Gracia laughed to me. "It's the big day! I'm finally getting married to my Maesy poo!"

The excitement of the day had just begun and the sun had just risen. Oh my goodness was I excited for her! Not only was she marrying her dream man but they were going to honey moon in France! They say it's the city of romance and love. Believe it or not I think they're right! My feelings toward Roy are rather..warm. I hope one day I can tell him that I love him. Better yet, he could tell me HE feels that way. Anyway the wedding was going to be small with only me, Roy, the brothers and Varda attending. It should be nice with a small crowd. They're having their ceremony in the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice. We should be heading there as soon as everyone gets ready.

She squeals like a little girl, "Aren't you excited, Riza!?"

I smile and pack up my suitcase, "Yup! I'm so excited for you. I mean, what's the likelihood of meeting the perfect man..he's successful, handsome, charming, funny, nice and funny!"

She laughs "You said funny twice!"

I nod and clasp my luggage closed, "It's only true."

I sat on the bed and slowly slid the charm on my necklace back and forth.

Marriage..the final step for a man and woman to take in their journey of love and commitment. I step I've never gotten to, the step I can only dream of in dark while I'm alone. I hate it, the loneliness of my home and of my heart. I want to share myself with another person..even if it's just a friend. Tears trickle down my cheeks and I ask why..why am I crying! I'm crying! I quickly wipe my eyes and stand up "We should probably go if we want to get to Nice before 3:00." I say and exit the room, to lobby with my suitcase and Claude. Why do I have to be like this! Why am I so cold hearted to other people..never let anybody in. It's my own damn fault I'm so unhappy, it's my own fault I'm so damn lonely. I squeeze Claude in my hand and scowl.


I jump a little, startled. It's Roy. He seems concerned, "Are you okay?"

I'm dumbfounded "Yes..I'm alright..I'm just ready to leave..that's all."

He smirks "Well? We're all waiting for you?"

I look out the window..they're all in the car. "How long've I been standing here?"

He says "I'd saay..5 minutes maybe." I hit him in the arm and say "You bastard. Why'd you leave me there to laugh!"

He looked confused but I left him there and got in the car.

A few hours passed before we got to Nice, France. The city was perfect and it was midday, the sun high in the sky. We didn't stop to sight see because we have to be at the cathedral at a certain time. So we drive all the way to there and spoke to the priest. The cathedral was absolutely gorgeous inside, and out. But what was prettier was the ceremony, they looked so in love and so happy together. I know they'll be happy til death due them part. Afterwards we went to a bar, which was totally Maes' idea but I didn't object. After awhile Roy stop to say a toast.

"Just to keep busy God spends his time matching brides and grooms, I think this is his best match yet. I hope your guys' love only grows over time and this be the day you love each other the least."

We clicked glasses together "To the Hughes'!" We said and all smiled. To me to Roy's little generic but I's probably hard to make up toasts like that. I bet he'd been thinking about it this whole trip with his 'I don't believe in love' self. I mean seriously, we had a whole debate about it last night. He claims that love is only a chemical imbalance in the brain and it goes away after a short time. Whatever. Forget him. If he truly doesn't believe Maes and Gracia really love each other than maybe HE'S the one with the chemical imbalance in his brain of his.

After the festivities the married couple faded away to their room and I went to the beach to stare at the ocean. The water gently lapped up onto the shore in a sort of pattern and the sunset was setting over the horizon. Streaks of color painted the sky pink, orange, and purple and the clouds hazily floated across the sky in small whiffs. The day seemed to drag on forever, never ending in the beautiful country. I sat alone on the beach, quietly, alone. I noticed the air seemed less congested than in Central. It had an open feel about it, I couldn't put my finger on the way it made me feel though. Roy Mustang..maybe I've been wrong about him all this time. Maybe he's not as bad as he seems or as bad as everyone says. I judged him too soon, I think.

He may not be the most perfect man in the world, but...

"What're you doing out just ran off." He smiled down at me before having a seat next to me. "I just wanted to get away.." I said and rested my chin on my knees, in sort of a fetal sitting position. He looked out at the beautiful sunset, "From what, if I may ask.."

"I don't..I don't know..myself I guess.." I said.

He smirked, "That's pretty difficult, don't you think?"

"Yea..." I muttered.

"Riza..there's something I've been wanting to tell you for awhile now.." He trailed off and I looked at him, he continued, "I love you.."

I was stunned and at loss for one's ever told me that!? I guess the shock was apparent because he looked at me and smiled.

...He's perfect for me.

A/N: Yaay it is complete! I hope it was a satisfying ending to this story. I hope to write a part two if enough people want me to! Merci et bonne nuit!