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She's fine

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo entered Abby's lab and gave her a short "Hello".

She slowly turned around.

"I think I have some great news for you!", she said walking up to him, "I can't find traces of the virus inside her blood."

Tony sighed with relief. He wouldn't admit, but he had been afraid, that something was wrong with Ziva or worse than it had already been.

"I think you can get her out once she woke up."

"Which is already the case. That's why I left, she told me to get the test results and she wants to see you, Abb's"

"Oh great!", she said aloud, "You take care of everything here, right? Oh, you really should see Jen."

When Abby entered Ziva's room she jumped up and down and hurried to her bed and hugged her so tight that Ziva had problems breathing.

"Right, Abby, happy to see you!" Abby let go off her.

"Oh Ziva, how are you, I've been worrying about you, but everything is just fine, you can even go home. Is there anything more I can do for you?"

"First of all, thank you! And there is nothing more, I just wanted to see you. You are the only friend I have here and I wanted to see you...I guess I said that before.", this seemed to be a big confession for her for her eyes got big and she stared at her feet under the blanket.

"Oh really?", Abby said in a very happy voice, "but, wait, what about the others, aren't they friend to you?"

"No, Jen is like Mom, Gibbs is Dad, Tim is my bro and you are my friend...", now she started to sound weird.

"You're under medication, right?", Abby figured.

"Uhuh...", she answered smiling bright.

"And what about Tony, is he your brother, too?", Abby just had to take advantage of Ziva's medication-caused honesty.

"Nah...Tony is my lover...I love him...", she said dizzy.

Abby smiled, although Ziva seemed like being on a trip, she knew that this was the truth. Ziva was just not the person to be honest about those things -especially if it was about Tony.

Tony himself just entered Jen's bureau.

"DiNozzo", she said, "How is Ziva?"

"She's okay, I think I can get her home by tomorrow, I just spoke to the doctors."

"Fine. How are you?"

"Okay...I had some long nights."

"I was just thinking that you maybe take some days off. I bet having her in hospital gave you a hard time."

"No, it's okay, I'm ready for the next case...", he sounded less convincing than he planned.

"You sure? It's absolutely okay to take some time off, Tony."

"No, no, I'd rather work.", he claimed.

They got Ziva home the day after and she felt okay. Although she still had doctors checking on her everyday and she couldn't walk so quick, it was still better than lying in a hospital.

Tony's cell phone rang around nine thirty, he just came home and sat down on the couch.

"Tony?", a woman's voice said on the phone, "Tony, I'm not feeling alright..."

The voice was quiet.

"Ziva? Ziva are you still there? Ziva?!", Tony yelled into the phone. Ziva didn't answer. He got up from the sofa, took his jacket and left his apartment.

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