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"ECW On Sci-Fi"

Episode 1: "June 13, 2006"

Live from the Convention Center in Asbury Park, New Jersey

ECW is officially back. Following an incredible ECW: One Night Stand, which featured Rob Van Dam winning the WWE Championship, ECW debuts on Sci-Fi. The Intro video started, and Bodies by Drowning Pool played. The rabid ECW fans were going wild, as Paul Heyman made his entrance to the usual ECW music. He had a bag in his hands, as he probably had something special in it.

"Coming off of an eventful ECW: One Night Stand, ECW debuts on Sci-Fi!" Joey Styles welcomed the fans.

"Yeah, and I can't wait to see what happens!" Tazz exclaimed.


Paul made his way to ring as the crowd's chants continued. Tears could be seen flowing from his eyes as he soaked in the crowd's cheers. He finally grabbed the mic. "No, thank you!" Paul said as the sold-out New Jersey crowd exploded with cheers. "The reason why ECW's back isn't because of Vince McMahon, the WWE, and hell, not even me! ECW's back because of your cheers, and your undying devotion! But enough with me, allow me to introduce you to the NEW WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam!"

One of a Kind!

RVD came from the entrance set with the WWE title in hands and Bill Alfonso at his side blowing his usual whistle. He recieved mostly cheers, but also some boo's for the title he was holding. Rob made his way to the ring, and showcased his title to the fans. He even spun it to mock John Cena.


RVD did his thumbs pose and grabbed a mic. "Like Paul E. said, this wouldn't be happening if it weren't for you! First, let me adress something important." Rob turned to Bill Alfonso. "Hey, Fonzie, can you believe that Vince expects me to hold this belt with honor?! This belt, the WWE Title belt, represents 43 years of history. It's been held by the greats of this buisiness: Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, the list goes on!" The crowd mostly booed, but cheered when they heard Steve Austin mentioned. "However, it also represents those last few years of history, when Vince stole ECW's concepts and wrestlers when he was getting his ass kicked! Now, Vince trys to make it look like he was someone who only wanted to help ECW! He says that when Eric Bishoff stole all of the ECW talent, he was raiding them, but when he did it, he was merely trying to help us get exposure. If that was true, then how come almost everyone that you stole became jobbers that lost on syndicated shows! Hell, I din't win any truly important title until only two days ago!"


"Strong words from Rob Van Dam." Joey Styles said.

"And now, those 43 years of history are about to go up in flames!" Rob said. Fonzie got a trash can, lighter fluid, and matches from under the ring. The crowd new what was about to happen. RVD threw the WWE Title belt into the trash can and doused the title in lighter fluid! He lit a match, tossed it in, and set the WWE title ablaze!

"He's burning the WWE title!" Joey said.

"Yeah, but what will Vince do?!" Tazz asked.


Officials used fire extinguishers to take the fire out. Paul E. gave his usual smile, and opened up the bag that he had with him, and then presented RVD with the ECW title belt!

"Rob, you deserve it!" Paul said.

RVD took the belt, put it around his shoulders, and did the thumbs pose. His music hit, and him and Fonzie left.

"I know that the ECW faithful probably enjoyed the verbal run-down of Vinnie Mac!" Joey Styles said. "But anyway, we have a great card for you people: first, Kid Kash takes on Little Guido, and that's next. And, then, in our main event, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Sabu face each other in a three-way dance to determine the number one contender for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship!" Styles ran down the card.

"Man, what a show this has already turned out to be!" Tazz said as ECW went to a commercial.

ECW came back from the commercial break, and the crowd was ready for the next match. Mo' Money, Mo' Problems by Notorius B.I.G blasted through the P.A system, and the Notorius K.I.D Kid Kash made his return to ECW to a huge pop. He sprinted around the ring while the F.B.I's music hit. Little Guido, with Big Guido, Tony Mamaluke, and Trinity following him, made his entrance to another big pop, although he recieved some boos from the local New Jersey crowd, who of course hate New Yorkers.

