ECW On Sci-Fi

Episode 13 – September 5, 2006

From The Warner Coliseum in Falcon Heights, Minnesota

ECW came on the air. There were only 5 days left until Anarchy Rulez! A video package played recapping all of the events of last week, including Brent Albright's debut and attack on the newly crowned Television Champion, 2 Cold Scorpio. Faint by Linkin' Park played as Brent Albright made his way to the ring.

"Now I'm sure most of you recognize who I am. Simply put, I'm here because I think that ECW has some fresh competition, and the one thing I had the most interest in was the TV title. When Kurt Angle left and the entire TV Title picture went into a frenzy, so I decided that I should wait for a new champion and jump into things a little bit."

Then, CW Anderson's music hit, as he made his way to the ring. "Wait a minute, what makes you think that you can just jump into the title picture?! You've been in this company for barely a week, you can't just say 'I want a title!'" Anderson complained.

"Well, from what I've seen, you've had 2 chances at the title and blew them both, so I think it's my turn!" Albright replied.

"Now, I don't know you that much, so I won't bother immediately attacking you." Anderson began. He got in Albright's face. "But if you keep talking I might have to!" Albright smiled and then sucker punched him! Anderson tried to fight back, but Albright ducked and hit a German Suplex! Scorpio made his way to the aisle with gold around his waist and a mic.

"Chill out! If you ask me, I'm tired of beating CW Anderson, so I say, what the hell, I could use a fresh opponent at Anarchy Rulez!" He said. Albright had a smile on his face.

Then, Paul Heyman made his way to the ring. "Hey, I agree. It would be interesting to see someone new, how about it? However, I think that it's only fair that Anderson gets a shot too, so I'm making it a three-way dance! At 5 days in Anarchy Rulez, you three will face each other for the title!" Scorpio wasn't happy about the decision, but dealt with it. Albright didn't care either way, as long as he got his title match. However, he turned around and was met with a spinebuster by CW Anderson!

"I think that Albright came off as a little disrespectful." Joey Styles said. "But I'm still pumped about the match!"

"Well Albright's new, he has to do whatever it takes to become known." Tazz said.

Then, the static cut to backstage. Justin Credible was with Joel Gertner, and as expected, Francine wasn't with him. "You know, there are some times when you just go too far when you're trying to get pissed off. Mike Knox, what you did to Francine last week was uncalled for. Francine didn't do anything to deserve it. There was no need for slamming her just so that your little whore could get a win, and at Anarchy Rulez, there's gonna be hell to pay. You're gonna regret agreeing to a Last Man Standing match! And hell, if you ask me, beating up women makes you look like a pussy, but if you want to prove otherwise, then meet me in the ring, next!" ECW went to a commercial break. Would Mike Knox answer Justin's challenge?

ECW came back as Justin was walking to the ring with a chair in his hands. "Alright, Knox, I ain't leavin' until you get your ass out here and fight me!" Justin sat on a chair with his arms folded. Then, Mike Knox made his way to the aisle.

"I don't need to fight you at all! You see, here in ECW, you have to do whatever it takes to get yourself, and your friends a victory! If that means slamming a girl, then so-"Justin Credible gave Mike Knox a suicide dive! He was punching Mike as hard as he can, and then whipped him into the guard rail! They both started brawling, and security came to break it up. However, that couldn't stop Justin, he came running back at Mike, but Mike gave him a big boot. He then gave him a swinging STO on the floor! Kelly Kelly came out. Mike held Justin Credible up, and then Kelly smacked him! Mike tossed Justin into the steps and walked off.

"Man, this is sickening. There's damn near no justifiable reason to hit a woman, unless they did something horrible to you!" Joey Styles said.

After that, another Cryme Tyme promo aired. This time, some guy was walking away after depositing some money and was met with a big boot from Shad Gaspard. Then, the camera cut backstage and Stevie Richards was being interviewed.

"Sandman, I'm calling you out. I want a match with you next." He said.

"But he's teaming with you at Anarchy Rulez, why would you want a match with him?" Joel Gertner asked.

"Listen, I'm not his friend! This is more about Raven than him. I just want respect!" Stevie left and Joel Gertner was confused. ECW went to a commercial break.

Stevie Richards vs. The Sandman

Stevie Richards made his entrance first. It was odd how he wanted to face the man he's teaming with.

"Stevie sure has been lashing out in the past few weeks." Tazz began. "And in 5 days, he'll be faced with the decision of whether to join Sandman or Raven."

