The land beneath

Chapter one: The new beginning


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"You must flee this place, or perish!" Alex twitched.

"Flee? How can I flee? I can't even move!" The Wise One blinked humorously.

"Ah, yes. Well, if you survive, we will meet again. But I doubt that." He disappeared; leaving Alex slumped on the sinking rock known as Mount Aleph.

Present day:

Blue eyes blinked open. Fingers carefully twitched into a fist, and then slowly uncurled.

"I'm…alive." A weary voice croaked. Hands braced against the ground as the adept sat up. "I survived…" Blue hair fluttered as the figure looked around, taking in his surroundings. He stood up, wincing at the sudden pain in his spine. "I'm alive, Wise One!" He jeered, looking up. There was nothing above him but solid rock and roots. There was a crunching sound from behind him, and the adept turned, only to see a small redhead sitting cross-legged in the dirt. She blinked, giving a slight and acknowledging nod. Someone began clapping.

"Bravo on making it through alive, Alex." A young man's voice came from behind the adept, who turned again to face the newcomer. "You seem confused. It's ok, everyone is at first." The stranger extended a hand. "I'm Jared. And the girl behind you is Sori. Nice to have you, Alex." Alex blinked.

"Where am I? Where is Weyard?" Jared stared softly at him.

"Weyard is up above. You have fallen into the world between worlds." He kept his hand extended, waiting for Alex to shake it.

"The world between worlds? What other world is there?" Alex chuckled, eventually shaking Jared's hand.

"Oh, this is hard to explain. May I, Sori?" The girl nodded, and Jared began searching for the right words. "Ok, so, you got here because a holy mountain sank. That's what happened to us, and now we're down here. Anyway, the survivors make it to this place; the world between worlds, and choose between trying to pick their way to the gateway…" He pointed to a large mountain far in the distance. "…Or the land of the dead." He pointed in the opposite direction, towards a large, aurora-like mountainous form that seemed oh-so-very close. "…Denarium." Alex stared doubtfully at the colorful mass, and then looked at Jared.

"Denarium? What are you talking about? What's that?" Sori stood up silently and walked in front of Alex.

"Basically, it's where all the dead people go. Everything that dies is automatically transferred to Denarium, and sorted into 'Extinct', or 'Dead'."

"What's the difference?" Sori giggled. Alex had a point.

"Well, if you're dead, it means there are people who want to bring you back to life. Or you will reincarnate. Extinction means that no one will bring you back and you're stuck there forever. Basically, no one likes youyou're extinct. I think you'd go extinct." She giggled again.

"Now, Sori. That's not the most comforting thing to say, is it?" Jared put his hands on his hips as the girl shook her head. "Well, do you know where Runi is?" He asked Sori, looking around quizzically.

"Um…oh, yeah! She said she was going over…thataway! I don't know much else." The girl chirped, and Alex blinked in confusion.

"Ok, who exactly are you people?" He cried, holding his head to compensate the unanswered questions.

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