They started off with a collar and elbow tie-up. Kid Kash got the go-behind and went for a german suplex, but Guido did a standing swich and got a waistlock take down and a headlock. He held on to it, and within a few seconds, Kid Kash was fighting to escape. He got a few elbows to the gut and threw him of to the ropes. Guido came back and knocked him down with a shoulder block. Guido bounced off the ropes again, Kash dropped down, Guido came back, Kash leapfrogged over him, Guido leapfrogged over Kash, and caught him with an arm drag. He went for a leg drop, but Kid moved out of the way and went for a senton. Guido moved ou the way, Kash got up and they both went for a dropkick and missed. They got up and then both backed into corners and were at a stalemate as the crowd gave them a standing ovation.

"I defy any other wrestling promotion to go and let their guys wrestle like this on weekly shows!" Styles said.

They locked up again, and Guido sent Kash to the ropes and caught him with an arm drag. He held onto the arm and locked the armbar in. he moved toward the ropes and turned it into a cross armbreaker, and of course, grabbed Tony Mamaluke's hands for leverage.

"I knew it wasn't long before we saw something like that." Joey said.

"Yeah, but this is ECW, so it's legal!" Tazz explained.

Guido let go off Mamaluke's hands and started pulling at Kash's arm to try and hyperextend it. Kash came back and got a surprise roll-up, but only got 2. Guido knew it was time to step up, so he whipped Kash in to the ropes and went for a clothesline, but Kash ducked and got a spinning heel kick that sent Little Guido to the apron. He baseball slid Guido to the outside. He then waited for Little Guido to get back up, and gave him another baseball slide, but this time Little Guido fell into the crowd. Kid Kash bounced off the ropes and got a springboard somersault plancha into the audience!

"Oh My God!" Joey Styles exclaimed.


"I apologize, but we have to take a commercial break. Don't go anywhere!" Tazz said to the T.V audience.

ECW on Sci-Fi came back on air with Kid Kash in the middle of executing a mexican surfboard stretch. He let go of Little Guido, ran toward the ropes and got his signature double jump moonsault. He made the cover but to know avail. He ran toward the ropes and went for another springboard move, but Trinity pulled down the second rope, causing Kash to fall to the outside. Big Guido gave Kash a vicious big boot as Little Guido exited the ring and gave him the Kiss of Death on the floor! He tossed Kash back in and went for the pin. 1...2...NO! Kash still had some fight left in him! Big Guido handed Little Guido a chair, and he attempted to level Kash with it, but Kash ducked and clotheslined Guido to the outside. He went to the apron and hit the springboard whisper in the wind to the outside and onto the entire FBI!

"Kid Kash is money!" Joey Styles exclaimed.

"K.I.D! K.I.D! K.I.D!"

Kash got up and dragged Little Guido back into the ring. He gave him some stiff kicks. Kash then set him on the turnbuckle and went for the Bankruptcy, but Guido flipped out of it and hit the Sicilian Leg Sweep! He pointed to his head to indicate his intelligence and covered, but only got 2. He grabbed the chair and hit Kash's knee with it a couple of time and hooked a Boston Crab in the center of the ring! After a couple of minutes, Kid Kash used all of his strength to power out of it, and sent Guido to the second turnbuckle in the process! Kash grabbed the chair and threw it right at Guido's head! He lifted him up and hit the Money Maker double underhook piledriver. He made the cover, 1...2...THR-NO!!! Kid Kash couldn't believe it. He climbed to the top rope and Mamaluke grabbed his leg, but he kicked him off and hit the frog splash! Kash hooked the leg, 1...2...THR-NO! Guido kicked out!

"We are witnessing an incredible show of athleticism from these two!" Joey said.

Kash, fed up, gave him the Dead Level brainbuster on the chair and made the cover, 1...2...3!!! Kid Kash won!!

"Man, what a match!!" Tazz yelled.

Kid Kash celebrated as the crowd went wild! The FBI escorted Little Guido out of the building as ECW on Sci-Fi went to a commercial.

"Don't change the channel, because the three-way dance is next!" Joey said.

When ECW came back on. Somewhere backstage young man with short hair, tattoos everywhere, and a small goatee was staring at the camera. "Don't let these tattoos or lip piercings fool you. I'm straightedge, and un-fuck-withable. I'm a man of great discipline. I'm not addicted to drugs...my only addiction is wrestling. My name is C...M...Punk."

"Whoah, CM Punk's coming to ECW? I can't wat to see him in th action!" Tazz said, excitedly.

"Yeah, and neither can the fans! They're already chanting his name!" Joey Styles pointed out.


"Well, regardless of all of that, the three way dance is now!"

First Man in the Box by Alice in Chains played throughout the arena, and Tommy Dreamer made his return to ECW to a THUNDEROUS pop. He did the crucifix pose as he made his way to the ring. Then, the lights when off, and then they came back on and Sabu was at the entrance set with chair in hand. He ran to the ring and threw the chair in. And then, Metallica's Enter Sandman blasted through the PA system. The Sandman came from the crowd as everyone erupted with cheers. He was the usual Sandman, drinking beer, pouring it into the audience, and of course, busted himself open with a beer can before the match even began. Per usual, he was armed with the Singapore cane. Now all three men were in the ring, and in different corners. Then, surprisingly, the newly crowned ECW World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam made his entrance with Bill Alfonso by his side. He grabbed a chair and sat near ringside. Veteran ECW announcer Bob Artese did the introductions.

"The following match is a three-way dance, and will determine the number one contender for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, from Yonkers, New York, weighing in tonight at 260 lbs., he is the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer!!! And, from Bombay, India, weighing in tonight at 222 lbs., he is the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Deathdefying Maniac, Sabu!!! And, from Philidelphia, Pennslyvania, weighing in tonight at 244 lbs., The Sandman!!"

The bell rang, and the match began. Sabu punched Sandman, and locked up with Tommy Dreamer. Tommy grabbed a headlock, and the Sandman gave Tommy a headlock, and they were now in a double headlock. Sabu pushed both men out and gave dropkicks to both men, and it sent Sandman to the outside! Sabu grabbed his chair and threw it at Tommy Dreamer's head, sending him to the corner. Sabu set up a chair near Tommy, ran, and hit the Air Sabu in the corner! He covered but Tommy easily kicked out. Sabu noticed the Sandman getting up, so Sabu moved the chair, bounced off the ropes, and hit the Triple Jump Arabian press to the outside, taking out the Sandman! He slammed his face into the commentator's table and placed Sandman on it, but Tommy Dreamer was back up and slid out of the ring with chair in hand and hit Sabu in the back with it! He attempted to hit Sandman with it, but he ducked and gave Tommy a front suplex onto the steel gaurd rail. The Sandman climbed to the apron, and gave him the Bitchin' Legdrop! He brought Tommy in to the crowd and went back into the ring, grabed the cane, bounced off the ropes, and then leapfrogged over the top rope, dove into the audience, and hit Tommy Dreamer with the kendo stick! Sabu got up and finished the sequence with a springboard moonsault into the front row!

"Oh my god!" Styles exclaimed.


"Man, what a match this is turning out to be, don't leave us because we're coming back!" Tazz said.

ECW went to a commercial break. Upon it's return, Sabu had The Sandman in a corner while Tommy was laying down outside. During the commerical break, Sabu gave him a chair-assisted dropkick off the apron. Sabu then set up a chair and turned around and pointed to the rafters. Little did he know, The Sandman had the cane ready. Sabu ran and jumped off of the chair, and the Sandman damn near leveled Sabu with a kendo stick shot to the head!

"OH MY GOD!" Styles yelled.

"He almost bashed Sabu's brains in!" Tazz exclaimed.


