Sky High: The Series

Christmas Special

Snow Ball Fight

Part 3

Everyone stood in shock at what had just happened as Queen Quiver's knights encircled their leader and bared their weapons, ready to strike.

"I think you can find it more interesting than you think," said Principal Powers in response to Queen Quiver's comment, and was suddenly glowing. But before either she or any of the other faculty members could move, Queen Quiver instantly froze Principal Powers in a block of ice.

"Now now," said the Queen, "this is the childrens' night after all. Let's focus on them, shall we?"

"Mother," cried Vanessa as she stepped from the crowd, "stop this! Why are you doing this?"

"Vanessa," said Queen Quiver in a chiding voice, "I realize you did not inherit my intelligence, but even you should be able to see why I am doing this. I AM a super villain…the rest is obvious."

"But these kids never did anything to you!"

"No," said Queen Quiver with a sneer, "but many of their parents did, and those same parents will pay through the nose to get their little brats back safe and sound…unless they prefer to have them as lawn ornaments until the spring thaw."

"How did you find this place?" demanded Mr. Medulla, who had evaded the initial ice blast and was trying to buy time for everyone.

"That was simple," smiled the Queen, "a little subcutaneous tracking device implanted in my daughter's skin led me here. It was a little gift from my fellow E.V.I.L. member Dr. Nightmare."

"But she was scanned for any such thing the moment she stepped into the school," said Medulla, "any type of device would be detected no matter how small."

"Not if it was organically formed," said the queen, "then it would only register as anything unnoticeable on the body…such as a mole."

"Oh dear," gulped Mr. Medulla, "I never thought of that."

A blast from Queen Quiver turned Mr. Medulla into yet another frozen statue.

"Stronghold," said Warren as he slipped up to Will, "I've got an idea how to deal with her and I need your help. You in?"

"You bet," said Will without hesitating, "I've had enough of these creeps ruining our dances."

"Now," said Queen Quiver to the crowd, "is anyone else willing to be an instant Popsicle…at least before it's their time?"

"QUEEN QUIVER!" bellowed a deep voice, and everyone turned to see that Warren had gotten on the stage and grabbed the microphone.

"My mom figured you'd show up like this, but didn't think even you would be stupid enough to attack the school! She also told me about your stupid ice knights too…"

With that Warren's hands burst into flames and he hurled an enormous fireball that struck two of the knights nearest him. There was an explosion of flame and steam, and where once there had stood two menacing figures of glistening ice there were now two thugs in long underwear holding long dripping icicles. Needless to say all the students started laughing at the sight, especially when the other knights, realizing they were next, flew back up the hole they had come through.

"It's SO hard to get good help these days," sighed Queen Quiver, "I really need to stop outsourcing with E.V.I.L.'s temp agency. Maybe I should invest in trained yetis next time. Oh well…"

Queen Quiver sent out another freezing blast, this one directed at Warren, but he leapt out of the way and landed on the dance floor as the flames shot up his arms and across his shoulders.

"Okay," he said, "you made a big grand entrance and impressed everybody, so why don't you just leave quietly now? I don't want to upset Vanessa anymore by having to kick your frozen butt on top of everything else."

Queen Quiver threw back her head and laughed at Warren's threat.

"You ridiculous little boy," she sneered, "your mother couldn't defeat me without help, so what makes you think you can do any better?"

"Dad may have defeated you the first time you met Mom," said Warren, the heat and flames coming off him increasing in intensity, "but I'm betting she beat you by herself every time after that."

Queen Quiver's ice blue eyes narrowed in anger as she glared at Warren. She then began to concentrate, gathering her power into one final blast that would flash freeze everyone, including the upstart young fool despite his searing flames.

"Mother," cried Ice Princess, "please, stop this! I love you, but I won't let you hurt my brother either!"

"Your brother?" said the Queen, "you ridiculous little fool, he isn't your brother! Do you actually think I would let that brutish father of his touch me?"

"But…but you always told me Barron Battle was my father," said Vanessa, her eyes starting to well up with tears that turned to icicles even as they started to flow.

"No," corrected her mother," I always said your father's last name was Battle…and there is more than one. But if you thought it was Barron and then you told Hellene…well, that just made it more interesting."

"A Battle…but not my Dad?" whispered Warren. He was puzzled for a moment as his mind raced to try to figure it out, and then it hit him. His father had two siblings; Warren's aunt Ivanna, and his uncle…

"Duke," said Warren, his eyes flaring as red as the flames roaring about his broad shoulders, "Vanessa, your father is my uncle Duke Battle. He was a bad guy from the start and the shame of the family…"

"Until your own father turned on you all," laughed the Queen, "at least Duke was true to himself the entire time. We met as members of E.V.I.L. and…well, he is an attractive man as well."