Then, Enter Sandman blasted throughout the arena, and Sandman made his entrance from the crowd. Stevie wasted no time and climbed to the top rope and followed with a dive into the crowd! They started brawling in the audience, and Sandman came back with a couple of Cane shots. He then slammed Stevie on top of the guard rail. He clotheslined Stevie over the rail and back to ringside, and then whipped him into the steps. He played to the crowd, and Stevie attacked him from behind. He then hit a snap suplex onto the floor! Stevie dragged Sandman into the ring and brought a chair with him. He slammed Sandman in the back with it a couple of times and got a 2 count.

"Stevie's being a little more aggressive than usual..." Joey Styles said.

Stevie waited for Sandman to get up, went for a chair shot, but Sandman ducked and hit the White Russian Leg Sweep! He covered and was met with a 2 count. Sandman lifted Stevie up and hit a few punches and got a European uppercut. He backed Stevie into the ropes and hit a few chest slaps. He ran at Stevie, but Stevie backdropped him over the top! Stevie gave him a baseball slide and followed with a suicide dive! He grabbed Sandman's cane and started choking him with it! He sent Sandman into the announce table and tried to ram him face first into it, but Sandman countered and rammed him into the table! Sandman then laid him onto the table, climbed to the apron, and hit a legdrop through the table!



"Will these two future partners end up tearing each other apart before Anarchy Rulez? Find out after the commercial break!" Tazz said.

ECW came back from the break and Sandman had Stevie in the ring and gave him a couple of knee drops for two. Sandman whipped Stevie into the corner and went for the Heinekenrana, but Stevie powerbombed him off the top! He then hit a flying elbow drop! He covered, 1…2…NO! Stevie then waited for Sandman to get up. He hit the Stevie Kick! He covered, but Sandman grabbed onto the ropes! Stevie was wondering what it would take to take Sandman out!

Stevie left the ring and pulled a table from under it! He brought it into the ring and set it up near a corner. He set Sandman on the top rope so that his back would be facing the table, and went for a powerbomb. Sandman countered and elbowed him in the head and was on top of the table. Stevie climbed up the table with a chair and hit Sandman with it! He then gave him a double underhook DDT through the table! He got to his feet, but Raven and Sick Boy came from the entrance and stayed at the aisle.

"Well what do you know, our opponents have decided to kill each other before they team up! So Stevie have you decided to make your decision early or something?" Stevie yelled at Raven to leave. Sickboy climbed to the top rope and pushed Stevie, causing him to fall on the back of his head on the chair! Raven was laughing as him and Sick Boy left. Sandman got to his feet, lifted Stevie up, and hit the White Russian Leg Sweep. He covered, and got the three count.

"Man, Raven sure has been antagonizing Stevie in the past few weeks." Joey Styles said. "That will definitely have to play into Stevie's decision 5 days from now."

ECW went to a commercial. When it came back, the FBI made it's way to the ring. Little Guido grabbed a mic. "It's a damn shame that we don't have a match at Anarchy Rulez! Last week was crap! EZ Money cheated! He knows that he can't win without EZ Money! But most importantly, the Tag Team Champions shouldn't be holding the belt. We've done everything to deserve the titles, and we want a match with those two punks!"

Then, ECW Wold Tag Team Champs CM Punk and Rob Van Dam came out with Bill Alphonso. "It seems like you guys are just bitter." CM Punk said. "I know that losing streaks are bitter pills to swallow. Me? Well, I don't swallow pills, and I don't go on losing streaks either. So Rob, how about we continue the losing streak?"

Rob spoke. "Fine. I mean, we've already beaten them once, how about a second time?" RVD and CM Punk went into the ring.

F.B.I vs. CM Punk & Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alphonso

RVD and Tony Mamaluke started first. Rob got a couple of forearms. Tony countered and armdragged RVD, but Rob got up and they exchanged armdrags. Rob went for a legdrop, Mamaluke moved out of the way, Tony went for a low kick and Rob ducked. They got up and Rob went for a spin kick, but Tony ducked, tripped RVD, and went for a Boston Crab, but Rob kicked him off and they were at a standoff. Rob went for a spinning heel kick, but Tony grabbed his leg and gave him a Dragon Screw. He then gave him an Argentine Leglock. He wrenched it in, but RVD countered. He went for a Northern Light Suplex, but Tony countered and went for a clothesline. RVD ducked and gave Tony a roundhouse kick! He whipped Tony into the corner and then hit the Monkey Flip! Tony rested on the ropes, and then Rob climbed to the top rope and hit a guillotine legdrop! He went back into the ring and gave Tony a shoulderbreaker for two. He gave Tony a kick and then tagged CM Punk in.

