All right! Monster Rancher poetry! This is Pixie POV. It's kinda obvious who she's talking to. I don't own Monster Rancher.
I was the rebel.
I was evil.
I deserved to die.
But you wouldn't let me,
And Blue had to save us both.
I broke the promise you thought I would keep.
I promised to join you, but I never did.
You didn't care, you wouldn't let me go.
I tried to push you away,
It only made you come closer.
During the final battle I thought I was doomed,
But you saved me, you and Blue.
Why did you save me,
When I was so nasty to you?
How come you didn't let me die?
I regret it now,
That I was so mean to you.
But it's too late,
You've gone home.
What about Holly?
She loved you you dunce!
But then, so did I....
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