My first Tiva, tell me what you think! (I'm not sure about the word 'hoses' in line 5, I'm german, so please correct if it's wrong, thx)

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Tony tiredly opened his eyes and lifted his head from his hands. He had fallen asleep about five minuets ago, like four or three times this night, but he always woke up again.

Every time his eyes were closing he saw the same picture. He saw a dead scared face and a falling body. A body he could not catch. It had all been his fault and he felt horrible. It wasn't two weeks since Gibbs had left the team to him and he had already one of his team members in hospital. He was a lousy boss and a lousy friend. He knew this when he looked at poor Ziva lying on the bed with hoses around her face. The static sounds of the ECG made Tony dizzy and he remembered the scenery again.

He felt the adrenalin rush of an investigation coming to an end again and reminded running towards a crane that looked like a huge devil in front of the dawning sky behind the docks. Anything but focused, he ran behind Ziva, who was chasing Albrow, a Spanish assassin they had been searching for three murders. For they had been to fast for him Tony slowed down and thought about a plan, what to do when Ziva would need him, what he doubted. Ziva wasn't the type of officer that needed help with criminals, even if they were about five times bigger than her.

Looking at her now, he hated himself for underestimating that very situation.

Loudly enough he heard Ziva surging Albrow up the crane. While coming after them, he loaded his gun and took it in both hands and got up the stairs. He was distracted, he couldn't even remember by what, but the fact was that he didn't put his head into the case. When he finally reached the couple on top of the crane, he hid behind a huge piece of steel, to wait for the perfect moment to interrupt their little fight. Ziva was doing good, she hit him several times, but he always got up again. Tony could feel the tension, they were both raging and both trained to kill.

All of the sudden, Albrow seized her by her wrist, lifted her up from her feet and held in mid air. Tony got up to them: "NCIS, put her down", he said.

Albrow didn't. He turned around, gave him a cruelly look and threw Zivas tiny body over the balustrade before Tony couldn't even react. And he saw her face, she looked so scared, as if she was screaming: "Catch me! Save me!" But he couldn't. The only thing he could do was firing three shots at Albrow and hurry down the stairs to get to Ziva.

Thank God, she was alive. When they took her into the hospital they supposed she had inner bleeds, but they weren't bad enough to kill her, her brain wasn't injured, but several bones were broken and she was unconscious most of the time. She lay there silently, she hadn't woke up for fifteen hours, Tony figured.

Waiting there since she was brought into the station, Tony had to do something very bad, and finally left to get to the toilets. He washed his hands and put water to his face. He looked at himself in the mirror. "No, no, no. Tony you messed up bad.", he thought and felt an upcoming stomach ache. If Ziva would be okay, she would hate him probably. She of all people.

Carefully he opened the door and noticed two eyes focusing him.

"Gosh, Ziva, you woke up.", he hurried to the bed.

"Uhmmhmm", was the only answer he got.

"It's okay, relax, just try to stay awake, yeah?", he said softly.

"Tony", she made a small gesture showing him to get closer to her. Going two steps forward and leaning down, he held his head beside hers.

"Tony", her voice wasn't more than whiff, "You messed up"

Tony head sank down on the pillow: "I know. I am so sorry. I wish I...I wish..."

"You're not good with apologies, Mr DiNozzo", she whispered.

He made an afflicted sound and really seemed painfully guilty.

"It's okay, tony, I'm not mad at you.", Ziva said quietly, inches away from his ear so he could feel her warm breath on it, "Just lay with me for a second"

Tony got on the bed and gently put his arms around her, trying not to damage the hoses.

"I'm sorry, Ziva", he repeated.

"It's fine, as long as you killed the bleeding bastard."

"-bloody bastard, it's bloody bastard", Tony corrected her.

"Just shut up!", she laughed with her last powers, knowing would fall asleep again soon.

As she moved closer to Tony, he held her tighter and felt that he got hooded eyes again.

He kissed her on her fore-head and finally fell asleep, too.

So, should I continue or leave you with that?