Chapter 2!!!! sry it took me so long to update, but here it is! enjoy... (i don't own it... you all know that.)

"Welcome!" Tohru exclaimed exuberantly as she opened the door. "Akito-san! Come in!" Akito nodded uncomfortably, and stepped in. "Everyone is in the kitchen." Tohru played the perfect host, and guided the god through the decorated house.

"Tohru!" Momiji's voice drifted out to them. "The rise is ready!!!" The rabbit poked his head through the door to see if the onigiri had heard him. "Oh, Akito-sama. Konbanwa!" Everyone had been so glad to see that Momiji had regained his perk. It had been so depressing while he'd been down and out.

"Konichiwa, Momiji-chan." Akito returned. "It's not evening yet." Momiji shrugged, and dragged Akito off to the kitchen, while Tohru scrambled to receive the guest who had just rung the doorbell.

"Welcome! Uo-chan! Hana-chan!" Tohru greeted. The only three that hadn't arrived yet were Kureno, Hatori, and Ayame. Shigure was lurking somewhere in his study, and everyone else was in the kitchen, preparing the feast. Everyone seemed fidgety. The energy was so high that it seemed to crackle in the air.

Shigure sat in his office, humming. He'd seen a Disney movie once that had a catchy tune. It seemed appropriate for the day… or maybe he was just being his usual hentai self.

"Can you feel the love tonight…" He sang quietly to himself. He had a good feeling about today. He figured that he just might make that move that he'd been longing to make for so long…

The table was piled high with delicious smelling food, and smiling faces surrounded the fresh morsels.

"Let's eat." They all chorused, then split their chopsticks. They all dug in, and savored the wonderful flavor that they had all worked so hard to prepare.

"It's delicious!" Momiji declared, and everyone nodded their approval. Tohru caught Kyo staring at her, and blushed. He smiled, and grabbed her hand under the table. She smiled back, and they both went back to eating.

"Goodbye, curse." Kyo muttered happily. Yuki saw the small exchange, and slipped his hand into Hana's under the table. He wasn't about to be outdone by the neko.

"We came here to say goodbye to the Sohma family curse." Akito began. "All who are here suffered the curse, or suffered with the cursed. Either way, we have all suffered together. Not all of it was bad; we will miss it, but today we celebrate freedom!" Everyone raised their glasses at the toast.

"Shigure glanced around the table, and saw that they sat in pairs. Kyo and Tohru, Yuki and Hana, Hiro and Kisa, Kagura and Momiji, Kureno and Uo, Akito and himself, plus the three leftovers. He smiled to himself, and took note of Kyo and Yuki's hands. This could turn out to be one interesting feast.