"You mean BOTH of my parents are VILLAINS?" cried Vanessa, and Warren was certain he heard her heart breaking.

"That doesn't matter," Warren roared to the girl he actually cared about despite his claims to the opposite, "YOU are the one who decides what you will be Vanessa, hero or villain. I learned that a long time ago, I was just too stubborn to admit it."

Vanessa glared at Warren for a moment, then his words sank in and she turned her attention to her mother, who had continued to gather her power until she was surrounded by a visible sphere of freezing cold with countless particles of ice whirling about her like a sparkling tornado. Though the sight was beautiful, as was her mother, Vanessa knew that the beauty was only the cover of a dark and bitter heart that had used even her own child in a petty shot at revenge.

"I am NOT evil," snarled Vanessa, looking more like Warren than ever as the air around her also began to shimmer from the cold she was giving off, "and I WON'T let you hurt these people who have been nothing but kind to me!"

"Enough," said the Queen, dismissing her daughter's threats with a mere wave, "Zasi, fetch my impudent child and take her home while I deal with the rest of these brats."

With a deafening shriek the great ice phoenix dived down, it's claws aimed at grabbing Vanessa and carrying her back to the Arctic. But before it could do its work Zach leapt in the way and began glowing. While his glow would not usually be so bad it reflected off all the icy surfaces, creating a bright light that blinded the ice phoenix and made it hesitate. Then a roaring ball of fire slammed into the bird, sending it careening into one of the ice-covered walls. The monster was stunned by the impact, as Warren's fireballs were not only fire, but had physical force to them as well. Before it could move it was blasted again and again until the last blast brought the wall down on it, and it finally lay still. Being a phoenix Zasi could not truly die, but he could be knocked out for a while.

"How heroic," sneered the Queen, "but it just means I will have to dirty my hands with taking her myself."

"Lady," snarled Warren, "only a real creep would think touching their own kid dirtied their hands. Even my Dad never got THAT low."

"We'll see," replied the Queen, "because I think I'll demand that HE deliver the ransom for you. I will certainly enjoy watching him beg and grovel on his knees beside your dear mother in order to save your life. Then I shall let you live…maybe."

"You haven't won yet," said Warren, "that seems to be a problem with your kind…you think you've won the fight before it's over. And it's NOT over!"

With that Vanessa unleashed a blast of ice and cold at her mother, who laughed as she took the energy and used it increase the cold around her.

Suddenly Noel appeared on the other side of Queen Quiver, and also blasted the villainess with ice and cold, only to have the same thing happen.

"You ridiculous little idiots," said the Queen, "I am immune to the cold! There is no way you can defeat me with it!"

"Let's test that theory," said Warren, and hurled a fireball not at Queen Quiver, but at the fire alarm, setting it off and instantly activating the sprinklers that began to shoot icy cold water all over the auditorium. In an instant everyone was soaked, including the queen.

"NOW STRONGHOLD!" bellowed Warren, and suddenly Will slammed through one of the walls, pulling a fire hose which he turned on Queen Quiver, who barely had time to scream as her already soaked form was doused with hundreds of gallons of water that froze on contact with her, creating layer upon layer of rock hard ice. When Will finally turned the hose off, all that could be seen of Queen Quiver was a shadow in the heart of a small glacier. Though it was frozen solid, there was no cold coming off the ice, meaning that the queen was defeated, having been put in suspended animation by her own power being used against her.

With that Warren became silent and began to concentrate, focusing his power as never before. It was always easy to just explode into flames, but this time he wanted to prove to everyone as well as himself that he could do more than cause destruction. All this thinking about his father had helped him to decide that he was going to be a positive force in the world, starting right now.

A wave of warm air burst from Warren, going out in all directions and instantly melting the remaining ice. The continued warmth vaporized the water and in moments everything and everyone was totally dry. Except for some bad cases of frizzy hair, no one was the worse for wear. When he was done, Warren relaxed and his shoulders slumped as the adrenaline began wearing off and he became very tired.

"Easy pal," said Will as he appeared from nowhere and helped steady Warren. Along with him was Vanessa who, despite still being very cold, looked the happiest she had ever been.

"I'm not your sister," she said sadly, "I guess I'm your cousin though."

"Either way it's cool," said Warren with a rare smile, "you did great. I know it was tough going against your mom…"

"It doesn't matter," said Vanessa with a sad smile, "she made her decision a long time ago. She actually was a good mother…just not a good person."

Then a strange sound began. At first there was only one, but then it was joined by another and another and grew in volume. Warren was surprised to see that everyone in the auditorium was applauding. They were applauding him.

