Sakana no me

Do you know where fish have eyes?

In the water.

Fish understand their situation by the flow that surrounds them.

If you go against that flow, they'll notice you and flee.

But if you entrust yourself to the flow...

Eyes still shining with everlasting youth, Yuta amused himself thinking there was no one who knew that better than he did. Both in a practical and metaphorical way, fish did have eyes in the water.

He stirred the peacefully rustling fire for the thousandth time, watching over it just in case it felt like dying. Then he'd stirr it again.

Mana's lustrous mane of hair sent off little gleams as the wind passed by and shifted some drifting strands. She looked so beautiful when she was asleep, but she also looked very blank. And the former fisherman couldn't help thinking if that was what she'd really longed for... He smiled. For a first taste at freedom, camping under the stars peniless wasn't exactly his favorite. But it'd have to do.

Some meters away the treeful hill they rested on melted into a fairly steep slope, that eventually traded grass for sand, then foam, and then, water... infinite, flowing water.

His thoughts wandered in nonesense until they again landed on fish... his eyes casually adverted at the girl's still body, her slightly parted lips and her securely shut eyes, her light kimono that presented an interesting contrast with her hair, but seemed to get on so well with her ghostly pale skin. Yuta brushed off of her barely flushed cheeks a musk green leaf the wind had carried. No doubt, she was very pretty.

His eyes softened so much, perhaps no one in that ongoing life of his had trusted him as much as she did. Everything was unexplored for her, and the unexplored tends to cause fear. But she struggled and lived on, knowing she would for a long, long time, and she also lived from him... did she make his life worth living again?

Yeah, he scratched the back of his head, she probably did.

She was entrusting herself to him as fish entrust themselves to the water...

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The quote from up there is from Samurai Champloo, ep.21. Not mine n.nU