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This is pretty much Sasuke's point of view.

Of course it mixes with Naruto.

I don't know if you could call this SasuNaru, but you may if you wish.

On with the story!

You can see what you've done to me. I've completely lost my way; I don't know who I am anymore. Something tells me I'm an avenger. Another tells me I'm a lover.

Naruto, you define me.

Everything I am (what am I, exactly?), you owned it.

You and your blue eyes saw right through me. And your stupid grin was disgusting. I was perfectly sure of my decisions to go to Orochimaru. You brought me piles of doubts on a clean plate.

I left anyway. Why did I come back?

For you and your stupid definition.

I ran all the way back from Sound. I ran most of the time, and I struggled to move on until I lost consciousness. I could've sworn I was walking even when I was unconscious.

Then one day, I arrived with a scarring mistake very clear in my mind. It's one of my first times admitting my fault. I wanted to badly apologize, so badly that I almost had a breakdown. Now there's a thought; Uchiha Sasuke having a breakdown.

Remember when we first started? I knew exactly who I was. You knew too, right?

My part of identity was slowly wavering.

You were standing firmly.

I thought I would achieve my part of life.

You believed you would achieve your part of life.

Now I stand at your funeral waiting for something spontaneous, because this is nothing like you. Everyone's dressed in black. Are you?

I can bet you're not. I can almost bet you're dressed in the obnoxious orange outfit you wore everyday. If I just lift the black coffin, you would probably light up the whole room. There's no color here. Only black and white exist.

I hate you.

I hate the only best friend I had. Why?

Because there's nothing that defines me anymore. My definition, my soul, everything died along with you. What am I?

I am nothing without you, Naruto.

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