Riza(the main character) is SUPPOSED to be out of character. She is because I made her personality since she's not really in the show all too much PLUS no one as reclusive as her thinks the way they act since it may be inappropriate. I am an example of such people. It is supposed to be her inner feelings in her diary. I'd appreciate it if people would stop telling me she's out of character because I know and she's supposed to be.



Riza's Diary/Journal

12/11/1512:30 P.M.

Dear Diary/Journal,

Look at him over there. He disgusts me! Strutting around bragging about his new girlfriend, Mary Harris, which by the way, happens to be a supermodel. Not just any supermodel though, no he couldn't settle for an ordinary one, she's THE top model of the world. She has houses in all the continents and a men at every port. Poor dummy doesn't know what's coming to him. She'll break his wittle heart like all the others she's screwed over. On the other hand, he's done the same to countless females in his days. He's a true player. I don't get his type.

Here he comes

HIM(uninterested): Hello..

ME: Oh. Hello? I hear you're going on a date with Mary Harris. The uh..Miss Amestrain of the year for the third time??

HIM(uninterested): Yeah..that's her. I'm taking her to Freshe this after noon.

ME: That's cool? Tell how it goes, alright?

He walks away without responding.

Huh..he's got blue eyes..that's sexy?? Like, dark onyx blue that pierces my soul to it's core. No. Nevermind. He does NOT pierce my inner soul. Hear me? DOESNT! I don't want a man like him, a womanizer and an all around turd, a polished turd actually. (Looks quite stunning in a tux)

Little Kain gives me a paper.

Roy MustangID:147852369

Flame Alchemist Code: toe brain salmon one red


Gather information from Mary Harris on Gary Ander-

son and drug trafficking and human trafficking.

Priority: HIGHComplete by: 12.11.15

I know..I'm bad but I couldn't resist! So he's using Mary, huh? HAH! It's not like that size 2 supermodel has actual feelings anyway.



P.S. Kain's so checking me out. TOO cute.