This is my Christmas special! And I actually made it before Christmas! i might do anther oneshot or two...

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Christmas Shopping

I looked in the window. Should I get it? Will she like it? I don't know… No, I know she'll like. I hope. I swallow hard and push open the door to the jewelry store. The bell signals my entrance. There's a fat guy with snow-white hair and a short white beard behind the counter.

"What can I do for ya sonny?" he asks me, putting both hands on the counter.

"I, er, I want the necklace in the window" I say nervously. He smiles.

"Sure thing sonny" he says and walks around the window, while I fish out my wallet.

"So, who's the girl" the clerk asks as he wraps it. I raise an eyebrow, was it really that obvious?

"How'd you know?" I say dealing out the cash. He laughs.

"A lot of guys come in here lookin' for gifts. You just so happen to be the youngest. Is she 'just a friend' and you're gonna tell her over this?"

"Are you like psychic, or something?" this guy was creeping me out. Once again he laughs.

"Nope. I can tell the difference between a love struck boy and a long time girlfriend shopper. Usually the love struck boys know em better, then the long-time girlfriend shoppers. You know why?" he asks. Can EVERYONE read me like a book?


"They've been their best friends, and then all of a sudden they tripped and fell in love" he answers with a grin. I smile I never thought of it like that. I mean I figured it was slow, you know falling in love, but really it was fast it just took me forever to figure out. I push the cash toward him, I have to be quick Kimiko came with me. When she heard I was going shopping she refused to let me go alone, and the fact that I couldn't say no didn't help either. He hands me the bag. And as I'm making my way toward the door he says…

"Good luck kid" and winks at me.

I step out into the busy mall, and I smile. I see her over by the water fountain waiting for me like she said she would. She notices that I'm just standing here, and marches up to me.

"There you are! What took you so long?" Kim snaps. I grin.

"Nothing" I say with an innocent shrug, holding the bag behind my back.

"Well, come on Dojo is waiting" she says, heading toward the exit. I look over my shoulder, in time to see the clerk chuckle and shake his head.

The End

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