The Unknown

Author: Dez/Jezebel Jinx/VampireQueen21/Angeluslover412

Rating: PG-15/Teen

Category: X-over w/ Charmed

Couple: B/A (ultimately), B/other, Pi/L, Mia/Wyatt, Pa/Pike, A/C (not for long), and A/F (only mentioned)

Summary: While ransacking W&H, the AI team found a new prophesy involving Angel and Connor, but it also mentioned Angel's other child, one he doesn't know exists. Buffy left after Becoming II and never came back; for 20 years she has lived with her and Angel's daughter in San Francisco helping the Charmed ones. The Scoobies and AI find Buffy and chaos ensues.

Note: Connor never went to Quor-toth, he was raised as normally as he could have been with a vampire for a father.

Note 2: This is from a challenge I saw a few years ago, but I can't remember who posted it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Charmed, Angel, or Buffy. I swear…if I did so many things would have changed.


May; 1998

The sign 'Leaving Sunnydale' rushed by the quickly moving bus. Nothing was going to be the same again, her mother kicked her out of the house, she killed the love of her life, not his demon side but his soulful side, and she ran away. After all where was she supposed to go after her mother threw her out?

Buffy was now on her way to LA, she didn't plan to stay there long, maybe a couple months just so she could get some cash, enough to pay for a bus ticket to somewhere else. Her father was in LA, she might go visit him first, see if he'd let her stay at his huge condo for those couple of months.

No, she couldn't do that. She was already starting to show it was a shock to her that she had been able to keep it hidden for this long. She, Buffy Anne Summers, was pregnant with her vampire lover's child. How could she be pregnant? Vampires couldn't have children, right? Wrong, they could but only with a Slayer and only while he was drinking her blood. She was a Slayer and Angel drank her blood the only night they spent together.

Buffy caressed her stomach over her baggy sweatshirt. It was just her and her baby now, she would make it, she had too, she had a child to take care of now. His child.

August; 2017

"What does it say?" Angel questioned his long time friend impatiently. A week ago while having another mini-battle with Wolfram & Hart his son, Connor, had come across an old piece of paper and for some reason it had called to him. So he took the paper and showed it to Wesley when they had returned to the hotel, now the ex-Watcher was busy working to try and decipher what was written.

Wesley frowned; the ancient piece of paper was a prophecy, concerning Angel and Connor. However there was another part of it that was confusing him, as far as Wesley knew Connor was his vampire friend's only child, but the prophecy mentioned two children. One son and one daughter.

"It's very odd, have you ever had any other children besides Connor?" Wesley asks.

Angel stared at him like he grew a second head. "No, you know I've only had Connor. Why?"

"This is a prophecy, and it mentions two children of the vampire with a soul. Your two children." Wesley walked around the divider separating the office area from the lobby and set a book in front of Angel. "According to what I translated this is what it says, 'Four beings, two from the light, two from the dark, come together obliterating evil'."

"That could mean anything Wes." Angel argued.

"You're right. But I remembered hearing something like this when I was at the Watcher's Academy, so I did some checking and found more information, it far less vague." He brought Angel's attention back to the book in front of him. "'Two children born from separate vessels, a mated pair uniting as one once again, together they will be Worlds salvation'."

Quickly the former Watcher changed books, and continued with what he discovered. "'Champion of the Dark, Warrior of the Light, Princess of both and Prince of the Dark, join annihilating evil.' In every book I have looked through it says the same thing with small variations. You are the Champion of the Dark; Connor would be considered the Prince because your vampire Clan is looked at as royalty by vampires. The Warrior of the Light could be almost anybody working for the Power's That Be."

"What about me? I'm a Warrior of the Light." Cordelia comes down the stairs, after eavesdropping on her vampire boyfriend and friend's conversation.

Wesley gazed awkwardly at her. "Yes you are but unless you're pregnant Cordelia it can't be you. It mentions the Champion of the Dark, the Warrior of the Light and also the Princess of both, meaning that the two have united to create a child. Are you absolutely positive that you don't have another child out there." The tired man sighed, Angel had to have another child out there.

"I told you I don't Wes."

Wesley stared at the book for a few more moments. No, it couldn't mean that. "Umm, I'll be right back I need to make a phone call." He left without saying goodbye and locked himself in his office. A phone call to Sunnydale was what he needed to answer his question.