More of my twisted MR poetry. I don't own MR. Guess who's speaking.
I miss you so much,
How I want you to come back!
But I figure that's impossible.
Or maybe it isn't,
I don't have Hare's gift of reasoning.
If I could have stopped you, I would've.
But I don't have Tiger's speed,
And stopping you is like stopping the sun.
I would have talked you out of it,
But I don't have Pixie's brain and heart.
I would have held you back somehow,
But I don't have Golem's strength.
I wish I knew what happened to you,
But I can't see everything like Suazo brags he can.
I wish I could have used the Stone to bring you back,
But I'm not Holly.
All I have is my clear eyes and my energy.
Alot of good those will do me now....
I miss you Mocchi.
Thank you! In case you couldn't guess it was Genki talking.