haired boy wanted more than to hear her again.

The boy received the phone and listened to the dial tone until an old voice answered. "Hello" Seiya recognize the voice as the orphanage director's.

"It's Seiya" The brown haired boy said, a little too lifeless for a five year-old.

"Oh Seiya, I take it you made it to Greece well?" The director asked.

"Yes" The boy answered simply. "May I speak with Seika?" Seiya asked.

Seiya could feel how the director tensed up when he heard Seika's name, it gave the boy an ominous feeling. "Seiya listen, something terrible has happened. After talking to you the other day, Seika suffer an accident." The director said; Seiya could feels as his whole world had turned upside down again. "When she woke up," The director continued. "She was suffering form a sever case of amnesia, and on her confusion, she escape the hospital and we haven't bee able to find her."

The boy stood paralyzed holding the phone. "Seiya, is there something wrong?" The woman asked when she noticed that there was something wrong with the boy, but Seiya kept on silent.

The man took the phone away from the boy. "What's happening?" He asked the director.

Seiya was turned around to face the woman, there was concern clearly showing on her face. "Seiya, please tell me was wrong"

At that moment the little boy snapped. "This is you fault!" Seiya shouted as he backed away from the woman. "If it weren't for you, I'll still be by Seika's side and she would have never run away." The boy said as he slowly approached the door.

Seiya turned around and ran outside the house, leaving his 'parents' completely unable to react. The boy just kept on running; he knew that even if they tried to chase after him they wouldn't catch up to him, he was fast for a boy his age, no even Ikki nor Jabu had been able to outrun him back at the orphanage.

It was late at night already, Seiya had realize hours ago how stupid he had acted. Now he was lost, in a country he didn't know, with a language that he was ignorant of, and incredibly tired. Still, the only thing in his mind was his sister and that he had to find her somehow.

The boy kept on walking; he was some sort of mountain region. His eyelids were getting heavy and the road in from of him was starting to look funny. Suddenly the ground beneath him collapsed and Seiya fell down the mountain.

When he finally hit the ground, Seiya was too tired and hurt to do anything. He could feel sleep overpowering him, something inside of him told him not to let sleep win, that if he fell asleep he will never see his sister again. Still, the idea of resting for a couple of minutes sounded too inviting to the five year-old.

Suddenly, Seiya heard rattling, it sounded like little beads crashing against each other. The boy weakly looked up, the blood that was running from his head was making hard for him to discern the sight in front of him, nevertheless, Seiya could see a young boy, probably not even a teenager, with long blond hair and a rosary in his hand. The blond boy got close and knelt before Seiya, the brown haired boy noticed that the older boy had his eyes closed.

The blond stretched his hand in front of the five year-old. Seiya didn't know why, but he gathered all his strength to move his arm and reach the blonde's hand. When the brown haired boy was able to place his hand on the older boy's, everything turned to darkness, the last thing Seiya saw was the blond boy smile slightly.

"You call me Grand Pope?" A boy said as he knelt before the masked figure sitting in the throne.

"Yes, I have a special mission for you." The Pope said. "You are to travel to Japan, to something called the Galactic Tournament, kill the other Bronze Saints that have betray the Sanctuary, and retrieve the Sagittarius cloth for the Sanctuary, do you understand?" The Pope asked as he eyed the Saint in front of him, the boy's face didn't show any emotions at all.

"I understand, Grand Pope." The boy said as he rose to his feet. He was wearing a white and blue cloth that had three blue tails coming out of the back piece; the boy had brown messy hair and had kept his eyes closed throughout the whole meeting.

"Good" the Pope said. "Now go and carry out you mission, Phoenix Seiya." The man ordered. The boy turned around and walked out of the room without opening his eyes.

In the corner of the room a young man, in his early twenties probably, with long golden hair and wearing in an equally golden armor hid. He had suppressed his cosmos to the point of been non existence so that the brown haired boy will not be aware of his presence. "I'm sorry" Shaka whispered as a lone tear ran from his eyelids and he remembered everything that had happened in the past eight years. "Please forgive me, Seiya."