My new obsession. Yeeah, my first thought after seeing the Fenton Thermos. Enjoy.


By Dark Ice Dragon


"Beware! For I am the Box Ghost!"

"Gah! Again? How did you get out of the Ghost Zone?" Danny Fenton looked up at the Box Ghost in exasperation.

"I will not tell you how I did it!" the Box Ghost exclaimed.

Danny, along with his friends, sighed. He rummaged in his backpack and pulled out a thermos.

A flash of blue. The feeling of being dragged. The limbs pulled in first. Then the body.



How many times had he been in here? How long -


- was it going to take for him to stop smelling like tomato soup?

This could have been a bit shorter. I'd had this finished at sixty-one words before adding it to make it the one-hundred. Heh.

I'd read somewhere (I think) Danny like tomatoes. Or hating them. So, if I'm wrong, correct me please.