Rob kicked Mamluke in the head and then went on all fours. CM Punk jumped off of him and got an enzugiri! CM Punk then climbed to the top rope, and got a diving reverse necksnap! He gave Tony a snapmare, and then kicked him in the back of the neck. CM Punk got a neck vice. Tony tried to toss CM Punk into the corner, but CM Punk stepped up to the top, flipped, and got a reverse DDT! He covered, 1…2…NO! Tony was on one knee, so CM Punk ran and went for a Shining Wizard, but Little Guido hit him in the back of the neck! He was reeling from the attack, so Tony Mamaluke gave him a jumping clothesline! He tagged in Little Guido.

Little Guido got a Russian Leg Sweep for two. He gave CM Punk an armdrag, but CM Punk flipped out of it and got a kick. He then gave him the Devil's Lock DDT. He covered, but Little Guido grabbed his arm and got a Fujiwara armbar! CM Punk slowly got to his feet and elbowed Little Guido in the face. Little Guido slapped him and whipped him into the ropes, but CM Punk jumped to the top, backflipped over Guido, and gave him a front dropkick, sending him into the corner! CM Punk then set him up onto the top, and hit a falling hangman's neckbreaker! He covered, but Tony Mamaluke broke it up! RVD came in and gave Tony a spinning heel kick! They fought outside. Meanwhile, Little Guido whipped Punk into the ropes. He hit a clothesline and went for a bulldog, but CM Punk tossed him off and hit a Shining Wizard! Little Guido left the ring, so CM Punk got a springboard body splash onto the FBI!


"We'll be right back!" Joey Styles said.

ECW came back from the break as RVD had Little Guido on the outside. He gave him a front suplex onto the rail, climbed to the apron, and got the corkscrew legdrop! He brought Little Guido into the ring, and then gave him the cartwheel moonsault and covered, 1…2…NO! Rob gave Guido some kicks, whipped him into the ropes, and got a Japanese armdrag! Little Guido was doubled over, so RVD climbed to the top rope and got a diving Fame-Asser! He lifted Little Guido up and went for the Fisherman Buster, but Tony Mamluke ran in and clipped his knee! Little Guido took advantage and kicked at Rob's knee. He then gave him a Sicilian Crab. RVD fought out of the hold, sending Little Guido into the turnbuckle. RVD gave Little Guido a bridging German suplex for two. He climbed to the top rope and went for a dive, but Guido dropkicked his knee, causing Rob to collapse! Little Guido clipped his knee again, and once again started clipping it. He brought Rob to the corner, and then dropped his knee onto the turnbuckle. He started punching Rob and RVD countered with a kick. However, Guido grabbed his leg and hit it with his knee.

Rob was down, so Little Guido got another Sicilian Crab. He was trying to eliminate most of Rob's moveset. Rob was trying to fight out of it, and then Guido broke the hold. He set RVD onto the top rope, and kicked his leg. He then got a suplex! Rob got up and started giving Little Guido forearms. He climbed to the top, but his leg was hurting, so Tony Mamaluke pushed him off the top! Little Guido gave Rob a Shining Wizard to mock CM Punk, but Rob caught his leg and kicked him with his good one! Bill Alphonso handed RVD a chair, and Rob hit Guido in the head with it! He then set it on Little Guido's chest and got the Rolling Thunder! Rob was crawling, and then got the hot tag to CM Punk! CM Punk ran in and got a jumping clothesline on Little Guido! Guido tagged Tony Mamaluke in. Tony Mamaluke sucker punched CM Punk and whipped him into the corner, but CM Punk hopped up and got the corkscrew blockbuster!

"Man, CM Punk is on fire!" Joey Styles said.

He then did the slap and kick combo, and caught Tony Mamaluke with the Uranage! He then hooked the Anaconda Vice! Tony Mamaluke was trying to fight out, and Little Guido broke the hold! CM Punk got up gave Little Guido a kneelift! He then hooked his arms, and got the Double Underhook Backbreaker! Tony Mamluke clotheslined CM Punk and climbed to the top, going for a moonsault, but CM Punk got up, hopped to the top, smashed Mamaluke's head into the turnbuckle and got the Pepsi Plunge! He covered, 1…2…3!!

"What a match!" Tazz said.

"And the duo may have sent a message to Kash-Money!" Joey Styles said.

CM Punk and RVD celebrated, and then Kid Kash and EZ Money came out clapping. They both motioned toward the titles. ECW went to a commercial break.

When it came back, Joey Styles was in the ring. "This man is outspoken. My best bet is that none of you guys like him. Allow me to introduce you all to Test!" Test made his way to the ring to a chorus of boos and the usual "Steroids!" chant. "So, how do you feel about your match with Balls Mahoney?"