Sabu was now busted open, and The Sandman gave him the White Russian Leg Sweep! He covered, 1...2...No! Tommy Dreamer inexplicably broke the pin! The Sandman responded by BLASTING Tommy with a cane shot to the head. He then walked to the back. Upon his return, he had a ladder in his hand. Tommy was getting up, so Sandman leaned the ladder against the ropes and smacked it with his hands, causing it to pop up and hit Tommy Dreamer in the jaw! He then bridged the guard rail and the apron with the ladder, set Tommy on top of the ladder, went back into the ring, bounced off the ropes, and gave Tommy a leapfrog legdrop on the ladder! He brought Tommy Dreamer and the ladder back in the ring and got a piledriver. He went for the pin, 1...2...NO! While this was going on, Sabu set-up triple-stacked tables outside. He went back in the ring and clotheslined Sandman. Sandman got up, and they exchanged rights and lefts until Sabu kicked him in the abdomen and got a legdrop bulldog. He placed the Sandman on the the three tables stacked on top of each other and set up the ladder and climbed. He reached the top, but The Sandman rolled off, so Sabu instead gave him an Arabian Press off the ladder, over the ropes, OVER the table and onto the Sandman! He front suplexed Sandman on the guardrail and went for a corkscrew legdrop, but Sandman went into the crowd to counter. Tommy Dreamer got back up and followed them into the crowd, leading to a three-way brawl. Sabu delivered clotheslines to both men and went back to ringside. He got a table and brought it to the crowd. Sabu got a chair from the fans, hit Tommy Dreamer and laid him onto the table. He got back into the ring, set up the chair, and went for a triple jump senton splash, but Tommy moved off the table, causing Sabu to dive right into the table, which basically exploded into almost a hundred pieces when Sabu landed on it!

"Sabu's dead!" Styles yelled.

"Did you see how the table broke?!" Tazz asked.

Tommy and The Sandman got back into the ring and got into a brawl. Sandman got a snap DDT and suplexed the ladder onto Tommy! He then climbed up the turnbuckle and hit the Rolling Rock! Sabu limped back into the ring and hit the Sandman with a chair. He set it up, bounced off of the ropes and delivered a picture-perfect triple jump moonsault! He attempted a pin, but only got 2. He got a camel clutch locked on, putting pressure on the Sandman's back. Sandman started fighting out of it, and was now on his feet with Sabu on his back. He dropped Sabu on the ladder, crushing poor Tommy Dreamer! He covered Sabu, 1...2...THR-NO! Sandman set the ladder up and climbed, but Sabu pushed the ladder over, causing the Sandman to free-fall through all three triple stacked tables!

"OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!" Joey Styles screamed.

"Holy shit!" Tazz yelled.


Sabu then dragged Sandman's carcass back in the ring and covered, 1,2,3. The Sandman has been eliminated, leaving Tommy Dreamer and Sabu. Tommy slowly got to his feet and low blowed Sabu. He attempted a Spicolli Driver, but Sabu escaped it and got a dropkick for 2. He grabbed a chair and delivered an Arabian Facebuster and covered. There was a 1, and a 2, but no 3, Tommy still had some fight left. Sabu took the ladder, set it up in the corner, and gave Tommy and Arabian facebuster with it, almost chrushing him! He took to long to cover because his legs hurt, so he only got a 2. He picked him up, but Tommy got a DDT. His face was bloody, and he took Sabu and hung him upside down in the corner in tree-of-woe position. He put the chair in front of Sabu's face and was about to give him a baseball slide, but he had a better idea. He threw the chair out and put a ladder in his face instead! He ran to the opposing corner, ran back and baseball slid the later into Sabu's face! He made a cover, 1...2...THR-NO! Sabu crawled to a corner, and then RVD unfolded his chair and walked into the ring.

"What's Rob Van Dam doing?" Tazz asked.

RVD threw the chair at Tommy, Tommy caught it, and then Rob Van Dam gave him a Van Daminator! He then dropkicked the chair into Sabu's face!

"Why is RVD doing this?" Joey styles asked.

He draped Tommy's shoulder over Sabu and the ref counted, 1...2...3. The match was over! RVD then gestured his hands to imitate smoking a joint, and raised the title up high and left the ring with Bill Alfonso.

"That was odd. What drove RVD to doing something like that?" Tazz asked.

"Who knows why, but regardless, Tommy Dreamer is the number one contender for the title." Styles explained. "But with that in mind, we here at ECW hope you enjoyed ECW's debut on Sci-Fi. Hopefully, we'll get an explanation from Rob."

ECW on Sci-Fi went off the air, with the last thing being seen was RVD doing his signature pose.