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A/N - A final, brief instalment of festive fluffiness. Over to Dr Hodgins...


(Jack's pov)

I manage to clap my hand across Ange's mouth before she squeals.

Booth would never forgive us if we interrupted his big moment.

And he's got a gun.

And he's not afraid to use it.

I feel Angela clench her jaw and bite her lip under my hand. I take that to mean she's going to be quiet. I'm about to lower the hand when I realise that Booth is sinking down onto one knee.

Maybe I better wait.

You might be wondering why we're lurking around in the shrubbery watching what should be a very private moment.

I could say that Angela is one of the nosiest people in the world and has made getting the estimable Dr Brennan and her partner together her pet project.

It would be true, but that's not why we're here.

I could say that when Booth asked me to arrange access the botanical gardens and set up a table, I had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen.

That would also be true, but that's still not why we're hiding behind a bush.

The truth is we were supposed to exit stage left in precisely five minutes, with Booth and Brennan turning up in about quarter of an hour with the place all to themselves.

But they were early.

I guess he just wanted to get on with it. They almost caught us in mid-napkin twirl, but I heard the door open and we rapidly scuttled off.

So now we're peeking through a huge rubber plant as Special Agent Seeley Booth kneels before the women he loves.

I can officially state that this is the most terrified I've seen him look - and I've seen him in some pretty intense situations.

And Brennan?

Well for the first time, I can almost see that razor sharp mind slowing right down. Behind that wide eyed gaze I can hear the cogs slowly turn: Table. Booth. Kneeling. Ring. Love. Marriage.

There's a pause and then the final cog clicks into place.

Yes. I love you.

And with that they are in each other's arms, blinking away a few stray tears, touching each other's face reverently.

And that really is our cue to exit.

I thought that I might have had to drag Angela out of there, but she's actually tugging me towards the backdoor. When I ask her why, she tells me she needs to be somewhere where she can answer her phone when Brennan calls.

As I look at her, I think I can hear another set of cogs slowly turning.

It's a prospect that warms me, rather than scares me - although I've got to wonder, how am I going to top that?

(The end)