I wrote this with a poem because something simmer's is happening to me soon. My friend who I love is moving and still haven't told him that I love him. So this is how I can get my poem out there. I was going to do a D/N but to do that I'd have to change Tammy's story plots, and I couldn't do that. So now it's N/Y.

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine! All belong to the brilliant Tammy.


Yuki watched him and Kel fighting as usual. Truth be told, she was always jealous of Kel, but her Yamani training had her keep that emotion, like all other emotions, in. Lucky Kel had Neal's attention. The attention that Yuki wished could be for her.

I watched you go through every other girl

But you never, ever came to me

I was always a friend

You were always a friend

I never told anyone

But I love you and you'll never know

Kel was gone. Yuki as torn she was worried about her friend, but she was also almost happy. Neal would be so sad! She could offer comfort.

You were hurt

I wanted to help

But even then

I was just a friend

Neal walked up to her, "Yuki, can we please talk?"

Yuki nodded politely. He took her to his rooms.

"You know that Kel's gone missing?" She nodded again. "Well, a bunch of us know where she's going. We're going after her."

When you said you were leaving

My heart skipped a beat

I wanted to scream

No! Why!

But I held back

I don't want you to go

Please don't go

I'll do anything

Please don't go

I'm going to start crying soon

Please don't make me cry

Please don't go

I love you

Will you ever know?

Yuki kept her cool. All she said was, "Then I wish you luck, and I hope you al return safely. She got up and left to go to her room where she cried her eyes out.

"Oh, Neal," she whispered. "Oh, Neal."

I cry when no one's there

My tears are for you

I wish you could see me

And that I could see you too

I love you

I love you

You're leaving me

Please don't leave me

I love you

And you'll never know.