It had taken a short while for the thunderous ovation for the way Warren had masterminded Queen Quiver's defeat and capture to die down. Of course he had wanted to get Will, Noel and Vanessa to get their credit, but all they did was brag more about Warren until his face was deep red from embarrassment. Principal Powers then addressed the crowd, stating that Warren had again proven a savior to the school, and that, with the exception of the hole in the roof, this was the best Snow Ball ever.

Once the proper authorities arrived and hauled away the frozen form of Queen Quiver, the dance restarted. As it did though, Magenta approached Zach.

"That was really brave jumping in like that and blinding that big bird thing," she said.

"Thanks," said Zach, though he couldn't look Magenta in the eyes.

"Look," she said, "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings by coming with Darryl. He asked me and…you never did."

"Yeah," said Zach, "I know. I was gonna…but he beat me to it. I didn't want to get in the way."

"Get in the way of what?"

"Come on Maj, he's a stud and I'm just a big glow in the dark doof."

"You can't be much of a doof if Hothead thought you were good enough for his sister,"

"Really?" said Zach, finally looking Magenta in the eyes.

"Really, really," grinned Magenta as she stood on tiptoe and kissed Zach on his cheek

Over to the side, Darryl watched the two. He had no bad feelings for Zach, but he was determined that Magenta was going to be his.

Warren was walking home from work on Christmas Eve, another gentle snow filling the air, and he couldn't help but feel a little sad. He always did at Christmas, ever since his dad had gone rogue. This year it had nearly became disastrous with the false revelation of Vanessa being Barron's daughter, but having it turn out that she was actually his cousin soothed a lot of the pain in Warren's heart. Having a new family member somehow made Warren feel better this year, though he was still sad. Vanessa had to leave to get into a protection program, despite Warren and Hellene protesting that she would be welcome to stay with them and attend Sky High. There was still the danger of Duke Battle, who had been on the loose for years and might show up to claim his daughter.

Warren was almost to his apartment building, smiling to himself as he looked forward to his mom's fresh sugar cookies and a cup of hot cocoa that he warmed with his finger just like he had first done when he was ten and he powered up early. He knew this year there were several more presents under the little artificial tree they had as Will and the gang had all insisted on giving him a present while refusing to let him get one for them. After all, he had saved their lives, so they reasoned he had already given them their gifts early. For days there had been packages arriving, and Warren was sure they were from other students, especially girls from the way some of them smelled, who were grateful. While it was flattering, it was very embarrassing for him as well, and he hoped it didn't damage his reputation as the school tough guy.

Warren was so deep in thought, he was taken totally by surprise as a huge snow ball slammed down on him from above, soaking him completely. He sputtered and fumed as the slush quickly turned to steam, and he looked up to see that the sky was again as empty as the first time it had happened.

But then, in the still snowy night, he heard the faint sound of girlish laughter, and a half-smile appeared on his face.

"Merry Christmas…little sister," he said quietly.

The End


As many of you know, this idea was a joint effort by myself and Warrenfire to give us all something as close to a Sky High tv series as we're likely to ever get (at least until Paul Hernandez gets the rights back from Disney unless they wake up and realize they're sitting on a million dollar opportunity). It has been fun, and Warrenfire and I have bounced over a hundred ideas (EACH) off of each other to come up with a series.

Sadly, things haven't worked out as well as we had hoped. Recent events at home have really screwed up my time to get anything written, resulting in long delays that have frustrated me to no end. Combine this with the fact that Warrenfire has apparently dropped off the face of the earth after deleting all the episodes he "produced" so far, and things don't look so good for this idea to continue.

But that depends entirely upon you, the readers. Do you want me to continue this series of stories? There are a lot of good ones in the works (including ones featuring appearances by Disney characters such as Dr. Drakken and Shego, and the gang from "Hercules"), and we have yet to learn the plans of Royal Pain and Barron Battle. Warrenfire e-mailed me the rough drafts for a few of his stories, and I'd really like to put those out for you all to read, and there is a great cliff hanger "season finale" coming up as well.

While I personally would love to continue doing this, my time is still rather limited, and there are three other projects I need to work on. These include the sequel to "We're Not In Kansas Anymore" (Sky High/Smallville) which takes place a year after the first story with Clark, Layla, Warren and the others in their sophomore year. Due to continued demand, I also want to continue the Sky High/Sharkboy and Lavagirl crossover I did as a couple of little one-shots over a year ago, turn it into a full blown story, and also add the characters from "Zoom: Academy for Super Heroes" (yeah, the movie was a bad Sky High rip-off but the characters have a lot of potential). Finally, I am laying the groundwork to writing a novel. Actually I have ideas for several of them, but I need to settle down on one idea and take it from there.

So there you have it. Please let me know if my continuing to work on the "series" is something you all want to continue to read, or if I should just wrap it up as a "miniseries" and go on to the other projects. I look forward to getting your feedback.