"I'm confident, of course. I can beat Balls anywhere, and this match will be proof!"

Balls Mahoney came out. "Wait a minute! You're in no room to talk shit! You've lost your last 3 matches, and I was in all of them. There's a certain point where things aren't just flukes and you just suck!" Test had enough and sucker punched him. They started brawling again, and were at the stage. Test poked Balls in the eye and ran at him, but then Balls gave Test a spinebuster off of the stage, taking them both out!



ECW went to a commercial.

Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer

This was a preview for Anarchy Rulez. Both men made there way to the ring.

The two locked up, both trying to push each other into the wire. Tommy Dreamer punched him, whipped him into the ropes, and gave him a clothesline for a one count. Sabu kicked him and clotheslined Tommy and whipped him and got one of his own. They locked up again, and Tommy gave Sabu a headlock and tried to slam him into the post, but Sabu gave Tommy a couple of elbows to the gut. Sabu tried to whip Tommy into the opposing corner, but Tommy came back with a punch to the face. Tommy started stomping on Sabu. He went for a powerbomb, but Sabu gave him a hurracanrana. He went for a pin…1…2…Tommy tossed Sabu off, sending him into the corner! Then, Tommy lifted Sabu up, and gave him a neckbreaker! He then whipped him and backdropped him over the top! Tommy went for a body press over the ropes, but Sabu moved out the way! Sabu tossed Tommy into the first row of seats, and then climbed to the apron. He then climbed to the apron, and got a springboard moonsault!



"We'll be right back!" Tazz said.

When ECW came back, Sabu started stomping on Tommy. He whipped Tommy into a corner, grabbed the chair that was in the ring, set it up, and got the Air Sabu! Sabu then hit him in the head with the chair, set it up, and got the triple jump moonsault! He covered, 1…2…NO! Sabu set Tommy onto the ropes, and then dropkicked Tommy in the back with the chair. Tommy fell out the ring, so Sabu set the chair up, ran, and got a triple jump Arabian Press!


Sabu got up and whipped Tommy into the steps. He brought Tommy back in the ring, and pulled out a barbed wire 2X4! Sabu hit Tommy in the head with it and started grating his face! Tommy was bleeding. Tommy rolled outside again, and then, Sabu set the chair up, ran, and went for a triple jump Legdrop, but Tommy moved out of the way! Tommy got up and dragged Sabu back into the ring. He gave Sabu a hot shot onto the ropes, and then hit him in the head with the barbed wire 2X4! Tommy climbed to the top, but Sabu pushed him off, and Tommy landed crotch first on the ropes! Sabu gave Tommy a springboard dropkick, causing him to fall to the outside! Sabu got up, grabbed the chair, and gave him the Arabian Facebuster from the top, successfully! He set up a Table, but Tommy gave him a low blow.

Sabu was bloody. Tommy gave Sabu a DDT for 2. He gave Sabu a front suplex onto ropes, and then hit him in the back with the chair! Then, Tommy put Sabu in tree of woe position and put the barbed wire 2X4 in front of his face. Then he ran, and baseball slid the chair into his face! Sabu slowly got up, and Tommy ran at him, but Sabu missed and Tommy ran right into the barbed wire. He stepped back, and Sabu went for a leg lariat, but Tommy moved out the way and Sabu got crotched! Tommy clotheslined Sabu. He went for the Spicolli Driver, but Sabu moved off and hit Tommy with the chair! Tommy fell out of the ring, and then Sabu gave him a baseball slide, causing Tommy to fall onto the table! Sabu set the chair up, ran, and since Tommy was now standing, got a triple jump DDT through the table!



Sabu brought Tommy back into the ring, 1…2…3! Sabu won!

"Sabu beat Tommy cleanly!" Joey Styles said.

"Will this happen in the exploding Barbed Wire Cage match?" Tazz asked.

Sabu grabbed the ECW World Heavyweight Title and placed it on Tommy's chest. ECW went off the air.

Lineup for Anarchy Rulez

Three-Way Dance for the ECW World Television Championship: Brent Albright vs. CW Anderson vs. 2 Cold Scorpio ©

Raven & Sick Boy vs. Stevie Richards & The Sandman

ECW World Tag Team Championship: Kash-Money vs. Rob Van Dam & CM Punk ©

Falls Count Anywhere: Test vs. Balls Mahoney

Last Man Standing: Justin Credible vs. Mike Knox

Exploding Barbed Wire Cage, Ring Time Bomb match for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship: Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer ©