Custom Robo: The Last Stand

By: Eric Thomas

Chapter 1: The New Comer

After defeating Rahu two times, Eric, Marcia, and Harry were ready to finally get back home and rest and hear everyone talking about how famous they would be. But ever since they defeated Rahu, Linda from the lab has been getting more angry, ever since she kept hearing Harry talk about how he defeated Rahu and that she should honor him because without him she wouldn't be here today. So when Harry said one more thing about how he defeated Rahu, she smacked him and made him fall to the ground. Harry was getting angry and when Ernest called him in to go to Daimons, he hollered SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE! Then Harry got up and went to Daimons going on a rampage. As Harry was on his way to Daimons, a strange girl asked him if he knew anyone named Harry, Eric, and Marcia. Harry told hear that he was Harry and Eric and Marcia were in the restaurant called Daimons and that he was on his way there. There at Daimons all four of them talked.